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    Need more shoulder room for center kid in 3 across

    I have a forward facing nearly 4 year old (he is too heavy to RF in any of our seats) and a 6.5 year old in a HBB. For harnessed seats I have an RXT, Size4Me, and CA65. For HBBs I have two turbos and a Chicco KidFit. We just bought a 2013 Outback and need to also transport a very tall and...
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    Which is easier to buckle as booster: Nauti or Perf. Sport?

    We have been occasionally booster training my daughter in her GN and I find it so hard to buckle, and it is impossible for her to do it. The buckle stalk recedes down into the space behind the seat and I have such a hard time reaching it. I tried putting a piece of pool noodle around the stalk...
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    Booster training a dramatic/emotional child

    I am wondering about starting to booster train my daughter (she turned five in November) since my parents want to use her old seat with my son and get a lightweight booster for her. She rides with them a few times a month, just for short trips. I want to do the "training" part myself and send...
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    Plum RXT and Plum Performance Sport - Do they match?

    Or would they at least not clash horribly? I already have the RXT and need a new seat for my big girl. I like the PS, and we all like purple, but I don't want a clashy purple situation in my little back seat.
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    Can I recycle an expired car seat?

    I have an expired Marathon Classic and I am wondering what I should do with it. Since it is plastic and metal (once the foam is removed), can it be recycled? Seattle has rather strict recycling laws now and I am worried about putting it in the garbage. Thoughts? And would anyone in the...
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    Which DOMs of Radian car seats had the bad LATCH mechanism?

    Considering buying a 4/10 DOM Radian 80 SL from a trusted friend at school, and wondering if it is in the range of seats that had the terrible issues with the LATCH. I texted her to ask about the color of the strap, but I am not sure if that will give me enough info to decide. Thanks!
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    WA state law regarding selling expired car seats?

    There was a for sale ad on a local moms list serve that I belong to for a 2008 turbo booster and I responded saying that she should check the expiration date before selling her seat to make sure it was still ok to sell. She first wrote back that the date didn't matter since "boosters don't...
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    Need to buy a new seat - harness or booster?

    We need a new seat for our daughter to be used occasionally in our nanny's car. D will be 5 in November, she is 43" tall and weighs 41 lbs. She has taken a few rides in a borrowed Turbobooster, and so far she sits very well in it (holds still, stays in the middle, etc). We aren't in the car...
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    Booster strangeness with FR 90

    We did a quick test-fit in my car with the FR 90 in booster mode and the seatbelt wasn't retracting. I had my girl lean forward (while parked) and the belt stayed very loose when she sat upright again. Same thing happened when she unbuckled, the belt didn't retract back up into the car. It...
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    My 4.5 year old wants to be RF!

    I just wanted to share, since I think it so funny that my big girl wants to be backwards again. I flipped her FF at 18 months before I knew better, then back to RF at 2, FF again at 3.5, now back to RF! She said she wanted to be backwards buddies with her nearly 2 year old brother. And she...
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    Which MyRide?

    Which version of the Graco MyRide has the extra padding around the head? I am thinking of the one that has sort of built up headwings, not something removable. Know what I am talking about? Thanks!!!
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    Least likely to cause head slump for tall RF toddler?

    I have a very tall 22 month old who is currently RF in a S4me and has horrible head slump every time he sleeps. I need a new seat for our other car anyway, so I wanted to get him something that will last a while and solve the slump issue. I was considering a MyRide, Classic Marathon, Advanced...
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    Help me pick 2 occasional use seats for our nanny's car

    Our nanny needs to drive the kids once a week, and we are tired of shuffling seats in and out to make it work. It is time to get a couple of spare seats for her to use. I need inexpensive seats that are good for tall, long-torso'd kids and that are lightweight and easy to install. My son is a...
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    When to measure out-grown-ness? Before vs. after the ride?

    My son is very close to outgrowing his cute little CCO. What I need to know is, when do I measure him in the seat? When I first put him in and he is sitting nice and straight, he is at the 1" limit. After driving for a bit (we are rarely in the car more than about 20 minutes) and he has...
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    Cheap, light, tall, and easy to install?

    First, the super dork in me is very proud of the rhyming title. I need to get two seats for my nanny to use 3-4 times per month. The seats will be staying at my house and she will install them each time she wants to take the kids somewhere, so ease of installing correctly is important as is...
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    MyRide vs. Advance 70 Air+ for tall RFer in a tiny car?

    The RXT isn't working out in the Fit for my little guy right now, but it will be great once I can use the AA with it. We are going to move it to my husband's car and switch the CCO (nearly outgrown) to the barely ridden in Nana's car. I am wondering which of seats I mentioned in the thread...
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    Does head slump get better or worse with age? or stay the same?

    I have installed an RXT RF with no AA in my Honda Fit for my nearly 15 month old and he has terrible head slump when he sleeps. No slump at all in the CCO. The RXT is as reclined as I can make it in the Fit and he is still flopping all over the place. Is this something that is likely to...
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    Seat recommendations for my nanny's car?

    My nanny also drives a Honda Fit and she has a 4 year old in a Graco Turbobooster. My son needs to be RF and my daughter needs to be harnessed FF. What are some easy to install, narrow seats that would fit in the Fit? And what configuration would be easiest for loading, buckling, etc. This...
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    If you could buy (almost) any 2 seats...

    I need to get two new seats for my kids to use in my husband's car. My son is a super tall 13 month old (99th percentile for height, 75th for weight) who is RF. My daughter will be 4 in November, is slightly taller than average (75th percentile for height, 50th for weight), and is FF. Dahlia...
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    Radian - too upright with AA, won't fit in the car without - what to do?

    I have just switched my mega baby to a RXT from his little CCO (75th %ile for weight, 99th %ile for height). The CCO will be his seat in Nana's car for as long as it lasts him. In my little Honda Fit, the RXT is way too upright for him with the AA (major head slump), but I have no room to sit...

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