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  1. Morganthe

    Tell me what to do, please

    So my dd has FINALLY given up her nbb at 12 & 5'3-4. :rolleyes: Except for one of her friends, everyone we know 5 steps. So now I have 2 sets of 'like new' backs + used bottom booster seats of the Diono/ Sunshine Kids Monterey booster system. One set I'll keep, just in case I have a small kid...
  2. Morganthe

    NY Times article about Car seats

    Carseats that make sure the baby on board is snug and safe in "Your Money" section - 26 June 2015
  3. Morganthe

    Bubblebum questions

    I'm hoping someone on here has some experience using this with a larger older child or can offer some advice. DD just officially measured at 4'8.5 (57.5") & 92lbs. Turning 10 in Sept, short waisted, so she's not to where she can go with only a 3pt in many vehicles just yet. Awful inbetween...
  4. Morganthe

    Day Camp Delimma

    Next Monday, dd begins a 9-4 daycamp with a very animal theme. They will be going on field trips, including an all day excursion to NW Trek. I'm trying to figure out what would be best to do for her booster situation. She'll be 10 in Sept. Around 92lbs and probably 4'10/4'10.5ish. She...
  5. Morganthe

    Creepy and unnerving ad

    I don't mind ads. I know they pay for revenue. I don't mind the ones "always driving proud in Seattle" or Amazon, or some of the German ones even though I'm back in the States. :p But seriously, I'm getting a bit wigged out by the one that has...
  6. Morganthe

    Free Regent Madison looking for new home in WA

    It's time. I have to admit that at 55.5" & 72lbs, dd has officially outgrown her Regent with her plush Madison cover. She's been in the Monterey full time for months. It's a giveaway. As in Free. No accidents. Always been well cared for. Picture of it is in my siggy. I hope to install...
  7. Morganthe

    Need info & help to obtain locking clip

    Next week, I'll be picking up a German VW Passat rental to use until 2 May when we fly out. It just hit me that it may or may not have locking seatbelts for carseat installation ability. European vehicles traditionally do not have that capability. And dd is long past using the LATCH...
  8. Morganthe

    On borrowed time w Regent

    Today, I removed & took apart dd's Regent for its annual cleaning. Cover's been washed. All crumbs under & around seat have been brushed out. Her crotch buckle finally moved to the outer position. When I hung the cover up to dry, I noticed 22- 80lbs limit" 53" or 134cm in...
  9. Morganthe

    For Sale Toddler Patapum in Khaki/Sand

    Sold & Shipped :D In like- new condition. No visible marks or blemishes. Material soft & clean. Net hood included. Can carry up to 65lbs. DD's around 50lbs & still easily fits inside. Barely used by previous owner and my family. I purchased it for my husband...
  10. Morganthe

    NYT article on new rear facing recomendation

    I know there was a CBS morning show episode on this.. AAP Rear facing Car Seats Advised to at least age two What I found fascinating was reading through the comment section made by readers. Some were... interesting.
  11. Morganthe

    Military Families: Conus: Britax stroller deal

    Britax Blink Stroller (Double Dots or Kites patterns) regular: $139.99 sale: $69.47 15% off coupon code good until 6 Dec: X257vip = $59.02 with free shipping. Thought someone might find it useful. No delivery to APOs :( Booo, Hisss. :thumbsdown: Delivery is restricted...
  12. Morganthe

    NYT article on Carseats on Aircraft

    :thumbsup: Babies on Airplanes -- Safety Seats are safer than Laps Published: November 23, 2010 There's even annecdotal evidence of Airlines' Idiocy. :rolleyes:
  13. Morganthe

    Help - Long, need Carseat advice -- US seat vs German car

    I need advice. Carseat advice. Not for me. Not for a friend, but a woman who has purchased items from me and I have her email address so I can probably suggest some solutions. Here's the situation: 2 weeks ago, I sold my Tiffany parkway to a military spouse on Spangdahlem AB...
  14. Morganthe

    AAFES Coupon Code 15% off today- Mem. Day

    The sale is good for one purchase per sponsor from today through Memorial day. In put the coupon under shopping cart box and see immediate savings up to $200 for qualifying purchases. Unfortunately, the coupon code on the AAFES main page is invalid and WRONG...
  15. Morganthe

    Checking Interest in Radian - Princess cover

    SOLD -- Checking Interest in Radian - Princess cover UPDATE: SOLD since I cannot sell it with the shoulder strap covers. They fit too well with the Madison Regent for dd's neck/shoulder comfort. Everything else is included: Princess cover belly pad Infant support (never used)...
  16. Morganthe

    AAFES.Com Britax Marathon Sale

    For authorized individuals at Regular Price: $259 Sale Price: $179 Available colors: •Granite •Cowmooflage •Onyx •Raven •Crocodile •New Denim •Mariposa Only Continental US + Alaska, unfortunately. :( Coupon Codes: 9235vip1 = 15% off (might exp 22 Dec) 9319BUDDY10 = $15 off...
  17. Morganthe

    The story behind THAT PSA Ad - the anti-texting one

    It was made in Wales of all places. :shrug-shoulders: It wasn't meant for Youtube though, it's part of a larger 'film' about the topic. NYT article - Driven to distraction: Doubts about scare tactics on Drivers who Text
  18. Morganthe

    Vent Not loving Britax ATM

    DD's at that awkward stage where her harnessed seats are falling by the wayside and yet, I'm not happy with boosters. :( Barely 3 weeks ago, a growth spurt put her out of her trusty Radian 65. :crying: I discovered today that her Frontier Harness no longer fits. Seriously. :jaw...
  19. Morganthe

    News This article's photo scares the living daylight out of me

    from NYT- Driven to distraction - Drivers & legislators continue to dismiss risks Texting terrifies me. Really. :( I don't believe that legislation will work. It's impossible to enforce. Comes under self control and concept of safety practices, imo. Honestly, when did just...
  20. Morganthe

    Question 2003 Passat wagon + Pre-change Regent

    Will a Regent install in the center-rear position with top tether? I might be buying a 2003 Passat Wagon (US Specs), so it would be nice to know beforehand. It's dd's preferred spot due to more knee/foot room. Recline bar is optional and so far, she needs leg space more than...

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