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  1. aept

    2015 Kia Sedona vs 2015 Toyota Sienna

    We are planning to move on from our 2010 Dodge Grand Caravan (YAY!) and have test-driven both the Sedona and Sienna, used 2015's previous rentals, with somewhat high miles but we don't mind that as we don't put on lots of miles ourselves. Both were 8-passenger models. Both had four sets of...
  2. aept

    FFS SK Radian covers and Roundabout cover, locking clips

    I have covers available from some (expired) seats I recycled. 2 covers from sunshine kids radian 65 seats. Both the same medium grey. Well loved but no major problems, these were still in use until recently when the seats expired. I think I only have one set of belly pad/strap covers. I will...
  3. aept

    Decluttering and recycling car seats

    I have 2 expired sunshine kids Radian 65 seats and 1 expired roundabout from a friend that I plan to get off my back porch and take to the recycling center next week. What can I save from the radians? I still have a Diono radian with many years left. Sure stop? Pads? Covers won't fit my RXT...
  4. aept

    Thinking about a Suburban

    DH is thinking of getting a Surburban. It would replace our Prius (yeah, big huge difference there!) Reason being dh's commute is super short now so we don't care as much if we have a gas guzzler and it would be nice to have another vehicle that could fit all 4 kids and still have cargo room...
  5. aept

    Coccoro installation help

    I bought a coccoro to see how I liked it for our newborn due in May. It's the cutest thing I've ever seen (ok, car-seat-wise) but I'm having some installation trouble. It's going in the second row captain's chair of a 2010 Dodge Grand Caravan with fabric seats. I have no trouble getting it...
  6. aept

    Would I like/hate using a radian for a newborn?

    So the thrifty part of me is wondering if it is even feasible or enjoyable to use one of our radians for our baby due in May. Plus DH asked if we *really* need a new seat for the baby. I do tend to babywear a good deal so I feel like it might work from that standpoint. (DS3 is FF now so he...
  7. aept

    Is this a unique seat?

    I saw this infant seat at target as part of a baby jogger travel system. Does anyone know if it's really made by baby jogger or if it's kind of a copy of some other seat? They seem to call it the "city go." They said it was to 35 lbs or 32 inches but I have to say it looked smaller than some of...
  8. aept

    Coccoro as "infant seat"?

    I am considering a CCO for baby #4. I was originally thinking I would want a narrowish infant bucket with a handle and one base. The base would go in the van where the baby would usually ride. If I needed to take the baby in the Prius I would move one of my older kids' nbb's and install the...
  9. aept

    Fourth kid, but first time choosing infant seat!

    So even though I've been hanging around here for years, I know next-to-nothing about which infant seat I should want for #4. We used a hand-me-down infant seat from family (yes, I know...) so it's not something we ever chose ourselves. It was a Graco Snugride 22 and at least it was...
  10. aept

    Subaru Outback - school me

    We are thinking we would like to get a new or used but recent model Subaru outback. From what we know now, from lists of stats and features, it seems like a good fit. We are looking to downsize from the dodge grand caravan we have. Our other car is a Prius and we all fit in it (thanks...
  11. aept

    Prius / FF Radian / 3-across - help needed!

    Hi! So I'm in need of help with our 2011 Prius 3-across. The Prius is the "secondary" family car, we also have a minivan where the kids ride 90% of the time. My youngest (will be 3 yrs in June) hit 35 lbs and I had to turn his Radian 65 FF in the Prius. (He is RF in a Radian RXT in the...
  12. aept

    Considering Mazda 5 to replace Dodge Grand Caravan

    Looking for input and pros/cons on trading in our 2010 Dodge Grand Caravan for a 2013 Mazda 5. Reason for trading in the current van is that we feel it is unreliable already, and only likely to get worse as it ages. Lots of little things have gone wrong already. Maybe this wouldn't bother...
  13. aept

    Question 2.5 year old ff in "secondary" cars?

    Darn it. My youngest is 32.0 lbs, undressed. He is getting kinda close to the 35 lb RF limit of our Radian 65 seats that he uses in the Prius and in Grandma's Ford Focus. (I need to bring a scale downstairs and weigh him in his clothes, boots, etc.) He rides in our Prius about once a week and...
  14. aept

    Question Grandma's car - ERF option?

    I'm thinking ahead a bit here, as I might not actually need to buy a seat until the fall. DS3 will probably need a seat for grandma's car in a few months. He is 23 months now and about 29 lbs, maybe 34-35 inches? I haven't measured height recently at all. He rides RF in radians in our cars and...
  15. aept

    Stroller and air travel

    So I realized we will want a stroller for all of our museum touring so ds3 can hopefully catch some naps on-the-go. I bought a little travel roly cart for the radian but if we being a stroller I can just use that around the airport instead We have a cheap umbrella stroller but the radian can't...
  16. aept

    Funny realization

    So I started booster training DS2 in preparation for our upcoming airplane trip / rental car. Right now I have the following installed in my minivan: RF radian RXT, Frontier 85, A vivo and a backless TB. DS2 can fit in any of them - lol! He's the universal carseat kid. Short enough and light...
  17. aept

    Check booster fit please?

    I'm going to attempt to attach some photos that I just put in photo bucket of my ds2 (2 weeks shy of 5 years old) in a backless booster. Don't worry, he usually rides in a Frontier 85 - this is in consideration for our upcoming airplane trip - trying to decide if we could get away with bringing...
  18. aept

    Question Is the vivo discontinued?

    I was on the recaro website yesterday and couldn't find any sign of the vivo. Also, I was hoping to find it in crimson but maybe they phased that color out? I see I can still buy other colors from amazon, so I'm not too worried, but it would be a bummer if they stop making them - I like ours...
  19. aept

    Radian GTX vs RXT?

    So I get to buy a new Radian RXT since our other one was involved in a collision. (Totally keeping our cobalt cover!!!) I like the midnight color of the GTX. Is it basically just an RXT that comes with some kind of waterproof mat? It looks like an RXT and I think the specs are the same on...
  20. aept

    First time flying with kids and seats!

    We are going to travel by air with the kids for the first time. It is a direct flight, about 2 hours. We will have a rental vehicle at the destination city. Kids stats are: DS1 - 6.8 years, 54 lbs, 50 inches, usually in a parkway or vivo but can definitely do a backless booster (probably TB)...

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