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  1. creideamh

    What is this?

    It's on the back of an Evenflo seat that someone posted on a FB group.
  2. creideamh

    For Sale Britax Multi-Tech and Combi Coccoro

    BOTH SOLD! (picture overload) I bought the MT from a mama on here about 6 months ago; the seat itself is about 3 years old. The swinging base has some scratches from garage floors and the bottom of the cover is a bit worn, but otherwise it's in pretty good shape. I bought a summer cover from...
  3. creideamh

    In Search Of Britax Roundabout

    ISO RA55 (or MA65*) for grandma's car. I don't want to pay full price since it'll only be used for a year; I guess DOM doesn't matter as long as it has a year left. :) Indifferent on pattern as well, as long as the cover isn't falling apart! Eta- oops, I meant an RA55 or a Marathon 65/Classic...
  4. creideamh

    HBB for 2001 Suburban

    I was going to go with the Parkways, but I just read there are belt retraction issues in the 3rd row, and one will need to go back there. Kids hate the TBs, and I want something with deeper sides/SIP than the AMP. Help! They're 4 hours away so I can't quickly test out boosters.
  5. creideamh

    Britax Pinnacle 90 and Britax Frontier 90

    Anyone heard about this? It's on Amazon, lots of nice patterns, the SICT thing plus a SafeCell base, release date in May. I'm on my phone, otherwise I'd link. Sent from my iPhone using Car-Seat.Org
  6. creideamh

    Question FMVSS labeling

    I tried googling and didn't come up with much... are US child restraint labels required (as part of the standard) to be in both English and Spanish, or only English?
  7. creideamh

    For Sale Safety 1st Go Hybrid, Kiddy World Plus

    Both KWP available REALLY have to destash my seats... I really only need 2. So: SOLD -Safety 1st Go Hybrid: used for exactly 15 minutes. Planned to use for cousin, but we're going to start booster training next time he's up here...figured I'd keep for DD for travel, but we'll just use the...
  8. creideamh

    Canadian Evenflo seats dual certified?

    The thread I read this on is old, and I'm really asking about the Canadian SecureKid. Does anyone know if the manual mentions both FMVSS & CMVSS? The American manual for one of the versions is online as a PDF (that one doesn't mention CMVSS, which it likely wouldn't, as I understand), but...
  9. creideamh

    Multiple booster LATCH on single anchor

    These are the things I think about randomly... :cool: Obviously harnessed seats are a big no-no, but since the LATCH isn't installing the booster, could you theoretically LATCH 3 boosters into a car with only 2 outboard LATCH? Assuming the seats would all fit and the anchors completely...
  10. creideamh

    Question Luggage cart for Radian

    Which one? A link to purchase would be great :o I don't really expect DD to ride in it through the airport (Miss Independent), but just in case she does, I don't want to buy a terrible one and have the handle break off. :thumbsdown:
  11. creideamh

    Car seats on Blinq

    Just FYI :) There's a coupon code "WELCOMEBACK" for 10% off and looks like free shipping. A couple Spring RXTs for $163ish, etc etc. I DON'T NEED ANOTHER RADIAN :o
  12. creideamh

    Stroller parts (Cybex, Peg)

    Off the top of my head... I have a Cybex head pillow/strap cover thingy for the Callisto, but it would probably work on the other strollers. It's dark grey. I also have the matching footmuff. I think the colour is "slate" but I used it for my "stone" stroller and it matched :) (the head pillow...
  13. creideamh

    Covers- XTSL, CA & random pieces

    Covers SOLD XTSL Flora... definitely not brand new, but not in tatters :p Has all the pieces. CA65 Silverlake (or Marshall... I have Marshall on right now but can sell that one instead.) The Silverlake hasn't been used, but I did wash it. Has body pillow. Random Parts For Radian- harness...
  14. creideamh

    For Sale Recaro ProRIDE Blaze

    SOLD! Bought for my mom's car, and whilst it installs just fine (and it's a FORESTER, gasp ;) ), she's having a hard time getting DD in and out. Manufactured in May, I bought it last month. Pretty sure I even still have the warranty card! All the pieces are there, body pillow, strap covers...
  15. creideamh

    Radian XTSL, CCO

    ALL SOLD! *sold* XTSL has a November 2009 DOM... has a Shadow? cover set I'm pretty sure... and I have a Flora set, so whomever jumps first can choose. They're both in used condition (not perfect, not awful.) Has the original box and all parts. Maybe $160ppd to either coast, $155 to the...
  16. creideamh

    RF vs FF on plane?

    Apologies if this has been discussed before, I don't pop in over here that often :o DD will be 18 months on our next plane ride. I don't particularly like the way her CCO installs RF on the plane with the thick latchplate, and if she was FF she could watch movies. Obviously the crash dynamics...
  17. creideamh

    For Sale ProBooster, Kiddy World Plus, Shuttle 33

    Only Shuttle left- Think my last thread disappeared from the board crash... Can't remember my original prices... only PP, no trades, sorry! (SOLD) Recaro ProBooster in Envy, DOM 2010, like new, currently sitting in original box. $90ppd (SOLD) Kiddy World Plus in Lavender, DOM 2012, like new...
  18. creideamh

    1 year old in Kiddy World Plus

    Disclaimer: she will be RFing til at least 4. M's stats as of yesterday: 15.5 months, 21.5 lbs (so technically .5 lbs away from minimum weight limit), 31.25 inches (don't remember the minimum height required.) She didn't hate it (and the garage is hot!), but we obviously didn't drive anywhere...
  19. creideamh

    CA65LX grrrr

    I needed a seat with a no-rethread harness for both T and M to use. T picked the pink flowery print on the grey background, which is the LX version. I used to have the Flutter regular 65 seat and can't remember if I had as many problems with it (or if it was like this too, I didn't check.) I...
  20. creideamh


    ALL SOLD Uppababy G-Lite (McKenna), & Maclaren Volo (pink, orange) G-Lite is EUC... rarely used as DD liked being worn. The Mac I bought from a mama on here :) and has been travelled with on the airlines, but it still works :p The Mac has a pink skin and an orange skin. The G-Lite has 1...

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