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  1. eyeslkethesky5391

    For Sale Combi shuttle 33

    Combi shuttle 33 owned by another CPST prior to me, I've owned it for a week to see if it would work in our new truck (it does but baby hates it) DOM is 4-18-11 80ppd Obo
  2. eyeslkethesky5391

    In Search Of Classic marathon covers

    Preferably rare covers, I have the flag one (not sure of the name) and a mossy oak one (although I would like another since the one I have is super faded) I have a brand new ra50 that needs some personality
  3. eyeslkethesky5391

    New onboard 35 pattern baby depot

    I like the quilted look This is on their site and OMG this is hideous
  4. eyeslkethesky5391

    Recaro eurosport convertible?

    Recaro euro convertible? Do we know anything about this seat? Its cheaper than the proride but it looks exactly like it.
  5. eyeslkethesky5391

    Embrace 35

    I got the opportunity to see this car seat in person at my local walmart and i'm really impressed. L is 8 months old 18lbs I didn't feel like strapping her in but the top slot was at her shoulders (as is the onboards) In comparison here she is in her onboard For 150 dollars for the car...
  6. eyeslkethesky5391

    What slot was your child on at 8 months old in the onboard

    L is turning 8 months old tommorow and she is on the last slot of her onboard35!!!!! Better start saving for a foonf at this rate
  7. eyeslkethesky5391

    Checking Interest:Evenflo Tribute

    I doubt there would be alot of interest but just checking...girly pattern Its been used maybe 8 times in the last 6 months that I've owned it. I think the DOM is April 2011. I'll check tomorrow its in my car...I'll also Take pictures tomorrow
  8. eyeslkethesky5391

    Name this car seat

    If its actually a car seat i'm not sure...excuse the uber chubby baby...this is 91'
  9. eyeslkethesky5391

    Britax Chaperone Safety Recall

    Copied from their facebook page BRITAX Announces Safety Recall of the CHAPERONE Infant Car Seat by Britax on Friday, January 27, 2012 at 3:59pm Because we’re committed to creating the safest products for children, BRITAX is conducting a voluntary safety recall of the CHAPERONE Infant Car Seat...
  10. eyeslkethesky5391

    A local baby store selling target display seats?

    I came across this today and almost freaked out. I was at the grocery store next door and this second hand shop had a whole bunch of target exclusive car seats. So I go up them and see the "Display Only" on them. I Checked the tag and it said that graco has Okay'd the sell of it. Has anyone...
  11. eyeslkethesky5391

    My new boss turned her 2 year old back RF

    So excited my boss is so open to my car seat craziness. So we turned her 2yr 4 month daughter back rearfacing today...This child is TINY she has 4.5" of shell above her head on the comfortsport she'd rearface for life in a radian We put her 5 year old in a hbb (she was in a lbb). The girls dad...
  12. eyeslkethesky5391

    Anyone know of the new graco booster release?

    The one with safety surround? I want it
  13. eyeslkethesky5391

    Does anybody have the target clearance site url

    I remember someone was talking about it this time last year but I can't remember what the uRL was
  14. eyeslkethesky5391

    New prodigy patterns

    Ran across these on
  15. eyeslkethesky5391

    Install of mia moda certo

    There is one on NBD my aunt might be purchasing. Does anyone know what the latch connectors look like. Also are there any issues installing it (its going in a dodge charger)
  16. eyeslkethesky5391

    Super Shoppers Help Me find a Cheap Bucket

    So I promised my Aunt several months ago that I would buy her car seat for her new baby (due in 5 weeks). Well now that i've been laid off I need to find something cheap. I wouldn't have an issue just buying a scerena so she can get home from the hospital but she doesn't "want a convertible" So...
  17. eyeslkethesky5391

    Embrace 35?

    Is it the same size as the original embrace Evenflo Embrace 35 Infant Car Seat, Breakout: Baby Its a really good price
  18. eyeslkethesky5391

    My nieces first time rear facing since before she was one

    Doesn't she look miserable :rolleyes: I actually got permission to post this pic. We were riding down the road and she said I see a PLANE!!!! I've never seen a plane in the car before!! She came home and was talking to mom about how much she loved riding backwards. So I've proved to my mom...
  19. eyeslkethesky5391

    My nieces tiny torso

    D will be 4 in May and she is 31 Lbs dressed...she fits rearfacing in a tribute
  20. eyeslkethesky5391

    How to make this work?

    So my niece and nephew are coming back with me and my family next week. We are all riding in a Ford Edge. My nephew is 7 in a variety of LBB (not my choice) Niece is 3 and in either a AOE or a Vantage (also not my choice) this is a 4 hour ride and i'm in the back seat with them. last time I was...

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