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  1. Genevieve

    I've got the Incognito!

    I was so excited when I heard this was coming out because it fills such a need. My first impressions of the seat are quite positive. My nearly 9 year old likes it as well. The belt guides were really easy for him to use, and good news for new generation Sienna owners, it fit on that small 8th...
  2. Genevieve

    RXT and XTSL

    Do the Diono RXT covers fit onto the Sunshine Kids XTSL?
  3. Genevieve

    Nuna Pipa

    Baby Mama's Pipa came last Friday and I've been playing with it since. I was reading through the manual and came across something interesting. If I'm reading correctly, the manual is stating it's ok to install with both lower anchors AND the vehicle belt together. Quote from page 21: "it is...
  4. Genevieve

    Recycling car seats

    Just a fun tidbit I calculated this morning at work. In the last five years (since 8/08) my hospitals CPS program has collected and recycled 5207 car safety seats. I thought that was pretty cool!
  5. Genevieve

    More SureRide pics

    I couldn't decide if I wanted to order these as our distribution seats at the hospital so I went and played with it for a while with all my kids...and an extra ;-) Ninja is 50lbs and about 49 inches tall. I had it set on the top slots, though he was still 1/2" below the next lowest. It...
  6. Genevieve

    Is a branded title an automatic deal breaker?

    I found my dream van that is well within our price range. Bad news? It has a branded title. I don't know exactly what that means. Is that the same as a salvage title? Owner says it was in a minor accident on the front drivers side. Airbags did not deploy and everything was professionally...
  7. Genevieve

    I'm not sure how to interpret between the car and carseat manufacturers

    I'm helping a friend get ready for her first baby (helping long distance, actually). She has a Snugride30 and a 2010 Jeep Grand Cherokee. Jeep says you can use LATCH in the center IF the car seat manurfacturer says it's ok. Graco says: "LATCH is defined as anchorages 280mm (11 inches) between...
  8. Genevieve

    For Sale MA65 or RA50 Cowmoo cover

    Still available. $30 shipped Cowmoo cover for a classic marathon or roundabout 50. Fabric part of cover is in good shape, but the batting underneath shows quite a bit of wear. I see no stains and elastic seems good. No strap covers or belly bad.
  9. Genevieve

    Do the Diono Radians *really* have a smooth(er) adjuster?

    I can't decide if I should spring for a Diono radian or not. Biggest motivating factor? I want to throw our XTSL through a raging fire from the pits of the earth whenever I have to tighten the harness when it's rearfacing. I cannot express my deep level of anger and annoyance at how *bleeping*...
  10. Genevieve

    Another WWYD question...

    My friend, J, is going through a divorce and has two kids. Z is 5 (just turned) and about 33-35lbs. C is 6 months and 16 lbs. She needs to get seats for Z, but is very, very low on funds, and asking friends/family to chip in is not an option. I'm looking for the most long term and low costing...
  11. Genevieve

    What seat is this?

    I gave this friend some car seat advice on FB a few months ago when she was looking for a convertible for her baby who was getting too big for the Keyfit. I offered to meet up with her to make sure it's installed correctly, etc., but she never took me up on that. She posted this pic today, and...
  12. Genevieve

    For Sale Covers for CCO and RA50/Classic Marathon

    *SOLD* Coccoro cover in Cherry pie (red). Great condition and only used for a few weeks. cover only, no strap covers or infant insert. $25 ppd. *SOLD* *SOLD*Excellent condition Kathryn (pink and brown) cover for Roundabout 50. I've been told they fit on the classic Marathons as well, but I...
  13. Genevieve

    What seats would you use in this truck?

    DH bought a 1995 GMC Sierra and it's now our "camping" vehicle. Kids will be in it 3-4 times a year. No top tethers and no ability to retrofit (I have already checked the LATCH manual and called the dealership. The belts do have locking latchplates, with lap/shoulder belts outboard, and lap...
  14. Genevieve

    ISO: Roundabout 50 or Decathelon

    I need a Roundabout 50 or a Decathelon for my three across (need a classic britax with no latch bars). I only have boys, so girly covers would not go over so well. Would LOVE to get cowmoo. Shipping would be to the west coast (98671).
  15. Genevieve

    Untethered Radian outboard vs. Tethered Scenera center

    I have an untethered radian outboard, and a tethered scenera next to it in the center. If these were your options for your 34lb 4 year old, which would you prefer he sit in, and why? These are the options I have for Gambit and I'm not sure if one is better or worse than the other. No other...
  16. Genevieve

    Probooster vs. Turbo

    Ninja is in a probooster and has been using it for a few days. He says he hates it. Which is unfortunate because I love it and it gives him a fabulous belt fit. His booster of choice (between the PB, Monterey, Turbo, and OSPW) is the Turbo. Belt fits great in the turbo. So why can't I get...
  17. Genevieve

    Check radian XT install with Lap belt/tether

    My RadianXT is currently FF in the middle of my 3rd row ('07 T&C). Lap belt only with top tether available and being used. I want some opinions on the way the latchplate is hitting the belt path. I had to twist down the female belt stalk once or it didn't work at all. Because of the belts...
  18. Genevieve

    Are tether anchor retrofits supposed to be free?

    I'm trying to help my SIL get some tether anchors in her '99 Passat. We called the dealership and they can order the part. They said it's $52 per part, plus an installation fee, and she has to prepay before they will order for her. Aren't they supposed to do at least one for free? And if so...
  19. Genevieve

    Help me decide which seats to take

    DH is in LA working with a big client, and since he has to stay down there with them for 2 weeks, the client is flying the boys and I down over the weekend to to go disneyland. :D So, help me decide what seats to take for the plane and car. Each child has their own seat on the plane, and the...
  20. Genevieve

    Keyfit and Snap n Go

    Is the Keyfit compatible with any of the snap n go type stroller frames?

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