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    Seat for 2010 Odyssey, 2nd row

    I'm wondering what kind of seats I could anticipate working on the 2nd row 2010 Odyssey "mini-seat"? Looking to purchase a new-to-us vehicle tomorrow. Our extremely tall 5yo is currently in a harnessed seat (chicco myfit). She's almost 6, and we could think about transitioning her to a high back...
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    Frontier vs. MyFit for tall 5yo

    Our 5yo has outgrown her Clicktight Boulevard. We have a Chicco MyFit, which we like except for the cupholders - both have ripped off with less than a year of normal use. She has maybe 1.5 inches of growing room in the MyFit (harness mode), which is less than I'd like to see. So, this is a...
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    Booster for 10 year old

    Our 10 year old needs a booster that is wider that what we've used for her older brothers. She's a girl...and has hips! And she's also mortified to be using a booster at all. We have one incognito, and like it, but it has suddenly become harder to get....which makes me wonder if there is...
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    Need a seat child can't unbuckle

    It's happening. Our 4yo is unbuckling her seat while we're driving. First she mastered loosening the harness (Britax Boulevard Clicktight), and now she's also unbuckling the bottom buckle if she wants something she can't reach. We're getting ready to purchase a second seat for a second vehicle...
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    Help! Child is loosening harness

    Our 4 year old rides in a britax boulevard clicktight. She has recently figured out how to stick her finger down the "tunnel", depress the button, and loosen her own harness. Ideas? I'm very surprised her fingers are long enough for this, but it has happened several times now. She is quite...
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    Need car seat technician to teach a class - where to find??

    We're part of a group that hosts children while families are in crisis. Safe Families for Children. I'm hoping to host a class to educate host families on correct car seat usage. I contacted the Safe Kids representative in our area, but was just told to go to a fire station to have seats...
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    Seat for TALL 3yo

    I need suggestions for a seat that can hopefully take our 3yo all the way up to booster age. She's outgrown the Britax Roundabout 55 by height and needs a new seat for our second vehicle. She's about 40 lbs, 3 years and 8 months, and has always been well over the 95th percentile in both height...
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    Does Britax still do seat sales a couple times a year? If so, when?

    Does Britax still do seat sales a couple times a year? If so, when? Thanks!
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    Will an 18" harness height take an over 95th percentile child to booster age?

    Title pretty much says it all. We're evaluating seat choices. How much harness height to I realistically need to get our kiddo to age 6/7 before switching her to a booster? Will an 18 inch harness height be enough, or do I need to be looking at the seats with a 20" harness? She's 3, and maxing...
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    Buy new RF seats, or switch to forward facing?

    Our littlest has always been above the 95th percentile for both height and weight. She turned 3 in January, and is about 38 lbs. fully dressed. We've got to figure out what to do about seats, and we'd love some input! I was targeting 4 years, or at least 3.5 for turning her ff, but she won't...
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    Reasonable to turn this kiddo around?

    Our current youngest is three, and I need to decide if it is reasonable to turn her forward facing. She is three and two months. She's 37-38 lbs. depending on what she is wearing. She's always been over the 95th percentile in both height and weight. It is getting very tricky to buckle her rear...
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    Twins arriving soon - how would you set up these four littles?

    My friend is due any day with twins, and trying to figure out car seats. She has snug rides for the twins, the 18 month old is rf in a Marathon, and the 3.5 year old is in a Frontier. How would you set this up? She's concerned about the lack of tether point for the 3rd row, which is where she...
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    Quick help...will this work? babies arriving tomorrow...

    We've just learned that two more littles are being placed with us tomorrow. I'm scrambling with seats, and need some suggestions, please. Vehicle is an '03 Pilot, and I need to fit 3 rear facing seats across the second row. The third row will be full of the older children. The babies are...
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    child loosens Nautilus straps - is Frontier better for this?

    My friends little girl is self-loosening the straps of her Nautilus while they are driving. Lots of instruction, still a problem. They are in the market for another seat anyway - is a Frontier better for this, more difficult/impossible for a 5yo to loosen on her own?
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    5 pt. harness for very tall 5yo?

    This young lady just turned 5, and currently uses a Graco Nautilus. She's big, tall, and immature, and the Nautilus will likely be outgrown by height before she is ready to handle a booster. The Nautilus is bugging her neck, so it will become her secondary seat for the car that isn't used...
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    Blvd CT - okay to lengthen harness?

    We just got a new Blvd ClickTight today. The manual says that for children under 2 the harness must be in the short length. However.... our 18 month baby is enormous. She's greater than 95th percentile for both height and weight, is almost 30 lbs, and comfortably wears size 3T clothing. Would...
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    Will RF Blvd CT block view out back window?

    How high will this sit? I need it for the center of our Odyssey third row. Will it block view or sit low? Baby is very tall, so will certainly be extending the headrest for her.
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    Need small seat for big toddler

    We have three kids across the third row of our Odyssey. 12yo and 11yo kiddos are outboard, and the 18mo toddler is rf in the middle. We need a new seat for the 18 month old. The trick is, the big kids cannot access their seats if the baby's seat is too big front to back, and if the seat is too...
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    Is a Nextfit comfy forward facing?

    The seat back is so rounded I'm wondering if an older child would be comfortable forward facing. What has your experience been?
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    Blvd CT vs. Radian/Rainier

    Which would you suggest for a very big, tall baby? (always over 95th percentile for height and weight) I think we've narrowed it down to these two seats. Current seating position is rf in an 03' Odyssey, third row center. We are using a Roundabout 55 there right now. We've owned Radians in the...

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