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    Stupid to Buy From Babies R Us?

    In light of the recent news that Toys R Us is closing all stores in the very near future would it be dumb to buy a new car seat from Babies R Us? I wanted to use the trade in event discount... I have my eye on a Graco seat, Graco would still back it if anything were to go wrong with it right?
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    Convertible Recommendations Please

    Hi Guys! It's been a while I know :). DD needs a convertible. Currently we have a 2009 Honda CRV and a 2015 Toyota Camry. We'll spend whatever, well preferably under $300, but I'm totally out of the loop on current convertibles. DD is 60% for height but DH is 6'5" so she may sprout up at...
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    In Search Of Thirsties Duo Wraps Size 2

    Title says it all :). Excellent or very good condition. Hit me with what you've got and how much you want. TIA!
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    So Refreshing!

    A co-worker is having a baby so I offered to show her how to install her seat. She was very thankful because check events around here have massive wait times, not something anyone wants to do but sitting in your car for an hour plus at 8.5 month pregnant is even less fun. Anywho we did the...
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    Vent Honda Disappointment

    I drive an 09 CRV and have been following the Takata recall very closely, checking my VIN every so often to see if my car is included which it wasn't. I just got a letter that my car has been recalled and that myself or passengers could be killed by the airbag, oh and that Honda won't have...
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    Possible to Remove Harness from a Graco Click Connect?

    I've got my "crashed" seats from the parked car collision and I thought I would at least pillage what I can from them but I can't get the harness off the CC40. It's all one piece and it's getting caught by the adjuster button. Any thoughts if it's actually possible to remove it? One could cut...
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    Double Parked Vehicle Collision

    My parked car was the victim of a hit-and-run... by a parked motorcycle lol. What happened was my car was parked next to an illegally parked motorcycle. Likely another car hit the motorcycle which made it fall into my car. Car that caused the collision left the scene, I wasn't there, I...
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    For Sale Ride Safer Travel Vest Type 2 Size Small Brand New in Box

    My RSTV2 in blue had some wear issues so the manufacturer sent me a brand new one. DS just out grew size small so we don't need it. No photos because I haven't opened the box. Asking $120 and I'll split shipping. I get a good shipping discount through work too :).
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    Needed New Infant Seat & Booster to Puzzle in 2009 CRV

    HELP!!!! I've got about 9 weeks left and need an infant seat. Wants and Stats: Infant Seat Long(est) shell Takes up the least amount of room installed front to back, ultimately could be installed outboard with front seat pushed all the way back Can puzzle next to a HB booster We have a...
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    Frontier 85, Booster Mode in a 2009 Honda CRV

    In the outboard position the seat belt comes out from the vehicle wall below the belt guide of the booster. Is this ok? Nothing that I can find in the manual regarding this...
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    Price Check Planet Box Rover Plus

    I have a brand new, never used Planet Box Rover Plus set which is the lunchbox and the Big and Little Dippers. No magnets or case. It retails for $55.97 on the Planet Box site which includes shipping of $6.02. Anyone interested? Make an offer :D.
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    Should Airplanes Have Better Seat Belts?

    After watching the coverage of the Asiana crash the wish for adult CARES harnesses has crossed my mind! I found these two articles about airplane seat belts very interesting. In this article an attorney is reviewing data to see if coach passengers who had only lap belts suffered more injuries...
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    Which Combination Seat?

    DS is just a touch under the top harness slot on his Radian XTSL so I need to get a combination seat for him. I admit, since I haven't needed one I'm not completely up to speed on which one. He's 6.5 but small, he weighs 44lbs. I'd like for it to be a good booster so I won't have to get...
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    For Sale Granite Classic Marathon Cover Brand New

    Checking interest on a brand new, never been used Granite Classic Marathon cover complete with belly pad and harness covers. Make me an offer! I'd post a picture but I've lost the ability to do that :(
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    Twisted Seat Belt

    How bad is a twisted belt? EX has a twisted seat belt in his Honda Pilot. He refuses to get it fixed (I've tried twice with no success) and refuses to install DS's seat in another position. I am sick with worry over this. The other option would be to use the Super LATCH on his Radian but...
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    Boosters on Amazon

    I love this from the Amazon car seat home page. The Frontier is a premium booster but oh, the Oobr, that's just a regular non-premium booster.
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    Forward Facing Suggestions

    DS is currently RF in a Radian XTSL but he's very close to outgrowing it by height so starting to think of his next seat. He's been RF for so long I don't know much about the combination and booster seat worlds. Stats: Six in June 40lbs No idea how tall but he's got long legs and a short torso...
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    Parking lot safety

    At home I park in a carport feet from a walk way to a play area. There are always kids going to and from the play area and walking by the carport. Every time I back out I'm scared to death that a kid has snuck up behind my car after I got in and I can't see them. After reading a story...
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    Question Emergency Help! Need RSTV info!

    I'm sorry for not searching the site for these answers but I need help quickly. Ride Safe Travel Vest: Does it need to be tethered? Will it work in a van? Can it work with a lap belt only? Could it realistically be stored in DS's backpack? Anything else I need to know? I was blindsided...
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    App Users - Security Issue?

    I can access the entire board, SCM and all, from the iPhone app when not logged into my account. Maybe this is an issue that can be fixed?

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