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    Latchable harness boosters?

    My extend2fit was involved in a crash yesterday, and thus I'll be replacing it. I don't really need an extend 2 fit current seats will keep the youngest currently existing child rf to at least 4, likely longer. If I replace, I'm thinking a harnessed booster is what I'd go with. I'm looking for...
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    Which configuration would you choose?

    My mom just got a new car yesterday, so it's time to reconfigure the seats in her car. The current passengers are 3, approx 26 lbs, RF 5, approx 42 lbs, can be RF or FF (was RF In my mom's old car, FF in some others). Seats I'm working with graco clone, and an extend2fit. We have a MyRide...
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    Any experience with Amica?

    I was rear ended yesterday (damage to my car is minimal, I drive a 7 pass. Suv, she was in a Mini Cooper). I had two unoccupied graco clones in the car. The rep over the phone said she'd have to look into PA laws, but they don't always replace them in NJ (seem to be following NHTSA rather than...
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    Bubble bum clearnace at Walmart

    I just found a bunch of Bubble bums at Walmart near Phillipsburg, NJ on clearance. Black for $22, purple for $29 Posted via Mobile Device
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    Tether won't stay in My ride

    I just installed a my ride in a family members car earlier today. It appears that someone unhooked the tether from the seat by removing it from the seat, and I can't get it back in. Is there a way to get it back in there, or did this person just make this a seat that should only be used rear facing?
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    It's a sad day

    I have to turn my oldest niece, 4.5 years old, forward facing. She's 37.8 pounds in pajamas and no shoes. I'm not going to weigh her every day. She's been forward facing in her dad's car a few months, and my sister turned her a few weeks ago, but I've been holding out. It's more convenient...
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    When does that 50lb rf cosco seat come out?

    I know I've seen mentions of such a seat to be coming out in spring, but now I can't find it. It does exist, right? I went to target this morning, and my car was hit in the parking lot. Luckily, she left her info and it's going through her insurance. I had a sure ride installed in my car. I...
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    Do all My Rides RF to 40lbs?

    My niece is hovering between 34-35 lbs. She is 4 in the beginning of January. My sister just turned her because she wasn't sure of the weight and couldn't find the manual. I was pretty sure it was 40 ( and that this is probably somewhere stickered on the seat) so she can turn her back around for...
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    Would you use this seat?

    My sister's car was hit outside of our house sometime last night- this morning. From looking at it, it was swiped by a car passing by. It is still drivable, but because of the age of the car and other issues with it, will probably total the car. We had a baby trend flex loc base installed...
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    Sure Ride or My Ride?

    I'm trying to decide whether to return a My Ride and get a Sure Ride instead. I already own the My Ride, but it's in the box because it's not needed yet. I paid $75.99 for it. The Sure Ride is on sale at Target, and I have a red card, so it would be $72.19. Going to Target would be on my way to...
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    My Ride and Sure Ride puzzling?

    I'm wondering if these 2 seats might puzzle together, either both rf, or 1 rf, and 1 ff. Currently in my moms car, we have 1 of my nieces, 2y 8m, rf in a my ride. The other one is 6 weeks, and in a flex loc. She's good there for a while. The 2 year old has maybe .5-1 inch left rf in the my ride...
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    Harmony Defender- $45 @ Walmart

    Hi, not sure if I'm in the right section, or if they have this in any other stores, but, I sighted pallet full of Harmony Defenders marked down to $45 at the Walmart in the Nassau Park Pavilion (I think they consider this Lawrenceville, NJ, Near the Quakerbridge Mall) this AM. There were at...
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    Seat next to My Ride?

    Hi, One of my nieces will be moving up shortly from FL. Currently, my other niece, 2 years, 7 months, rides rear facing in my moms 06 Scion XB in a My Ride. She is on the shorter side, and very light (definitely under 30lbs, not exactly sure of weight, maybe 28 at most). She's taller in the...
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    Escaping Seat/pushing down chest clip

    Hi I am evaluating a 4.5 year old boy with down syndrome for behavioral intervention. One of the problems for which he was referred is escaping from his car seat. His mom says he gets out of it by pushing down the chest clip and wiggling out. She has tried a few different seats,and the current...
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    Scenera vs. Tribute

    Hi My mom purchased a back up seat for my niece (16 mths., 22 or so lbs- last weight a month ago was about 21.5, not certain of seated height, but fits the second slot from the bottom of the My Ride). This is a seat that would be used for riding in other people's cars. My sister and BIL only...
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    My Ride in Aveo and Scion xB

    I'm wondering about this as an extra seat for my niece, though it isn't needed yet. I ended up buying a Scenera in WalMart the other day because my sister forgot to leave my the seat, and I know for sure that fits the Aveo rear facing, but only in the center of the back seat and renders the...
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    Please confirm: Cannot install SR 35 in center of 06 Aveo

    I just wanted to confirm that I cannot install an SR35 in the center of an 06 Aveo. I am fairly certain of not being able to borrow latch a center install. The center belt comes from the driver's side, and has two buckles on it. The first one latches on one side, then stretches over as the lap...
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    what seat for relatives cars?

    My sister is having a little girl in January, and I am looking for some advice on a seat to be used in other people's cars. I already purchased a snug ride 35 for use in her car (her husband currently does not have a car). This will probably be used mostly in my mom's car, a scion xb, the old...

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