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  1. MaKoski

    Need more leg room

    This is my 15 month old, 32", 24# dd in a radian. I was looking for one of her in a myride65 but found this.
  2. MaKoski

    In search of a new ff seat to replace expiring Nautilis

    I haven't bought a ff seat in a while.... what's new? My oldest graco nautalis will expire this year. It is her seat that stays in grandma's SUV so I may not want to spend a ton of money but I have 2 younger girls so it will get plenty of use. Convertible or combination are fine. She is 45 lbs...
  3. MaKoski

    angle adjuster

    So technically since my 6 month old can sit up unassisted and has good head control she can use in angle adjuster with her Radian now?
  4. MaKoski

    Graco size 4 me or my size

    I'm looking at getting a Graco my size for my 1 month old and three year old to share rear facing in my hubbys car. I'm wondering which seat has better options, which are nicer ,what cover materials are nicer ,which one has the foam? I have a $20 off coupon for BRU... Is it worth it. I've only...
  5. MaKoski

    seat for a 3 week old and 3 year old to share

    my husband doesn't want to have his backseat full of carseats he never has all 3 kids at the same time so I am looking for a car seat my 3 week old who is 12 pounds and 23", 3 year old who is 33 # and 39 "can share rear facing. Both have very long torso. I want to be able to not have to...
  6. MaKoski

    Scenera 35# Rf big newborn?

    Is it normal/odd to have to move the straps up to the second slot for a big newborn(10# 2.5 oz at birth)? She is a week old and I was trying to get her second seat ready for the other car. her shoulders are just barely above the second slot.
  7. MaKoski

    Need ideas for CPST shirt

    I just became a CPST and was wanting to make a couple t-shirts to wear while doing seat checks. Anyone have any fun ideas?
  8. MaKoski

    Is she ready for me to move the straps up?

    Which color car seat looks right? She is RF.
  9. MaKoski

    How difficult is this going to be?

    I'm finally going to get a chance to take the CPST class next month... I've been waiting a while, we live in a kind of remote area... the only problem I'm seeing is that I will be 37 weeks pregnant at the time of the class.(my last DD went to 41+ weeks, so I'm not worried about having the baby...
  10. MaKoski

    What booster will fit?

    So I've been out in my van playing musical car seats... now I need to find a booster that will fit in the (about 14 inch) gap between a frontier85 and the side of the van in my 3rd row. I really don't want to have to spend a lot of money as the seat will only get used 3-5 times a year by an 8...
  11. MaKoski

    Rearrangeing in antisapation of Noob and outgrowing seat

    Well, I thought I had it all figured out then I went and played a little bit of musical car seats in the van and now I just don't know anymore. We have a 2006 Buick Terraza (same as a chevy uplander) 2 captains chairs(neither are removeable because they are equipt with airbags on the sides) 3rd...
  12. MaKoski

    Turn seat or switch seats?

    Mostly I'm just thinking out loud here... I have a small 6 yr old that has about half an inch and 3lbs left before out growning her RadianRXT RF. I'm wondering if I should store her RXT and put our Frontier85 in the van when she outgrows the RXT or #3 arrives(which ever comes first) My...
  13. MaKoski

    Is there anything I can do?

    I was at one of our local thrift stores... I saw they had a few infant seats, so I checked the exparation date/DOM. one was made in 2000, another was 3 or 4 yrs over due to be trashed. and there were a few that had 10m-2yr left on them. I brought the 2 that were seriously expired up to the...
  14. MaKoski

    Anyone with a Radian RXT or 120...

    When you pulled your seat out of the box where the hip straps thru the wrong slot?
  15. MaKoski

    Radian R120 in Daytona best deal?

    I need to get a Red R120 before they are all sold out... Diono isn't makeing the 120 in Red/Daytona anymore. Where is the best deal on one? Albee baby had them for $199...Anyone know anywhere with a better price? My oldest has a RXT in Plum My #2 I'd like a 120 in Daytona And#3 will get a...
  16. MaKoski

    2012 Preemie and small newborn seats

    It seems I can never find the info I'm looking for when I do a search. I can't seem to find any current info on seats that fit tiny babies. I don't have tiny babies but I told my hubby I'd make a list of 1-3 seats incase baby came early. What seats fit tiny babies best? Price is not an issue.
  17. MaKoski

    Winter seat covers...

    I know you're not suposed to use add-on products with carseats. So, Are the winter covers safe?
  18. MaKoski

    Need spare booster.

    I have an old cosco NBB that expires in Dec. I need a new one to keep in my van. It's not for anyone in paticular, but may be used by an 8yr old, who is about 50-60 lbs, or for 5-6yr old class mates of my DD1. It has to be narrow, to fit in interseting seating arrangements, between a Frontier...
  19. MaKoski

    RF Newborn MyRide65 or Radian RXT

    I'm trying to figure out if I should use one of our MyRide 65's or get another Radian RXT or a Radian 120(we will need 1-2 more radians eventually) We have tall kids and RF as long as possible. We will be haveing our 3rd child this spring(more to come after so any seat will get plenty of use)...
  20. MaKoski

    3 in mini van no stow n go

    I've been thinking and reading and I'm trying to figure out a configuration for my 2006 Buick Terraza (same as a chevy uplander). The 2 captians chairs have air bags so they don't come out or stow. Depending on how fast my oldest grows she will either be in a frontier 85 or a ERF radian rxt We...

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