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    Question Just saw this article

    Looks like it was posted last year. Seems to be recommending that children be switched to a convertible seat at their first birthday, even if they still fit in the infant bucket. What do you all think? I...
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    Question (Almost) 4 yr olds, silly children

    Sean, my youngest, will be 4 later this month. My mom has moved back in with us and she is transporting them to daycare and I'm picking them up. He almost refused to sit in his seat, a Radian RXT, because it's a different color than the RXT in my mom's van. It's grey instead of black...
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    Car shopping and so overwhelmed

    And I just started. Other than knowing I want an SUV/crossover style and that we have a budget of $15,000, I'm a lot lost. If anyone has suggestions or wants to make some, feel free. There are 4 of us, occasionally 5. Quinn will be 7 in September and rides in an Evenflo Big Kid Amp or Harmony...
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    Had a good scary happen today

    I had had to move my oldest's booster to uninstall a seat and didn't get it back in place before I picked him up from daycare. He tried to tell me he was big enough to ride without a booster. I let him buckle up to show him why he wasn't.... Well, he almost 5 steps..... He only is 6, the lap and...
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    Question Think it would be worth it/make more sense?

    I'm thinking of selling my Frontier 85 and Sureride and replacing them with a Harmony Defender (assuming I can find one). The FR85 and Sureride were in my mom's van and she is not driving my kids anymore. Quinn (6 in September) is booster trained and rides in a Evenflo Amp (main) or Harmony Lite...
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    Inexpensive infant bucket?

    My roommate's twin sister is expecting her first and was originally planning and may still be planning to get one of the Graco Clones. Since she is due in February, I suggested a short lived bucket for the winter weather that likes to hang around some years (and others, March is comfy warm....)...
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    I'm probably the last person the old app still functions properly and fully for

    And it just went back to blue. Did you actually do something, or is it possibly starting to freak out on me completely?
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    Question 2004(?) PT Cruiser lower anchor question

    Getting ready to install my friends new Fit4me for her 6 month old soon and looking at her lower anchors it looks like she has 3 dedicated sets, but looking at them it looks like the one between the passenger and center seats is one larger bar? I can try to get a picture of them later, if I can...
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    Well, that plan changed.

    My friend's little girl is in a SR22 and we had weighed her here at home and she was 18lbs a while ago, and she had been short (5%). She had a well child check today, 6 months, and she is now 20lbs and 28", which takes her from 5% for height to 90% and 90% (approx) for weight as well. We were...
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    So how likely is this 3-across?

    2004 PT cruiser, Graco Snugride 22 with base, RFing Radian with an AA, Frontier 85. After tax time SR22 will be replaced with a Guide 65, most likely. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Looking ahead, Graco Affix

    Least expensive HBB with LATCH? Am I right? Quinn prolly be outgrowing his FR85 in about a year, maybe longer. But he has been booster training with me since he was 4.5 and doing well. So I'm considering switching him in Grandma's car after this winter (so he'll be ~5.5). Even at it's price it's...
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    First time sleeping in a booster

    Not great, but not bad either. We took a 2.5-3 hr drive up to my inlaws (grandparents) cabin today and Quinn, surprisingly, fell asleep. Not a typical thing for either of my kids. His first time riding that long in booster as well, and he did really well. Couple of pics
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    Question Would you do this? Or see a problem with it?

    I occasionally watch my friends little one (currently 1 month, ahhh, adorable newb squishiness) and she's in a bucket. Parents only have one base and it gets left in their vehicle. So if I have to take us somewhere (not likely, but I want to be prepared) I'd have to do a baseless install with a...
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    Well, ran into my first rear adjust infant seat....

    OMG, why in h-e-double hockey sticks did they EVER make those? My roommate twin just had her baby and they came over to visit. She had it on the second slots, waaaaaayyyyy above baby's shoulders, so I fixed that. And strongly suggested they leave it adjusted, buckle the crotch buckle first, then...
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    Huh, learned something neat about my preschool

    Quinn attends a special needs preschool through the public school system here. I don't remember it from last year, but I was more than a little overwhelmed with evaluations, IEP meetings, speech eval's and all that that happens when you first learn your kid isn't "normal". Well, we've got our...
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    Already kid? :(

    Just a couple days ago I moved my FR85 to the top slots for my 4.5 yr old. Now, I lose an inch of harness height when it's installed, so keep that in mind. But he was even with the 8th slot, so I decided to skip the 9th and just go all the way to the top. I also have a Sureride for him, though I...
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    Hmmm, I may have decided on an infant bucket

    For an as yet un-conceived child, lol. The discussion of the longest lasting bucket made me like the Onboard Air :-P. Now (assuming I get DH fully ok with number 3) I just need to make sure it will work in my 3-across, lol. I have big kids, but want a bucket for #3 to make child wrangling easier.
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    App weirdness on iPad

    Occasionally I will hit a profile when I'm trying to back out of a thread. Then when I try to get back to the thread and whatever forum I was in, the app just shuts down on me. Nothing more than annoying, just wondering if it happens to anyone else, well except for when I do it over and over and...
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    Did I miss who won the Rodifix booster?

    I just went and double checked when it ended and when the winner was supposed to be chosen, but I don't remember seeing a thread or update about it? Am I just blind, lol?
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    Unable to stay logged in using a Surface

    I was on my Surface RT reading along, clicked to go to a new forum (from main page to coffee break, and coffee break to medical) and got logged off. First time it happened I was able to get back on, second time it kept going to the "Thanks for logging on Keeyamah. Click here if your browser...

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