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  1. Irishmama

    For Sale FR85 covers and Faux Hawk Oobr

    Red Rock cover sold! Canyon cover sold! Open to trades on the Oobr! I am purging in preparation for upcoming surgery and I can't justify keeping this stuff when it can help cover expenses. I have two FR85 covers, Red Rock and Canyon. The Red Rock is in GUC, just one teeny snag on the seat...
  2. Irishmama

    Price Check FR85 covers and a Faux Hawk Oobr

    I'm destashing in preparation for a likely upcoming surgery, and I have two extra FR85 covers, one Red Rock in EUC and NIP Canyon, straight from Britax. The Red Rock has one teeny snag, I tried to get a pic of it but it's so minor the camera barely picked it up. I think I also need to part...
  3. Irishmama

    Help me pick a birth to booster convertible seat for my sister...

    I've been searching and searching here and my brain is fried. I need some opinions for my sister's baby due in October. This is her fourth, and she wants to skip the bucket this time. Her babies are in the 8-9 lb range at birth, so I assume this one will be too. Baby #3 fit in the Marathon...
  4. Irishmama

    Safety 1st Advance 70 Air +?

    I did a quick search and didn't find any mention, so I thought I'd share. I came across an ad for the Safety 1st Advance 70 Air + (could the name be any longer?). It adds hexagonal foam to the torso, and a steel reinforced frame. It also has color-coded belt paths and 4 recline positions to...
  5. Irishmama

    BubbleBum deflating

    I searched and couldn't find any threads about it, so I decided to start one. Our BubbleBum is only about 3 months old and it's deflating on it's own. The first time, I thought the valve had been loosened accidentally, so I re-inflated it and made sure the valve was nice and tight. But...
  6. Irishmama

    Evenflo Sureride 65 $

    Pink cover only, free shipping and free returns. Evenflo Sureride 65 Dlx Convertible Car Seat, Nicole: Baby Happy Shopping!
  7. Irishmama

    Purple Harmony Youth Booster!

    I know how many love purple, so I had to share this. Harmony has a purple Youth Booster/Literider now! Squeee! It's not on their website yet, but they posted it on Facebook. :cool:
  8. Irishmama

    SureRide 65 in pink on

    Both the pink and gray/black are in-stock on for $99.98 and free site-to-store shipping. Happy Shopping! Pink: Gray:
  9. Irishmama

    Evenflo SureRide 65 on Amazon

    I don't think this has been posted, so I thought I'd share. Amazon has the SureRide 65 in pink, in case anyone is wanting pink, and a different black/gray pattern. Both are $99 with free shipping and free returns. I think the pink is kinda cute. Evenflo Sureride 65 Dlx...
  10. Irishmama

    plug-ins needed for chat?

    I keep getting the message that additional plug-ins are needed for chat, and I have installed them twice, but it still won't load chat. Help!
  11. Irishmama

    Vivo $

    Carbon, River, and Bella covers; free shipping and free returns. Happy Shopping! RECARO Vivo High Back Booster, River: Baby
  12. Irishmama

    Maclaren Stroller liners and buggy blanket on Amazon

    Amazon has a few stroller liners for super cheap ($2.88-~$3.50). Maclaren Reversible Seat Liner, Sunrise Multi/Scarlet: Baby Maclaren Reversible Seat Liner, Crystal Blue/Penguin Grey: Baby Maclaren Reversible Seat Liner, Black: Baby And a buggy blanket for...
  13. Irishmama

    Evenflo Big Kid Advanced new?

    I was checking out Wal-Mart and saw this. Is it new? Looks like a cross between the SecureKid and the Bid Kid Sport/Amp highback.
  14. Irishmama

    Recaro Probooster $97.49 w/free shipping & free returns 8 different cover choices. Happy shopping!
  15. Irishmama

    Advocate CS and Boulevard 65 cover $39.99

    @ Britax website. Advocate CS is Moonstone and Boulevard 65 is Shannon. I thought there might be someone who is using the seat and might like a cheap cover. Happy Shopping!
  16. Irishmama

    Plum Marathon Classic/Roundabout 50 cover

    @ Britax website for $69.99. Price isn't great, but I know how much some of you love purple. ;) Just thought I'd throw it out there in case anyone was interested!
  17. Irishmama

    Windstar torque converter?

    Does anyone know if NHTSA is looking into the Windstar torque converter? I know the Freestar is recalled for it, but my sister's Windstar had the same problem. In looking up info to help her (she was stranded 6 hours from home with four kids and three dogs!) I saw that a lot of people have had...
  18. Irishmama

    Secure Kid 300- Kohl cover

    I wasn't sure if anyone had seen this, but Baby Depot has a Secure Kid 300 with red piping. If anyone wanted one but didn't like the yellow, here you go! That is all. ;)
  19. Irishmama $110 w/ free ship

    Preston and Resa covers. I think there's a coupon code for Target too. Happy shopping!
  20. Irishmama

    Livia Frontier 85 $190.39

    with free super saver shipping. Happy shopping! Britax Frontier 85 Combination Booster Car Seat, Rushmore: Baby

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