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  1. P1ally

    Any new boosters coming out?

    DS is 7, and has finally outgrown the harness on his nautilus, and has been using it in booster mode for about 3 months now. The nauti is fine in booster mode, but quite frankly, I'm sick of looking at it :p I'm not thrilled with current options, but so far I'm leaning towards a probooster. Are...
  2. P1ally

    Compass booster fit in a backpack?

    We're going to Hawaii next week, and I'm still trying to figure out what booster to get for DS. I had planned on buying a backless affix, but I'd love for him to be in a HBB, for sleeping in the car if nothing else. Obviously HBBs are not FAA approved, and will count against us as a carry on...
  3. P1ally

    Travel booster?

    We're going on a family trip to Hawaii, which will include long rides in the car. When DS is tired he sleeps in the car (pretty well in a booster actually). Anyways, he needs a booster for Hawaii, but I have no idea what to buy. I had him sit in one of the folding Compass boosters, but he's...
  4. P1ally

    For Sale or Trade Trade Radian 65sl?

    I have a granite 65SL with a DOM of 9/2009 (8 year expiry). I'm looking for a good booster for DS, a frontier, RSTV... Something? The 65SL is up for sale on CL, but I'd like to consider a trade first! :)
  5. P1ally

    $50 iTunes GC- Swap?

    Anyone interested in a $50 itunes GC? I got it for my birthday, and I don't buy anything on iTunes. Anyone interested in swapping for walmart/target/something else? I'd be willing to take a $30gc as a direct swap.. (You can even buy/send Target giftcards through the Target app I think). Any...
  6. P1ally

    In Search Of Casually ISO RSTV

    Looking for something compact for an upcoming trip to Hawaii.. Ds is 55lbs, no color preference. Thanks!
  7. P1ally

    New britax booster?

    Did I read somewhere that Britax is coming out with a new booster aside from the PWSGL 2013? I can't find it anywhere..
  8. P1ally

    ACK I'm not ready! Harness vs booster, etc.

    I am so so so torn. DS turns 7 in Sept. 48lbs, 48 inches, string bean. Very mature, not wiggly, but still, a 6 year old boy. He is going to max out his nautilus elite any day now. I'm not ready to booster him. Here's the issue- We have 3 vehicles to contend with. My car- 2013 Prius, pretty...
  9. P1ally

    Prius vs something else?

    Right now I drive an Odyssey. Gas hog, holy crap. Killing me. I'm also currently a nanny for 2 kids (in addition to having my own kid who is almost 7), so the van is currently essential. I'm starting a 1 month trial at a new job at my brothers software company, and if it works out, I'll be done...
  10. P1ally

    Question Which height limit/rule do you use?

    Which height limit or rule do you go by? The 1 inch rule or specific height limit? (Like the 36in height limit in the CCO) Poll to follow.
  11. P1ally

    Kim and Kanye splurge on car seat.. "The couple were seen taking delivery of a £400 car seat on Tuesday - a pioneering model which is said to be 80% more safe than many other car seats. According to...
  12. P1ally

    LOTS of boys clothes! 18mo to 4t! Carters, Sprockets, Nike

    Prices do not include shipping, pm me for a quote, shipping should be cheap :) 12 MONTHS 12mo reversible Cookie Monster Jacket (inside is solid gray) $3 12mo pants, navy blue $1 18 MONTHS 18 month lot $9: -3 pairs of Carters pajamas, pants and short sleeve shirts -2 pairs of Carters...
  13. P1ally

    ISO Boys 5-6-7 Winter clothes, snow clothes, etc

    Looking for winter stuff for Gavin.. I think I'm mostly ISO legit winter clothing like a snow jacket and pants, maybe fleece pants, wool socks, fleece jackets, etc. Would also consider long sleeved shirts in great condition. He's a size 5 (or 6 or 7) in tops, and a 5ish in pants. TIA! :)
  14. P1ally

    Swapping the Ody for a Prius.. Can it be done?

    I'm absolutely sick of paying SO SO SO much for gas for my 06 Odyssey. I only have 3 kids in my car (ever) maybe twice a week, possibly less soon. How hard is it to downsize from a van to a car? Any experience?
  15. P1ally

    Safe compact car?

    My grandma is buying a new/certified used car, and she wants something really compact. I'm not sure WHY she wants a TINY car, but I'm just at a loss. So she's super interested in the Yaris 2dr hatchback. I'm thinking this isn't a great idea because they yaris is safe- IF you don't hit a midsize...
  16. P1ally

    Need cheap seat for FF 3yo..

    Family member got in a minor crash, and instead of using the insurance money for new car seats, they used it for something else. Now 36lb 3yo is in a big kid, and it just kills me. I don't have any extra seats, and I want to buy one that will last him a year at least, and just install it in...
  17. P1ally

    News First store to get the FOONF!!!

    The first retailer in the US to get the Foonf will be USA Baby in San Diego! Yaaay! I'm not sure if they take online orders. No word on the exact date from Clek.
  18. P1ally

    Any Foonf requests?

    We're going to see the Foonf tomorrow, and I wanted to know if anyone had any requests as far as measurements, pictures, questions, etc. I'll be bringing my '06 Odyssey, and my 46in 40lb 5yo. I believe tl01 will be joining us with her '11 odyssey and her ds2 (I forget how old he is now!) So any...
  19. P1ally

    Stuff and things! Jujube, kids boots, etc.

    I have stuff I've been putting off selling for a while, so here it is! (All prices are shipped within the US. I ask that buyers cover paypal fees or send as personal payment. Thanks! :love:) Jujube Be Fab in brown earth leather and Zany Zinneas. GUC-EUC, does not include change pad. $99...
  20. P1ally

    Help me with my setup, 3rd row 06 ody?

    Here's the stats- 5yo DS- 40lbs, 46in tall, ff nauti 5yo sister- 45lbs, 46in tall, ff XTSL 3.5yo brother- 38lbs, 40in tall, ff 65SL I also have another nauti and safeguard child seat at my disposal. (dh loves the SGCS though, so I'm hoping to keep that in his truck) Anyways, I'm tired of the...

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