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    Question Best RF Car seat for 2006 Jetta

    Beetle, your daughter is cute! So, I only had a limited amount of time to play with the XTSL in the Jetta as DH was in a rush to get the kids out to meet some friends, and DS2 was freaking out that his "backwards seat" wasn't in the van.... so I concentrated on the driver's side position with...
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    CCO compatibility

    Hope this is the right spot for this. Our CCO arrived yesterday. Two quick questions. DOM is 9/10. Cause for concern? It is clearly new, all tags still attached, arrived in its bag in an undamaged box. Keep it or send it back and order from elsewhere? It came from Amazon via Wayfair...
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    BMW 328: Possible 3 across?

    We are headed to FL in a little over 1 month. I had planned to rent a car to get to my mom's, but she has now offered to make the drive to pick us up at the airport (2.5 hour trip, virtually all highway). Before I even entertain this possibility, I need to know about the feasibility of...
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    CCO vs. Tribute

    Cost aside and recognizing the 33 lb. RF weight limit on the CCO: Which would you pick? Longevity and ease of use when it comes to plane travel and installation in rental cars are my two biggest concerns. My goal is to get DS3 to 2/2.5 in either of these seats before using one of our RNs for...
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    Plane travel with 3 kids

    I'm in debate about planning a trip to see my mom in FL this spring. My DH will not be able to come along. My sister is working on figuring out if she can fly one leg, most likely outbound, with me, but her kids are older and have school and sports commitments that make her travel dates pretty...
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    Angle Adjuster in stock on

    FYI, for those on the hunt and wanting one, it is in stock as far as I can tell on Happy shopping!] ETA: ordered, and it should be here tomorrow - I almost gift-wrapped it for myself and DH. :D
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    So, I re-RFed my 2.5 year old about a week ago. That is going great! He's happy - loves it - I'm happy, it's all good....:D But here is the problem that I did not foresee..... I no longer have a spare car seat because we decided to use the older RN 65 for DS3 and re-RF DS2 in the XTSL...
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    Should I make a sign?

    Not sure if this is the right spot, but I've got a question. We just turned DS2 back RFing in his XTSL in a Sienna. The seat is in fine, I've adjusted the passenger seat as far back as it can go without having the RN touching the seatback or headrest. DH is up to speed on the fact that he...
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    Angle adjuster availability?

    Are there any other places online where the SK/Diono angle adjuster is available other than their own website?
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    Just a vent.... or can I justify the new seat now?

    So a week or so ago I posted about a possible rusting splitter plate on my RN65 with a DOM of 5/07. I emailed Jenna with the photos of the splitter plate and Diono sent along a new part...which arrived today. I was excited, until I unpacked it and low and behold, they sent me new harness...
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    This is sketchy, right?

    So please don't get mad at me about this one.... I would never knowingly let my kids ride in a seat that had damage or issues. I just haven't checked this seat as often as I probably should have... :o We're in the middle of a car seat shuffle. DH really wants me to just use our RN65 pictured...
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    Diono vs. SK Radians vs. the usual suspects

    Hi everyone. I need some help sorting out my options for DS#3. He is about to outgrow his SR22 by height at age 5.5 months. Stats at his 4 month visit were 17 lbs. 6 oz and 27 inches long, which if I remember correctly were about 95th percentile in both categories. DS#1 is 4.5, 41.5 pounds...
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    Carseat shuffle and shop/TFP questions

    Hello, everyone! I haven't posted in a long time, but have been lurking and searching threads to try to figure out our next steps.... So I apologize for the length of this post in advance. Bare with me as I think this through.... :o First some basic info. I drive a 2010 Toyota Sienna...
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    Question Car seat use in Germany/Switzerland

    We're headed back to Germany this summer. We're not certain if we'll be renting a car or riding with relatives. It will depend on whether we fly to Frankfurt and get picked up by relatives for a visit with them, and then take a train to southern Germany, or if we fly to Zurich, rent a car, and...
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    Nitro or Eclipse?

    We're going for the XTSL. Which would you like most in a car with gray interior? Exterior is sort of a sky blue, not that that is relevant. DS#1 wants the red one, says he "needs the red one", even though it's not for him. It's for his brother. Which do you like better?
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    I did it! I did it! Or at least I think I did....

    So after getting wholly disheartened yesterday trying to install DS#1's older RN65 (DOM 10/07) FFing in my Sienna, I thought I'd give it one more honest shot RFing. For whatever reason, I was having no luck with the thing yesterday all over the van. I think it or I was in the wrong mood...
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    Torso length?

    Would you consider approx. 12" a long torso for a 7 month old? Is there a way to find out average torso lengths for different age groups?
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    Superlatch question

    I have a question about Superlatch. Am I understanding correctly that it would allow you to use LATCH up to 80 lbs in the event the vehicle manual defers to the carseat manufacturer for the limits on LATCH use? In the case of a Sienna, would this then resolve some of the installation issues...
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    Is this physically possible? Or am I nuts....

    So I am headed to Florida in January with my two DS'. We have two seats between the three of us - I just couldn't swing buying a seat for this flight for my 7-month old when we've got a big trip to Europe planned for this summer when we will absolutely be buying him a seat. Anyway. I am...
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    Please check - CA install

    If anyone has a minute, could you please check the install on this? This is a '10 Sienna. I've never had to use a pool noodle before, so I'm not sure it's positioned correctly. Also, I'm not getting more than an inch of movement at the belt path, but I feel like if I wrestle with the seat from...

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