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    Diono Olympia & Pacifica seats?

    When did they discontinue these models? I was hoping to find one for my grandson for our vehicle when they visit. Wasn't sure when they stopped making that model. Thanks.

    For Sale Britax Frontier 85's plus covers for sale

    Price updated. I have two Britax Frontier 85 seats for sale. Both have a DOM of Feb 2011. They were used for a few months til I purchased My Kia Forte and opted to use a Parkway. You can choose the cover you want. I have Onyx, Cowmooflage, Livia. Both seats have the SG clip with them too...

    For Sale New Britax Parkway SG

    I have a new Parkway SG for sale. I bought it for a spare but decided to buy a SGL for the latch. It has a DOM of January 2012. The pattern is Chamois. It will ship in the original box. $75 shipped.

    In Search Of Trade my new cardinal parkway sgl cover for your new livia sgl cover?

    Title says it all. I have a new cardinal cover from our parkway that we purchased at Target. I'd really like Livia if possible. It has never been sat in. I have cowmoo on it now. Just the cover no seat. Thanks! Kristina

    In Search Of New Britax Parkway SGL Livia cover

    Hello: I am searching for a new Britax Parkway SGL Livia cover to purchase. Does anyone have one that I could purchase? Email me at Thank you.

    Graco Simple Switch high chair

    Anyone have this? Likes, dislikes etc? Thanks! ;)

    Britax Roundabout 50 Kathryn deal @

    Britax Roundabout 50 Kathryn car seats are on sale for $125.00 plus free shipping USE PROMO CODE: TGTPHRZM. These are on sale today and tomorrow only. It came in my email this afternoon. I ordered two for baby shower gifts and my total was $277.09. My one friend had a girl so I know I'm safe...

    For Sale Tons of covers & a seat too!

    Pic's added, post 20. NEW Britax Marathon Platnium cover & shoulder pads $40 shipped. NEW Radian XT Nassau cover & head wing set (no belly pad or shoulder pads) $50 shipped. PM me if you're interested. I do have pic's but need to download them. :rolleyes: I'm trying to thin out my stash and...

    For Sale New Britax Frontier 85 cowmoo cover set

    SOLD I have a new cowmoo cover set that came on my seat. I'm not crazy about the cowmoo and neither is DD. We got a Livia cover to replace it since DD loves everything girly. It has been sat on once as it was in my vehicle. DD rides in DH's vehicle daily to school so the cowmoo cover hasn't...

    News Britax Frontier 85 LIVIA cover set.......

    Hey Girls, I just saw the Britax Frontier 85 Livia cover set available for sale on the Britax website. :D I ordered. Hope they're in stock. :rolleyes: Thought I remember a few of you wanting that cover.

    Question Frontier 85 compatability

    Does anyone know how the Frontier 85 installs in a 09 Kia Sedona with long belt path, short belt path and latch. I went out on a limb and ordered one tonight. Hoping that it installs snugly. :whistle:

    Going on a 5 hour trip, booster or 5 pt harness?

    We will be heading to Pittsburgh within the month. I'm torn between harnessing DD2 again or letting her booster ride. She's been riding in a booster for the last few months and been very good. She's been riding in a Clek Oobr in DH's vehicle and rotating between a Maxi Cosi Rodi XR and Romer...

    In Search Of Recaro Vivo Blush cover

    I'm looking for a Recaro Vivo blush cover in new or like new condition. Let me know what you all have, what price and post me a pic. I also have many covers if anyone wants to do a trade. (New nautilus and Radian XT covers and a marathon one.)

    Question Graco Nautilus latch strap

    Does anyone know if it is possible to purchase a Graco Nautilus latch strap? I have looked at the replacement part section on the Graco website but don't see it on the list of available items. Long story short............ my parents have a GN installed in my mom's Jeep for DD2. Well dad went...

    For Sale or Trade Trade my new Daisy GN cover for your new Rachel cover

    We have a new Daisy Nautilus cover that we have had for about a week. I'm not as crazy about it as I thought I'd be. Wondering if anyone has a Rachel cover that is new or just about new. We have a Miley cover that matches my tan interior cover but DH has grey interior so I'd like it for his...

    In Search Of Graco Nautilus cover

    Hi, I'm searching for a graco nautilus cover/cover set in excellent like new condition. PM me your price and what you've got. Looking for: Mariposa (found one) Wilkes Daisy Garrison (yeah, long shot) Thanks! Kristina

    In Search Of Britax Roundabout 50 cover

    In search of a new or like new Britax Roundabout 50 cover. Let me know what you have and a price. I like Sutton, Onyx, Cowmooflage, LOVE Stonehenge. Hoping someone who just purchased a Roundabout 50 wants to sell their cover to get a different one. We'd like to have a spare to go with...

    Question Pre-order Frontier 85 in Cowmooflage?

    Are there any online stores offering the Frontier 85 in Cowmooflage for pre-order? I'd love to order one. Oh, and when was it coming out? I'm pouring over posts trying to find where I read it. Thank you.

    News Britax Parkway Chamois print/pattern seat

    Has anyone seen this? I just ordered one for $99 from Amazon. Britax Parkway Slide Guard Booster Seat: Baby The total came to $105.

    In Search Of Radian Petal, Flora, or Malibu cover

    Looking for someone willing to trade a new cover in Petal, Flora or Malibu cover for the Radian XT or XTSL. Covers I have to trade. Canyon is new. I have two. :whistle: Miley is new. Nassau is new. I have three. :whistle: Reese was used for a week but looks new. They have all the...

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