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  1. JCsMomma

    Please help me figure out my seat configurations!

    So, I am getting ready to go back to work after being home with my kids for 9 years... And while my van will still be the main vehicle for transporting them, I need to have something in place for my DH in case he ever has to pick up all four in his car. Generally only the "big kids" get picked...
  2. JCsMomma

    2013 Britax SGL vs Recaro Performance Booster

    Okay, here are a few pictures of the new Performance Booster next to the 2013 Parkway SGL. They aren't great because it was inside the car parked in the garage. I went out to reinstall my younger kids' seats and I was in a hurry so this was the best I could do at the time. But hopefully they...
  3. JCsMomma

    Baby Surplus

    Several seats at great prices. Mico's for $55 (not a favorite on here but I used one with DD1 and actually really liked it), 2012 SGL for $75 I think... This is Albee Baby's eBay store. I've bought two seats from them in the past with zero issues. They also have some arms reach cosleepers and...
  4. JCsMomma

    Checking Interest

    Wanted to see if anyone is interested in my 2013 Britax SGL booster in Phantom. I just ordered a Recaro Performance Booster for my DS1 and if it works where I need it then this one will be going. PS This DOES work in the third row outboard positions of the Dodge Grand caravan... That is where...
  5. JCsMomma

    For Sale Officially FS - Unlocked iPhone 4

    SOLD! I kept my new iPhone 5 and had this one unlocked by AT&T. It can be used with any GSM carrier world-wide. If I am understanding correctly, Verizon & Sprint are not GSM so it still wouldn't work on those US carriers. It can be used with AT&T, T-Mobile or any other GSM carrier in the US or...
  6. JCsMomma

    For Sale or Trade Boosters

    Graco Turbo Booster with Safety Surround in Rush - DOM 05/29/13. Tried out in my car but didn't work with the belt guides. Would have returned it but my DH threw the box out. $60 ppd Diono Monterey in Green - DOM 08/2012. The headrest was replaced by Diono, so it does have the newest belt...
  7. JCsMomma

    In Search Of CCO Cover - GN/Boy

    I think I'd prefer key lime but I'm open. I only have pink (used condition - could do a partial trade if yours is in better condition!) and I'm about ready to move my little guy into a convertible. He has Torticollis and Plagiocephaly and I can't leave him in the car seat more than is necessary...
  8. JCsMomma

    Checking Interest - AT&T iPhone 4

    It is 8gb and white. Have been trying to sell my new iPhone 5 but am considering keeping that and selling this one instead. Has a Moshi-like screen protector and I have two cases for it, I think one incipio and one Belkin. A few minor scuffs on the metal edges but nothing major and it works...
  9. JCsMomma

    Pre-K Tuition Sale

    I need to raise funds to cover my 4-year old's pre-K tuition! All prices include shipping. Not looking for any trades except for a boy/GN CCO cover. Graco Turbo Booster with Safety Surround in Rush - DOM 05/29/13. Tried out in my car but didn't work well with the belt guides. Would have...
  10. JCsMomma

    For Sale Brand New iPhone 5 w/Accessories

    I ordered this a while back from the Apple Store but held off on using it, and now I can really use the funds for my 4-year old's pre-K tuition. It is brand new, never turned on. It is white/silver, 16gb, and the carrier is AT&T. Included is also an extra lightning to USB cable, a Moshi iVisor...
  11. JCsMomma

    Aton Problems?

    I thought I remember reading about someone having issues with the harness getting stuck in the base when trying to adjust it, but I must be searching incorrectly (or imagining things). This weekend we went to the drive-in so I had the baby out of his seat. He is still so little so it's easier...
  12. JCsMomma

    Recaro Performance Booster Pics

    Right Start has posted pics and its available for preorder! Looks like the tippiness issue will be no longer :D
  13. JCsMomma

    Recaro Performance Booster Available Soon!

    So I know I'm not the only one who has been waiting anxiously for the new Performance Booster! I have high hopes for that seat for my Caravan's third row! I kept hearing it would be available in the summer, but still hadn't seen anything official so I emailed Recaro. Hopefully this isn't old...
  14. JCsMomma

    Has Anyone Tried the New Parkway in a GC or T&C??

    Specifically, I'm wondering if anyone has tried the new parkway in the third row outboard positions in a newer Grand Caravan or Town & Country. I drive a 2013 GC with the funky seat belts and non-removable headrests and am still on the hunt for a nicer booster than the Amp that will fit in that...
  15. JCsMomma

    The Pinnacle is Going Back

    The Pinnacle has arrived! And it is going back tomorrow :(. I really wanted to love it, and a few things I do. The install is so insanely easy. Like anyone could get a solid install with this thing. It really lives up to the hype in that regard. I do like the crotch buckle & pad. On our FR85...
  16. JCsMomma

    Would You Rather...

    Okay, I know the best choice would be to find a position with a top tether or to rear face... But let's pretend neither scenario is possible- If you had a FF, almost 4 year old & 40lb child that had to be in a seat with no top tether, which seat would you rather use (and let's ignore cost, etc...
  17. JCsMomma

    In Search Of Combi Shuttle

    I'm pretty sure this is the infant seat I want to get for DS2. I understand the newest 35lb version no longer has the puzzle buckle and people seem happy about that, but the covers are so BORING! I don't mind the CCO buckle so I think I'm open to the Shuttle 33. I would really like Kiwi or...
  18. JCsMomma

    Do we have any time left?? PICS

    I really wanted to use the CCO for a couple months for my DD2 so I can stow a captain's chair. I can load her easily RF in the 3rd row because the shell is so low. In the house she looked like she had some room, but in the car this morning I was second guessing that. I tried to take a couple...
  19. JCsMomma

    For Sale or Trade Lots of seats!

    UPDATED: Britax Roundabout 55 - Smoky Pearl - DOM 10/2010 $85 ppd Recaro ProBooster - Midnight (microfiber) - DOM 06/2012 - Bought new by me and barely ridden in as DS doesn't like the fuzziness of the material. $75 ppd Britax Secure Guard Clip - New - MMARO Radian Travel Bag - Got this on...
  20. JCsMomma

    In Search Of Recaro Foam Wedge

    Might be a long shot, but if anyone has one of these that covers the seat belt just laying around... I'd like to find one!

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