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  1. brooklynsmommy

    Pink Sky F85 cover

    I have a Frontier 85 Pink Sky cover that we don't need. VGU condition. I don't have the black comfort pads. $40 shipped.
  2. brooklynsmommy

    ISO HUGS and chest clip

    I'm asking for a friend. She misplaced her harness for her F85. She is going to order another harness from Britax's website, but I wanted to see if anyone on here had hugs or a chest clip before she shelled out another $20 just for those.
  3. brooklynsmommy

    Black Licorice CCO

    I have a black licorice cco that I don't need anymore. I think I may have used it 3 times. :( I have the lock off as well as the foam recline block. I believe it's a '10. I can check for sure the next tme I run to storage though. I have no idea what I want for it, but am totally open to trades...
  4. brooklynsmommy

    Seriously?? Outgrowing Turbo

    This time last year DD was happily riding RF by choice in her XTSL to and from kindergarten. Now, just a year later, the kid is on the last freaking click of a Turbo! How on earth does this happen? This is the first time she's ridden in one. Her main boosters are an Oobr and Monterey with a Vivo...
  5. brooklynsmommy

    Greyhound and seat belts AND LATCH!

    Someone posted a thread last year about greyhound having seat belts and LATCH. I thought I would update with pictures for those interested. Greyhound has a new line of direct route buses called Bolt. The fares depend on the day, time, and time of purchase. Each way will cost a different...
  6. brooklynsmommy

    car seat on smurfs

    Which car seat do they show in the movie the Smurfs In the apartment when he climbs out of the box?
  7. brooklynsmommy

    Another thread about the Coccoro on a frame...

    The other day someone had a thread about the CCO on a frame other than the flash. That made me want to try it. I have the Baby Trend universal one. If it fits the CCO, I believe it really does make this thing universal! Anyway, it fits this thing like a glove!! For those that have never used...
  8. brooklynsmommy

    We need a new growth chart

    For torsos. Seriously. It would be so nice to see when a child might outgrow a certain seat. By looking at their curve. How would we gather info for something like this though?
  9. brooklynsmommy

    Is this a load limiting device?

    I'm sorry they're huge. The computer I uploaded them to took forever to resize just one. I gave up. I finally looked at the top tether that came with my RSTV. I noticed that there were 3 metal squares, each slightly longer than the other. There is one piece of strap that is threaded through...
  10. brooklynsmommy

    Just got my RSTV.....

    And I can't use it! One of the lap belt guides is missing. Someone over in quality control needs a little talkin to!
  11. brooklynsmommy

    Ford Focus allowing both LATCH and seat belt?

    I asked Judi and she said that there is a thread here somewhere. I can't find it though. While looking through my cousin's 2011 Ford Focus manual, I noticed that it says that you can use both latch and a seat belt. At first I thought that perhaps they were just talking about the top tether...
  12. brooklynsmommy

    I broke Judi's Radian :(

    Ok, it happened when we were installing it, but I'm taking blame for it. Yesterday at our play date she helped me install the XTSL RF in the center of my 96 Explorer. I hopped on it to get it tight and we got in in tight enough after two tries. After DD rode in it to the mall it slipped way...
  13. brooklynsmommy

    Has the SK Monterey crash test ever been posted?

    YouTube- Fotelik Chicco Neptune - testy zderzeniowe Why are they using it to compare to a European seat? Not that there is a difference really since it's a booster, but still.
  14. brooklynsmommy

    15 month old wth DS help

    Ok my fellow car seat nerdies, I need some help. A little girl at DD's daycare needs help. DC provider is friends with mom. Told friend that this has to be fixed and to leave her seat on Friday when she comes. Straps are way below her shoulders (has to be a convertable!) but is forward facing...
  15. brooklynsmommy

    The BSC vs me....

    I won!!!!! I think I could do anything now...:whistle: Friend was having a problem with the belt not staying locked in the back of a 78 Celica. I ended up putting her in my MA because she had outgrown the OHS scenera that her dad had her in. I barely had enough belt to get the loop back under...
  16. brooklynsmommy

    Chicco Strada measurements FINALLY!

    Even with bronchitis, I still managed to get you guys measurements (and submitted them). Lowest belt guide: 15 inches Highest belt guide: 20.5 inches Tallest internal seating height 31 inches Tallest external seating height: 33 inches Internal base seating depth:15.75-17 inches. External base...
  17. brooklynsmommy

    Larger Child in Chicco Strada pics

    Here is my niece. She is almost 10 (in two weeks) and is 53 inches and about 70 lbs. The booster is on the highest setting. She has about an inch or two left of torso growth I believe before she is even with the belt guide. She doesn't need to side wings taken out at all. But you can see in the...
  18. brooklynsmommy

    Chicco Strada

    I bought this thinking we could start booster training with it. Only DD kinda swims in it side to side. It seems to be like the monterey in that it fits wider kids better. But DD is pretty petite. We have only used it 4 ish times. Make an offer. Willing to trade as well.
  19. brooklynsmommy

    If you could influence car manufacturers...

    What would you have them change to make them more car seat friendly? I know that it is talked about every so often about how manufacturers just aren't on the same page as car seat manufacturers. What would you ask for?
  20. brooklynsmommy

    We got the new Chicco Strata

    We got the new Chicco Strada booster UPDATED with pics We got the Chicco Strada today and love it. We decided to start booster training to ease the moving of car seats to other people's cars. DD is 34.5 lbs and 39 inches tall. It fits her just like the Parkway does. I only have one picture of...

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