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    First look at redesigned 2016 Honda Pilot Wow, big changes! Available 2nd row captain's chairs on upper trim levels as well.
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    30% off site wide Combi USA's website

    Fri Nov 28 - Mon Dec 1 Coccoro $167 once added to cart. Free shipping over $50.
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    Glider Board Compatibility with BJ Summit X3

    We have a BJ City Mini. I have always wanted the glider board but all the reviews pretty much state that the BJ Glider Board is basically useless on the City Mini. Last week at Disney World we rented the Summit X3 double and it was AMAZING! I want to sell my 5.5 year old City Mini and get a...
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    Small vent: Why does Chicco use crappy paper based stickers?

    On our KeyFit all the stickers turned super brittle and started crumbling off after less than 3 years. Our NextFit is 9 months old and the sticker around the bubble leveler is already peeling off and brittle. Many of the other stickers have pucker lines where you can tell they will crack any...
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    New seat alert: Jané Montecarlo R1

    New seat alert: Jané Montecarlo R1 Anyone know any details? Nice to see another rigid LATCH booster.
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    Britiax KidFix XP SICT (non-US seat)

    Man, I never thought I'd be tempted to import a booster but I'm totally lusting for this one. The XP pad looks very interesting and claims to reduce neck forces by 30% in a crash. Base looks slim with nearly armrestless design (easy buckling), adjustable SICT, and rigid ISOFIX. The Cybex...
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    Anyone have a Rodifix?

    I read the blog review when it was posted but just curious whether anyone has one and has first hand opinion after using it for a bit. This one looks like a good possibility once DS maxes out his Maestro in hubby's Jetta (still at least a year away). I've been tempted by the Cybex Solution...
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    Need New Tires for 2011 Pilot EX-L w/4WD

    I've got 48k on original tires and they NEED to be replaced ASAP. I've browsed the Piloteer's forum a bit but I know very little of technical aspects so I'm hoping someone here may be able to give some layman help. 4WD 2011 Pilot EX-L We live north of Seattle. This is the primary family...
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    Drool: Purple Coccoro

    While browsing ebay I came across a listing for a purple Coccoro. It's only available in the Asian market from Combi. Just wanted to share so we can mourn together for lack of a US purple CCO...
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    Anything new coming from Combi?

    Anyone have any inside info on Combi? Any chance they are planning on anything new? I'd love to see them make something like the Coccoro but with a little higher rear facing capacity. A 40 lb, 40"+ RF only Coccoro would be pretty awesome. I'd love to see them make something ERF worthy.
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    Any Cybex updates for Aton Q and Solutions Q-Fix/X-Fix?

    Other than the blog update from ABC that said 1st quarter 2014 release, anyone heard any updates on when the Aton Q and Solution Q/X-Fix boosters will be available? I'm hoping they'll have a nice CPST discount like they do for the Aton 2.
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    Are any US manufacturers testing neck loads?

    I know neck load testing is not required according to FMVSS 213, but I am trying to find out if there are any US manufacturers that have/are doing voluntary testing with the more advanced Hybrid III test dummies with the neck load cells. Google tells me NHTSA considered including the use of the...
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    Favorite Android level app

    Recommend me a good, free Android level app. I know some are wonky and only measure degress from horizontal and I don't want to have to subtract from 90 because I'm lazy like that, so must be able to measure from vertical as 0.
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    Clek releasing longer crotch strap for Foonf

    I was browsing Clek's Facebook page and someone asked about when the longer crotch strap would be released and Clek stated it should be available by the end of September. I know the short crotch strap has been an issue for bigger kids and hadn't seen an update here, so I wanted to share.
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    New 20% off Albee code

    Current 20% off code for Albee Baby is "ind20". Works on most full priced items (some brands excluded such as Clek). Cybex Aton and Aton 2 both qualify, as does Chicco Nextfit, Graco Size 4 Me, and Evenflo SureRide. Email didn't list an end date for the code, but I'm guessing it is good...
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    Need tips for RF seat belt install to minimize tipping

    I can't remember where I saw it (here or another site) that gave some really good tips to help minimize tipping from shoulder belt pulling without the use of a locking clip. If you have a link or can give a good description, I'd be greatly appreciative. I just started volunteering with my...
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    Safety 1st Elite 80 Air+ (new 3-in-1)

    Showed up in as an ad on another site. When I click the link to learn more it just goes to the Safety 1st/DJGUSA car seat site and doesn't even list it. Their site doesn't have any info whatsoever There was also a banner ad with a few different images that played, but I couldn't get a screen...
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    57" Height limit on Graco Backless/ Booster recs for 58" 9.5 yo

    Graco lists a 57" height maximum on the Affix and backless Turbo. Has Graco made any statements on whether this is a firm maximum? I just talked to my mom about putting my 9.5 year old adopted brother back in a booster. Apparently he's been out of one since he turned 8 I believe. He is...
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    Britax Pinnacle 90 and Britax Frontier 90 Preorder at Albee

    I posted on the FR 90/PN 90 thread in Chat yesterday, but wanted to update here too. Albee Baby has them for pre-order on their site for 20% off with promo code "apr20". Amazon charges tax in my state (WA) so Albee price is lower plus no tax. I just pre-ordered a Congo red FR 90 yesterday for...
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    RFing seat for 3rd row Honda Pilot (2011)

    What have you fit rear facing 3rd row Honda Pilot? Budget not a concern.

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