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  1. jennzee

    For Sale Key Lime Coccoro

    Key Lime Coccoro with about 3 years left before expiration (manufacture date 2/2012). Shell and cover just got a bath, with harness straps wiped down with a damp cloth. Cover has typical wear. Infant insert and head pillow not pictured, but included (both in like new condition), as well as the...
  2. jennzee

    New seat for a 4yo

    It's been a while since I've had to research and buy a new seat, so I'm a little out of the loop. My 2yo is nearing the limit on the top of the shell in the CCO and since I'd like to keep her RF'ing for at least another year, it's time to say farewell to that seat. I'm planning to move her into...
  3. jennzee

    Checking Interest: Chicco adapter for Baby Jogger

    Anybody looking for one? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. jennzee

    For Sale Carrot Cake CCO Cover

    **SOLD** Gently used...has typical snagging at the foot. Includes old style infant insert. Has both strap covers, even though only one is little helper must have picked it up before I took the picture :) $20 ppd. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. jennzee


    SOLD Size 11 EUC $18, plus shipping SOLD Size 13 VGUC $15, plus shipping
  6. jennzee

    RF'ing tether ?

    Does a RF'ing tether have to go straight back from the seat, or can it come out at a bit of an angle (Britax Marathon)? The anchor spot I have is either on the driver or front passenger side seat tracks, and the seat I'm installing will go in the center seat of the second row, so the tether...
  7. jennzee

    Low profile or high profile?

    We're still a few months away from needing to purchase a new seat for DD2, but I want to start mulling it over in my mind. It will need to fit RF'ing in the +1 seat of the Odyssey. Next to it will be a backless booster and a KeyFit (and then eventually a CCO). Considering that I'll be...
  8. jennzee

    For Sale Red/Black Original Monterey Cover

    SOLD! Red/Black cover for original Monterey. Great condition. I sold the seat today with a different cover on it, so I have no use for the extra anymore. Here's a picture while it was still on the seat. $20 ppd.
  9. jennzee

    Health insurance covering seats?

    Someone in my due date group posted that she was told some health insurance companies will reimburse for carseats and everyone is getting all excited about it. Has anyone ever heard of this before? I mentioned that car insurance companies will replace after ad accident, but I've never heard it...
  10. jennzee

    Acceptable RF'ing tether point?

    Picked up our new-to-us Odyssey last night and got all the car seats switched over. It was getting dark and we were in a hurry, so dh took out the center console for easy access to something to tether the rf'ing CCO to. When we got home and had more time, he dug around underneath the driver's...
  11. jennzee

    RF'ing CCO in the Odyssey "plus one"

    We're currently shopping for a 2011+ Odyssey, and as I researched here about how the seats we currently own install in various seating positions, I've read a lot of concerns over installing a CCO rf'ing in the "plus one" seat. It seems that most people either can't get a good install at all, or...
  12. jennzee

    In yoir opinion...

    Dh and I had an interesting, late-night discussion about car seats and safety in general. He asked me why I thought the vast majority of people put little minimal thought and research into their carseat purchase and practices. I had some thoughts--probably a bit skewed and maybe even unfair on...
  13. jennzee

    Decisions, decisions...large SUV or minivan?

    We are SUV people. However, with baby #5 on the way, we're discovering that maybe a van is a more suitable option for us for the next few years (boo!). We currently drive an '07 Durango, which we love, but as we're contemplating carseat/booster configurations, I'm just not sure it's going to...
  14. jennzee

    Is Radian still the narrowest?

    Q still has so much room in the CCO that I've kind of dropped out of the convertible game for a while....there hasn't been a need to think ahead, so I haven't. But, with another one on the way, it's been on my mind again. The only thing I know for sure is that we're going to need to go as...
  15. jennzee

    Help me start brainstorming

    With one more on the way, I've got to start thinking about our current vehicle situation. We'll have 3 in boosters and 2 RF'ing. Currently driving a 2007 Durango. The third row is pretty roomy, though I'm not sure what the side-to-side measurements are. Currently we've got a FR85 and a...
  16. jennzee

    Question At or below?

    I just swapped out the Cocorro straps and tried moving the harness up one slot. This looks ok for rf'ing, right? Poor girl was not a fan of having to sit in her seat outside of the car :(
  17. jennzee

    Checking interest: Goodbyn Originals?

    Anybody interested in these? I have two--an orange one with ears and a purple one without. Both have the water bottles and neither set of stickers has been used. Not sure on price...MMAO.
  18. jennzee

    RF'ing in the long?

    I've been on a bit of a carseat kick the last few days, trying to move kids around in the car so they get along better. Buying anything new hasn't even been in the equation (this time), but of course, dh starts to get apprehensive whenever I do this stuff. He's been asking me how long I...
  19. jennzee

    FR85 cover is driving me batty!

    Does anybody else have issues with it? The elastic that holds the cover to the bottom of the seat WILL NOT stay in place. I knotted them to make them tighter...still not working. It's like the hooks aren't deep enough for the elastic to hook tight. Every time I fix it, the next time ds gets...

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