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  1. Michi

    2013 Town & Country opinions?

    Our 2004 Chevy Venture is rusting badly and we need to replace it. We went to test drive a 2013 Town and Country van today. It was really nice, and we were on the verge of saying 'yes', but I am hesitant as I have not heard very good things about the reliability of Chrysler vans. Still -...
  2. Michi

    Need a highback booster for a tall 10 yr old.

    I just realized that our Britax Monarch boosters will expire in November, so I am searching for a booster for our long and lean soon to be 10 year old. She does some (SN) issues (maturity, balance problems) and she needs a (supportive) high back booster. I would prefer to stay away from the...
  3. Michi

    changing to booster mode

    My 7.5 yr old DD is getting close to outgrowing the harness on both her Graco Nautilus and our Britax Frontier, and I am considering removing the harnesses on both seats and changing them to booster mode. I do have a question about the Frontier though (we have the original Frontier - not the...
  4. Michi

    DD uncomfortable in GN

    My 6 yr old has been complaining lately when she rides in her GN that her back hurts. Recently we took a long cross-country trip and she had a red mark on one spot on her back, but I checked the seat and there was nothing that appeared unusual - nothing sticking out, etc. I thought maybe it...
  5. Michi

    Got our Daisy GN today - I'm impressed!

    Wow - I didn't think I would be, but I am really impressed by this seat! DD is outgrowing her MA height-wise, but I can't believe all of the growing room that she still has left in the GN. My tall 7 yr old still fits harnessed, too - and my (tall-ish) 10 yr old DS still fits in booster mode...
  6. Michi

    GN fabric choices.

    I don't have a chance to see either of these in person - so which would you say has nicer (soft/doesn't show dirt) fabric? Tilla or Daisy
  7. Michi

    Need help choosing a seat

    DD is 5 1/2 - 38 lbs and tall - 45" tall she is currently even with the top slots of her Marathon - so we are looking for a new seat. The tricky part is - she rides in the middle row -middle seat - of an '04 Chevy Venture where there is a lap-only belt. Dh does not want to install the...
  8. Michi

    Radian in a Ford 12 pass. van

    I have a friend that is trying to install a FF Radian in the 3rd (I think?) row of a 2009 Ford E series 12 passenger van. She got a good install outboard, but there is no tether anchor directly behind the seat. (There is one in the center position next to it though.) My LATCH manual is a...
  9. Michi

    Booster seat for a 10 yr old

    My youngest has almost outgrown her MA so I think we are going to rotate all of carseats to the next child - She will get the Regent, the 7 yr old will move to the Monarch...this leaves my DS in need of a seat. He is 10 yrs old, but he's still pretty small (4 1/2 ft, 58 lbs), so I definitely...
  10. Michi

    EFTA infant pillows

    A FB friend of mine posted a photo of their newly adopted daughter in an EFTA. The baby is probably about 15 mos old - and they are using all of the infant inserts. I can't find a PDF of the manual online - Is there an age/weight where they need to stop using the pillows or are they alright...
  11. Michi

    RFing & carsickness?

    I had a parent ask me what to do about kids who get carsick riding rear-facing. I have never personally had to deal with this issue, so I wanted to see what others have done when faced with this.
  12. Michi

    NOT impressed with the Harmony.

    So in one last attempt to find a wider booster for DD we bought the 'cheaper' Harmony booster from Walmart .com. This one It was awful. :( I wish I would have taken photos, but I was so disappointed/unimpressed I just completely...
  13. Michi

    Pre advisory Regent install question.

    I have a 'pre-advisory' Regent, (however I did install the retrofit kit sticker and non-slip strips.) Previously it had been installed in my van LBP with the recline bar and it fit wonderfully. When my DD hit 40 lbs, I switched it to SBP. It wasn't 'as' good of a fit, but it was still less...
  14. Michi

    Parkway SG question

    Do you think that the 'anti-submarine' strap/clip is strong enough to prevent a child from slouching? I am contemplating moving my 6 1/2 yr old to a booster, (so that my 4 yr old can have her Regent,) but she has a tendency to slouch. Do you think that the clip would prevent that?
  15. Michi

    Which seat for DD? (pic heavy)

    I need a new 'spare' seat for DD for occasional use in a second vehicle. (since it's only for occasional use, I'd also prefer not to spend more than $200) DD is 4 yrs, 36 lbs, and 42 inches. Her primary seat is a MA, but I'm fairly certain that she has maybe a year (at best) left in it - so I...
  16. Michi

    '03 Kia Sedona?

    Would you recommend a 2003 Kia Sedona as a 'second' vehicle. We found a pretty good deal on a used one. It is the 'deluxe' model, and the body seems to be in good shape, although it has fairly high mileage (116K.) It wouldn't be our primary vehicle, but the kids and I would be using it...
  17. Michi

    booster height recs.

    I'm reading through the manual, and noticing that DD11 is taller that the height rec. on her new backless booster. (She is under the weight limit, though.) I'm a little concerned because her ears are right at the level of the headrest (on the highest setting) :( Do you think it is okay for...
  18. Michi

    Our new Combi Dakota vs. Turbo (photos)

    We got our new Combi Dakota today! DD likes it, but she did comment that it is 'squishier' (narrower) in the back than the Turbo. (She has an older version of the Turbo, though...the newer Turbos are narrow in the back, too.) I was pretty impressed. It's a very nice seat! Side by side with...
  19. Michi

    photos of big kids in the combi dakota?

    Does anyone have photos of their older kids in a Combi Dakota? (I need to convince my DH that it's worth it for my 11 yr old) ;)
  20. Michi

    No more Combi Dakota?!

    I went to BRU tonight to see about ordering a Combi Dakota. They said that they are out of stock, (online as well) and that they are a 'category X' which means that the company has stopped making that product. The BRU websit says they are out of stock, and Target or Sears doesn't have them...

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