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  1. jacqui276

    Car Seat on Airplane and Stroller for Travel

    I have never ever flown with my kids before but we have planned a trip for Hawaii in January. DS will be 3 years, 11 months at that point and we will be using a vehicle at some point during the trip, so I plan to bring his car seat along. We have Radians so I would imagine that there are...
  2. jacqui276

    At what point do you turn?

    I weighed DS yesterday in just a diaper and he was 41.3lbs. He is riding in RFing Radian RXTs right now. How close to the 45lbs do you guys push it before turning the seat around? He is only just over 2 1/2 so I was hoping that he would make it longer but has always been a huge child so I for...
  3. jacqui276

    Cosco HighRise Expiry

    One of the many backless boosters that I have kicking around is a Cosco HighRise. It has a DOM of January 2008. It says on the bottom of the seat "Do not use after 2014". Does that mean that it expired back in January and I should be chucking it or is it still good until the end of 2014? I'm not...
  4. jacqui276

    Radian in Ford Focus

    DH went out and bought a new car yesterday. It's a 2012 Ford Focus. I've been working all week so haven't been able to see it yet and he doesn't pick it up for a couple days. Has anyone installed a rear facing Radian in one? Any issues I should note? What about a forward facing radian or true...
  5. jacqui276

    Vent Seat belt install with my TFP

    I had to pull my TFP out of my basement to use while I wait for my new RXT to arrive in the mail since my previous one was crashed last week. DS has maybe a pound left before he outgrows the TFP RFing but thankfully I had it to use in a pinch (and make sure to take his shoes off in the car)...
  6. jacqui276

    Positive Experience on a Bad Day!

    We had freezing rain yesterday morning and I slid on ice making a turn leaving my street going down hill and hit another car when I was taking DD to school. I was going maybe 5-10km/hr so not fast at all and just slid right into it. It was icy enough that when I got out of my car to assess the...
  7. jacqui276

    It looks like I might need a new seat..

    DS is 18 months old, 33lbs (wearing just a dry diaper) and 33.5" tall. He wears a size 3 or 4 in t-shirts. He rides in a TFP in DH's car so is rapidly approaching the rear facing weight limit unfortunately. DH only ever drives him when he takes DD to school or to my sister's to be babysat (all...
  8. jacqui276

    How old is this seat?

    I discharged a baby home in a Graco infant seat with a blue shell and a blue elephant cover (almost looked like Babar characters) that had a rear adjust harness and had a fairly short shell (baby was 1.5 months old and nearing the top of it). Due to it not being my job to harass people about...
  9. jacqui276

    Booster Issues/Seat Belt Fit

    I recently bought a 2013 Dodge Journey (got a great deal on one thanks to BIL working at the dealership). I was so hung up on making sure that my Radian would install nicely that I completely overlooked any potential booster issues. DD is 8 years 8 months, 65lbs and 53" tall. She usually rides...
  10. jacqui276

    Comfy Boosters

    DD lately has been complaining the her booster seats are not super comfy to sit on and make her bum numb sometimes. The least uncomfy is the turbo booster, but she still complains about it. Are there any backless boosters other than the Clek ones that have some extra cushioning to them and...
  11. jacqui276

    WARNING Child Death - Another Terrible Accident

    This popped up on my news feed on facebook yesterday: A 3 year old was killed in an accident and she was in a backless booster seat. Being in a harness may not have changed the outcome, but hopefully this can be used to convince other parents to not...
  12. jacqui276

    3 Across in a Mazda 3!

    The kids are as follows: 10.5 months, 28lbs, 31" tall, 12" torso (obviously RFing) 3 years, 10 months, 35lbs, 40" tall, 15.5" torso (FFing) 5 years, 6 months, 36lbs, 41" tall, 15.5" torso (FFing) I need 3 new seats, plan to do FFing, RFing, FFing as the configuration. I am willing to do 3...
  13. jacqui276

    Favourite SUV?

    I'm considering replacing my car in the near future with an SUV/CUV. Are there any that you love or hate and why? I plan to get a new one (2012 or 2013). DD rides in a backless turbobooster and DS rides in a RFing Radian without an AA (too young) that I would prefer to be able to fit behind the...
  14. jacqui276

    Car Seat Mis-use at Work

    I work at a children's hospital and frequently see horrific car seat use when infants (usually siblings) are coming in in bucket seats. For e.g., yesterday a family came in and the patient's little brother was in his infant seat bundled up tightly in a thick plushy blanket (arms and legs firmly...
  15. jacqui276

    Is the Via compatible with the City Select Stroller?

    The title says it all. :) Has anyone tried them together? Is it compatible with any strollers other than the First Years/Lamaze strollers?
  16. jacqui276

    TFP Install Question

    I had originally installed my TFP in my car RFing behind the driver's seat at 37 degrees (DS is greater than 9kg and can sit up on his own, so by their definition can be up to 35 degrees) and it wasn't touching my seat at all. However, when DS fell asleep he got pretty bad head slump. I...
  17. jacqui276

    When did your child outgrow the True Fit?

    How old and how big were your kids when they outgrew the TF RFing and FF? Post pics if you have them! I am debating this seat for my little guy as a secondary seat as I realized from the Scenera thread that DS only has 3.5" to grow until he outgrows both his Via and Scenera RFing so I will be...
  18. jacqui276

    Booster with locked seat belt...

    Is it safe to lock a seat belt when buckling a child into a booster so that they don't move around/put the seat belt behind their back? I didn't think that it was (I would imagine that booster seats are not crash tested in this manner) and figure that a child who can't sit appropriately should...
  19. jacqui276

    Spare Seat for RAV4

    DH drives a 2008 Toyota RAV4. I hate having to move seats back and forth whenever he drives the kids. I was going to put my Scenera in there but my mom just moved back here from Ireland 4 weeks ago and the seat has since been living in her vehicle (plus it does not fit very well with the 45...
  20. jacqui276

    Storing Radian LATCH Connectors

    So I went to install my Radian RXT FFing today so that I could drive around my niece and after my last thread about the locking plate sitting funny, I decided to put it in with a seat belt. After unlatching the latch pieces from the back of the seat to install it with latch the other day, I went...

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