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  1. TXAggieTech

    In Search Of Designer 22 Base 1 or 2

    Seat is a Safety First Model #22303-AHC Designer 22 with DOM 1/26/12 if it matters. Color is not important. Thanks!
  2. TXAggieTech

    Reason #17 to not check a car seat when flying

    Normal side view: Money down the drain: Southwest was nice enough to give me the seat, it was marked 'trash' and I was being nosy. It will go in with out local coalition's training seats. The agent said they normally do not replace seats that are damaged but since it was so obvious they...
  3. TXAggieTech

    Question 2010 Mercedes C300 and HWHs or latchable boosters

    Has anyone worked with this car? Seats to try are Radian, Regent, Clek Oobr, or Jane Indy Plus. Any issues? After fooling around with the latchable boosters in my mom's Escape I was never happy and went back to a Radian. Hoping to be able to use one of them here.
  4. TXAggieTech

    Question Infant Seats For Twins (Pink!)

    Looking for rec's on what infant seats to buy for our friends' that are expecting twin girls. She wants to be able to use them with one of the frame strollers and he doesn't like brown. I prefer cheaper since we are buying both of them and then probably a set of convertibles down the road...
  5. TXAggieTech

    Factory Made: School Bus Seats on SCIHD

    Very neat (short) show on how school bus seats are made and tested on the science channel, 284 on DirecTv. Highlights: Seat fabric has fire resistant vinyl made from Kevlar. Bolts holding belts on can take up to 150,000 lbs of force. Seat back has foam padding with 4 types of foam. 35 MPH...
  6. TXAggieTech

    Question RideSafer Travel Vest & Top Tether- Ketchupqueen?

    Has anyone ever contacted them about using the tether over 60 lbs? I see that you need a special dual top tether, special order to manufacturer. How much is that? Will I need another top tether location to use it?
  7. TXAggieTech

    Question Alpha Omega & clones base clarification

    Can anyone tell me which AOs can be used baseless and which can't? Any easy way to tell?
  8. TXAggieTech

    Jane Indy Plus Foam

    What's wrong with this picture? Just took the cover off today for the first time and it took me a second to figure out what was wrong. At least DS hasn't been using it, I think he's riden in it 5-6 times. Not even sure where this one came from, I think I bought if off of swap with a black...
  9. TXAggieTech

    Question Another Stroller thread! Active family with NB

    My best friend is due in July with her first. They are very active, runners, hikers, bikers and live in Arizona. She asked me to tell her what stroller and car seat to get. I'm thinking Chicco KeyFit for the car seat, can ya'll help me with the stroller? I'm thinking she will need pneumatic...
  10. TXAggieTech

    In Search Of Gently Used Regent/Radian

    Any cover. Older (aka cheaper) is better. We are in Seattle right now but will pretty much be driving through all coastal and Southern states in the next few months. Would like 2 Regents and 1 Radian at some point. Hoping to keep it around/under $100 per seat with adjusting for age. Thanks!
  11. TXAggieTech

    What double stroller does all this?

    I have almost zero stroller knowledge and a friend wants me to find a stroller for him to use with his 2 children, they are around 2 and 4. He is a part time stay at home day and mall walks a few times week. I think I asked all the questions ya'll usually ask.. Anyone want to help me out...
  12. TXAggieTech

    Spin Off: Classic Cars

    Recently we were talking with a couple that is very involved with Model Ts. He owns a business restoring them, his dad has the same thing overseas. He business is named Model T. Her parents have something to do with them also, I think they might organize tours. The entire lives evolve around...
  13. TXAggieTech

    For Sale 9 Seats

    I am purging of everything that I have bought 'just in case' someone needs it after a bit of a break down today. I have the boxes for all of these, most boxes look worn as you can see in the pictures. This was done in a hurry, please don't flame me if prices are crazy, just let me know. Also...
  14. TXAggieTech

    For Sale Britax Covers- RAs & Companions

    Britax Roundabout Blue Plush Used, good condition. $20 Cream colored prototype New, different material like a finer/thinner plush. Airbag tag but no Britax tag. It is clearly not a home made cover and I bought it along with a few other prototypes that did have a Britax tag from the...
  15. TXAggieTech

    2 snug ride bases Target Wilmington, DE $8

    Hope it helps some one!
  16. TXAggieTech

    For Sale Britax Regent Cougar

    $105 shipped. Firm, this is what I paid in August. Please respond to this add, do not PM me. I want to be fair to whomever post first. It is the cover ONLY. Not sure when we are leaving now, I'll take it down when we do. Just bought it a few months ago from Yoshiandluke. I haven't used it...
  17. TXAggieTech

    In Search Of LATCHable Booster

    Title says it all. It is for a boy so no pink! Cheap, I'm not sure how permanent this will be.
  18. TXAggieTech

    New RA- Maze

    Trying to insert pic!
  19. TXAggieTech

    Install at Childrens in Houston Sun or Mon

    My nephew is being release Monday morning and they took out the seat when he had to be flow in. Cars were swapped and SIL couldn't drive so hers isn't there. I taught my brother how but he hasn't slept much this week and I'm not 100% confident in the job he would do right now. Is there any...
  20. TXAggieTech

    Companion Base $20

    I have never bought from this site but what a great price for the base! I know there was at least 3 versions of the base, someone else might have more information...

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