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  1. steph_s

    For Sale or Trade Pwky cowmoo

    I have a pkwy sg cowmoo cover I no longer need. Barely used in excellent like new condition. I have the seat as well if interested, not sure of the expiry date but can check if anyone needs a seat with a year or two left? (Sorry not at home and don't remember exactly when I purchased this...
  2. steph_s

    In Search Of ISO Onboard air cover

    Looking for an onboard 35 air cover. Neutral or boyish in color. Please pm me details and price. Need asap.
  3. steph_s

    In Search Of Monterey

    I am looking for a monterey in any gender neutral/boy fabric. Shipping will be to 43537. Would like at least 3 more years of use.
  4. steph_s

    Not sure where to go with this?

    So I was in a car accident, had to replace my booster that was in the car. Ordered from since I have had nothing but good experiences in the past. They sent me a seat that was old, I called and explained boosters expire. The rep stated they would sent it to quality control and get a...
  5. steph_s

    Need help finding a seat

    I have been out of the car seat loop for awhile. I am looking for a ff harness/combo seat for a 28lb 3 year old. Dad will not turn rf again (already tried). Space is not an issue, budget is. The maestro is what came to mind at first just based on cost and that he can use it for at least 2-3 more...
  6. steph_s

    Quick help needed myride vs radian

    I am looking for pics of the myride and radian with the same child modeling the seat. Does anyone have pics or links to a thread with these pics?
  7. steph_s


    How will you be using your monterey now? I'm torn, ds doesn't fit (too tall) or isn't comfortable (lack of leg support) in other boosters, but I have no vehicle head rests.
  8. steph_s

    For Sale Cougar Regent

    Cougar Regent cover *Must sell ASAP* Sadly the time has come to sell my last remaining Regent cover. My last Regent expired last month. :crying: Selling my gently used Cougar cover. Shoulder pads (black ones not the cougar print) and belly pad (cougar print). Small wear marks on the side where...
  9. steph_s

    For Sale cougar regent cover

    Need this gone ASAP! Cougar regent cover in euc. Very small spot on side where the plush fabric has worn (about the size of a dime). Matching belly pad and black harness pads (in the same material). Very soft cover. This is the only picture I have currently, lmk if you want another picture...
  10. steph_s

    In Search Of girls 12-18m winter clothes

    I'm looking for girls 12-18 mo (some 24 month) fall/winter clothing. Our resale shops around here have nothing which is very shocking. Its for twins so if anyone happens to have twin matching or coordinated stuff that would be good. Looking to purchase a lot of clothes not single pieces to save...
  11. steph_s

    average age to outgrow seats

    My cousin can't decide for her little one but asked when some seats are outgrown so she can decide what to get and what may need replaced before booster age. So, when did your lo outgrow these seats ff (she will only rf to 2 so she is more worried about ff capabilities). Scenera Avenue...
  12. steph_s

    pkwy sg vs monterey

    So I have both seats and as my son gets older I'm noticing he basically has the same amount of time in both seats. Yes the Pkwy goes taller but the way the shoulder belt hits him I always have to raise the headrest up higher than with the Monterey. So I got curious and measured. From his current...
  13. steph_s

    nobetterdeal restocked

    Title says it all.
  14. steph_s

    regent covers rstv

    Cougar regent cover all pads euc make offer ($10 to ship anywhere in the u.s.) Rstv size small old style --sold Onyx regent 07' dom-- sold If interested please send me a pm.
  15. steph_s

    broken parkway what to do

    I picked up my DS today and moved his car seat out of the corner of the spare bedroom and when I went to put it in the car it seems to be stuck in recline. I removed the cover to see if that was somehow stopping it, but nope still did it. I see no broken pieces, it hasn't been damaged its been...
  16. steph_s

    For Sale or Trade RSTV, seat, covers

    I have an old style size small RSTV that I no longer need. Also Britax regent onyx and cougar covers dom is 5/2/07. The Regent will be pricey to ship unless it's shipped greyhound so if you don't live near a greyhound station it's not likely to be worth it. Just want this stuff out of my house...
  17. steph_s

    Center latch

    My car didn't come with an owners manual so I'm wondering if I can use the center latch in a 2001 Chrylser Sebring LXI. If not for car seat instal is it ok to latch a booster like say the monterey in the center just for stability? I get a better instal with the radian rf outboard and I really...
  18. steph_s

    shipping advce

    What is the best way to go about shipping a big seat. I want to put my regent on swap but have no clue how to get shipping costs reasonable for such a big seat.
  19. steph_s

    For Sale Regent cover

    Onyx and cougar. Onyx has light fading on the back, all pads and covers. Cougar shoulder pads are black not cougar, belly pad is cougar print, small spot size of a dime area on side where fabric is worn. Make offer.
  20. steph_s

    In Search Of Monterey

    Ok, now that my new foster placements are settled in I'm searching for a monterey again. This time I dont have any other booster to trade mine are all in use. Need at least 3.5-4 years left, not girly, pref red. Have a regent with onyx and cougar covers, that is about all I could trade/partial...

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