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  1. Suzibeck

    Looking for a reliable all wheel drive used vehicle in the 6K range

    DD is 20 and car shopping. Since we live close to Lake MI and get a lot of lake effect snow, all wheel drive is a huge plus. She does not want anything too big, hates driving our Kia Sedona. She doesn't have need of car seats except for an occasional ride with my 8 yo who can ride in a...
  2. Suzibeck

    Any seats to avoid in a Chevy Cruze?

    My niece just asked for a friend. I asked what year the car is as well as all the usual kid questions.
  3. Suzibeck

    For Sale Recaro ProSport in Riley

    SOLD! DOM: 1/10/13 Pickup only in Holland, MI. $100 OBO I'll send pics if someone is interested.
  4. Suzibeck

    Sleepy-pod Click-it Sport Harness

    Bumping, I still have this and really need money so if anyone wants a good deal on a Sleepypod this is your day. Crash tested car harness for your dog. Orange Dream, size medium, excellent used condition, only used a dozen or so times. Our rescue didn't work out, $60pp in the US. Sent from my...
  5. Suzibeck

    Any great deals on LATCHable hbb?

    Dd is 6y 11m and has finally hit 40#. She is 46.5" with a 16" torso. I took the harness out of her SecureKid but the shoulder belt does not move freely and I think I'm going to hate it. I'm keeping the harness in her ProSport for long rides so that seat is out. She uses a Turbo SS in dh's...
  6. Suzibeck

    Three across in a 2012 Honda Pilot?

    I'm meeting with a mom later this week. She has a Britax Frontier in harness mode, a rf Diono Radian RXT, and a Chicco Keyfit. I'm guessing we will not be able to get three across in the middle row with these seats but does anyone have any suggestions? I don't have heights and weights on the...
  7. Suzibeck

    Is there a website that suggests

    Which seats are compatible with certain makes and models of cars? A mom told me she saw such a thing about 4 years ago and is looking for it now. I don't know of anything.
  8. Suzibeck

    Question Newborn in 2001 Oldsmobile Alero, 2 door.

    We have a SureRide but I have not been able to try it yet. I fear that pretty much any rf seat will cause problems for the front seat driver/passenger. What seats should we consider? They do have a $50 Target gift card and would like to spend as little as possible. They are fine with either...
  9. Suzibeck

    In Search Of All size diaper covers

    A friend of mine is due to have a baby in August. I'm trying to convince her that cloth isn't terrible but even if I can't convince her to use cloth I will use it here when I have him. I have flats and I can pick up a snappi easy enough but I will need covers. I am looking for economy options...
  10. Suzibeck

    For Sale Land's End Snowsuit, 3T

    Not sure of the color, greenish, teal maybe, and grey. Two faint stains on left hip, otherwise in like new condition. Has built in mitten clips. $35 shipped in US.
  11. Suzibeck

    For Sale Car seat poncho-like for girl

    Red fleece inside, blue with cherries and flowers outside, rip stop nylon in the middle for windbreak, elastic in hood to help hold it in place on windy days. Zipper starts at the neck and zips down because we couldn't find the right size zipper that went both ways. The edges are surged. My...
  12. Suzibeck

    In Search Of 4th Generation iPod Touch

    We are looking for an inexpensive way for dd to text her classmates. She goes to a project based school and no one else uses email apparently. If we can get an iPod touch she can text using wireless and we won't have to shell out for a phone plan.
  13. Suzibeck

    VW Tiguan a good choice?

    Dh is getting a new to us car. The van is almost paid off and his Jetta is needing too many repairs so we are not taking a break from car payments as I had hoped. He is buying a Tiguan and it looks and drives very nice. We are getting it for 2K less than what the bank said it was worth plus...
  14. Suzibeck

    Ergo Galaxy Doll Carrier

  15. Suzibeck

    Ergo Galaxy Doll Carrier

    SOLD! This is in excellent condition, dd hardly used it at all. $16 pp
  16. Suzibeck

    Question Harness height difference between Maestro and Sureride?

    My friend just bought an old Caddy. It only has only lapbelts in the back seat. She has a tall 5 year old and needs a seat for her. I can get her a Maestro for free, I think, or a Sureride for $40. They are currently homeless and my friend earns minimum wage with no child support so money is...
  17. Suzibeck

    For Sale Sunshine Kids RadianXT

    SOLD! No infant padding but I will include an angle adjuster. Local pickup only $100 or make me an offer.
  18. Suzibeck

    For Sale Recaro Vivo cover in blush

    SOLD! Very light stain on seat portion of cover. $25ppd
  19. Suzibeck

    Can you still get stickers for the Sunshine Kids Radian?

    Now that I just splurged and bought a ProSport I will probably sell my RadianXT, but all the info stickers have long ago fallen off. The manufacture date sticker is still there, thankfully. Dec 2008 so it has some good life left in it.
  20. Suzibeck

    Convertible for large, tall baby

    My niece is 5 months old now and my bro and his wife will soon be looking for a convertible. Baby is big, tall and chubby. I am not sure about her torso. With their first child I recommended a Britax MA but that was 8 years ago when Britax had nice tall shells. My db needs a seat that is...

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