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    Seat belt buckle cover?

    Hi, we are getting a puppy who will be about a 50lb adult dog. The plan is for him to travel in the third row (passenger side) in our Odyssey, restrained in a sleepypod harness. But my youngest is travelling in a Grow with You on the driver's side...the seat belt buckle is on the dog side of the...
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    Booster headrest very near to SRS stamp Odyssey

    Hi, I'm doing the carseat shuffle with three kids in our 2017 Odyssey and have put my small almost-8yr old in his Monterey XL, in the back row, driver's side. He's only 49" tall (don't recall seated height) so his headrest isn't very high. I noticed that the top outside edge of the booster...
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    Tallest harness height seat (or one coming soon)?

    Hi all, well my preemie 3lb-er is finally a big boy and I need some help. He's 5 yrs old, 48 lbs an 46" tall, and growing insanely fast. He is FF in an evenflo sureride and is moving to the highest harness slot today. Which will likely do him about a year-ish, give or take (he's gone from size 5...
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    Odyssey seatbelt jamming on Frontier clicktight beltpath plastic

    I have two Frontier CTs in my 2017 Odyssey. They're new (accident replacements 6 mo ago). I had one in the middle, third row seat (alone back there), and the other in the driver side 2nd row. I noticed that the seatbelt buckle is getting caught on the plastic edge of the beltpath on the back...
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    Post-collision replacement criteria?

    Hi, we were stopped in traffic today when we were rear ended by an SUV (a guy staring at his cell on his lap - so he didn't brake at all before impact) and pushed into the car in front of us. Our Odyssey has some damage to the front driver side, but the back bumper is split in several places...
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    Help! 4 year old loosening his harness

    Hi, so my middle child is 4, 41lbs and 42", in a Britax Frontier CT. He's also a hard-headed, pain in the....carseat, who, once he finds a button, will not stop pressing it. We were doing 70km/h two days ago, when he proudly said "look! my carseat!" He'd loosened it to the point where his arms...
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    Deepest HBB with narrow footprint?

    Hi, my 7 year old daughter is 55lb, 53" and is all arms and legs. She's harnessed in a Frontier, but it's time to move her to a booster. She could probably last a bit longer in the harness, but the straps are cutting into her neck on either side, she's also still not able to buckle/unbuckle the...
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    New car for three across

    Love this forum, I've been coming here for help since my 7 year old was a tiny baby! I have three kids: 22 months (28lbs, 33", delayed, deaf, nonverbal, RF Fllo ), almost 4 (39lbs, 39.5", FF in a Britax Boulevard CT) and 7 year old (50lbs, 51", FF in Britax Frontier CT). They are in our 2007 Kia...
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    New convertible for wide-shouldered baby

    Hi, my youngest is 6 months (16lbs, don't know how long, but in 6 month clothes). He's a preemie, born at 31 weeks, so although a nice size and with fairly good head control, he's nowhere near sitting up (not even rolling over yet). He's in a chicco keyfit 30, slightly above second harness...
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    Key fit 30 base overhang?

    Just installed KeyFit 30 base in rear bench of our '07 Kia Sedona. There is between 2-3 inches of overhang. Is this okay? I couldn't find anything in the manual. Thanks in advance!
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    Ford Five Hundred with Radian RF?

    Hi, I recently posted, looking for advice on Ford Freestyle seating, but ended up buying a 2005 Ford Five Hundred. I have my almost-4yr old daughter FF in the center in her Frontier CT and my new son (6mos, 21lbs, 27") in her old Diplomat RF outboard driver's side. Both seatbelt installed...
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    Question Ford Freestyle and Frontier CT

    Has anyone installed a Frontier in the center of the middle row bench seat in a Freestyle or Taurus X? We've just turned our almost-4 yr old daughter FF, so I'd like her in the middle. We also have a newly adopted son (5 months, enormous - wearing 12 month clothing, don't have his stats) who is...
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    Nissan Versa LATCH/UAS limit?

    Hi, I have a 2008 Nissan Versa hatchback with Radian XT rearfacing outboard with AA on the passenger side. My daughter is 3 yrs old, 39" and around 37-38lbs. I can get a super-tight LATCH install in that position, but am concerned about her nearing that 40lbs that some manufacturers have as a...
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    Question Radian XT RF center Nissan Versa Hatchback?

    We're selling our minivan and are moving our Radian back into our 2008 Versa hatchback. I can get a super solid install RF with AA and UAS/LATCH outboard, with lots of room for driver/passenger. I'd rather put the seat RF in the center with seatbelt (moving to such a small vehicle makes me worry...
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    Question about outgrowing Radian RF

    Hi, we have a 2011 Radian XT which we use RF for our tall 2 year old. She's always been ahead of the growth curve, and is currently 39" and 31lbs. She's using the second from top harness slots on the Radian (they're just slightly below her shoulders now). The seat is installed via LATCH in the...
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    Radian harness abdominal discomfort

    I have a tall, skinny 2 year old (38", 28lbs, torso height 13.5") who's been using a SK Radian RF for about 6 months now. When we first bought it for travel a year ago, I noticed that the crotch buckle tips marked her abdomen...but she didn't have any complaints and used it rarely (I posted...
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    Diono - amazing customer service

    Had a recent awesome experience with Diono. Bought a Radian XT two months ago for a trip we were taking. Took the trip at the end of Oct - installed FF fantastically in the plane. Installed well with UAS RF in center of rental 2011 Impala. When we uninstalled (at 4am in the morning) at the...
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    Radian crotch buckle pressure on abdomen

    Hi, my 19 month old is currently 25lbs, 31.5". She's always been in a Britax (currently in Advocate 65 CS). We needed a seat for travel and second car and lucked out in buying a Radian XT on sale. It arrived yesterday and I had her sitting in it to get harness heights, etc adjusted before...

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