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  1. Sceason1972

    Lower priced seats

    I have a friend with a one year who is looking for seat recommendations. She first said she wanted something easy to install, to move from car to car. I suggested getting 2 seats, so they don't have to re-install all the time. She is concerned about price and extended rear facing. I don't...
  2. Sceason1972

    field trip to encourage importnace to kids?

    My friend has expressed interest in finding a field trip where her son can see why he needs to stay in his seatbelt. We are in California. He is 8yo so we are talking booster or just belt (not sure which eh uses anymore.) He is special needs so just telling him has not been enough for him to...
  3. Sceason1972

    width comparison?

    Hi, Can someone tell the comparison of width between the Nautilus, Maestro and securekid? Also, how wide is the Sungride 30? Thanks!
  4. Sceason1972

    narrow seats?

    My friend drive a Pontiac Vibe. She has 2 kids and is expecting #3. The older two are 8yo and 4yo. She'd like the 8yo in a booster. She has a Nautilus the 4yo could use, but it may not fit 3 across. Ideas? What are the narrowest boosters and infant seats?. What seat could she instead of...
  5. Sceason1972

    3 across in Vibe

    My friend is about to have her third. The older ones are 8yo and 4yo. She has a Nautilus she plans to sue for the 4yo. She wants the 8ypo in a booster and needs a new infant seat. I have no idea what the newer seats are anymore. Please recommend seats for her. Thank you!
  6. Sceason1972

    maestro as a booster

    Greetings, I am helping a friend find a higher weight seat for her 3yo. I know the maestro is an affordable option. How does it perform as a booster?
  7. Sceason1972

    Mom with baby on school bus

    Hi, I just learned that my friend got kicked off a school bus because she had her baby in a Moby instead of a car seat. There are no seat belts - so she can't strap the sea tin anyway. She supervises a group of kids being transported on the bus. What is the recommendation for such a situation?
  8. Sceason1972

    Ford/mercury mountaineer

    Hi, I have a friend who wants to get 3 across in the middle row of a mountaineer. I am working on getting exact details - year of vehicle and kids' weights, torso height etc. Also, whats eats they currently own I know it's a 4yo girl, a 2 yo girl and a newborn. I am wondering if anyone...
  9. Sceason1972

    scenera install

    Picture of correctly installed rf scenera w/locking clip Does someone here have a picture with labels of a correctly installed scenera. My friend has hers in a 2000 sienna - no LATCH. Previously the vehicles it was in all sued a lap only belt. With the lap shoulder she needs the locking clip...
  10. Sceason1972

    Wide booster

    My friend's dd is in need of a wide booster. She is 7.5 yrs old - but almost 100lbs. Not sure how tall but definitely still needs a booster. She bought this: But it is still a bit snug on her legs. Anything wider...
  11. Sceason1972


    I just stumbled upon this: It rambles on and has some OK info but also some really bad info (including recomending the Mighty Tight!!!)

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