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    Would you do a long winter drive with all-season tires?

    The truck I (hopefully) bought has all-seasons on it (GMC factory tires). To get the truck home, I'll have 1600km drive through the interior of our province, which gets normal winter conditions (lots of snow, pretty cold). However, once I'm home, it's another story. We rarely get snow, and...
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    Any Chance This Will Work? (3 in Xterra)

    I need to get 3 across in my friend's Xterra for n0ext weekend. One FF or booster (DD2-5yrs), and one RF or FF(DS-3.5yrs), and one RF for sure (friend's DS-2yrs). It will be for three days, and probably not a lot of driving, so I'm not super concerned if my DS needs to go FF to do it...
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    For Sale Radian XTSL Petal cover

    REDUCED DS's new cover is on its way, so I need to sell the Petal one :) In EUC, from a non-smoking, pet friendly (dog) home. Asking $50 ISO Paypal
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    GN differences US/Canada

    Does anyone know/think there's any difference in the actual harness for the GN in Canada vs the US? I need to replace DD's and Graco Canada has been out of stock forever:thumbsdown:
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    In Search Of ISO Thomas the Tank Engine trains

    for the wooden railway :) DS is firmly in a Thomas phase/craze, and the darn things are expensive new! Looking for all characters, in GUC, from a smoke free home. Anyone have some they're looking to get rid of?
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    Britax FR XT or PW SG for low tone child?

    I'm ordering DD1 her new seat tomorrow. She currently rides in a Monterey, but it's not supportive enough for her. She has mild low tone and little trunk strength, caused by an as yet undiagnosed muscular condition. She tires easily, and therefor doesn't stay in position well at all in the...
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    In Search Of IS0: RNXT Ventura Cover

    Looking for a Ventura cover set, must be from a smoke free home. Can either PP or trade for Petal set :)
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    PW SG vs Monteray?

    I'm not happy with DD1's fit in her's been bugging me for a while, but I've had enough of it now. She's got mild low tone, and slumps in it pretty bad. It doesn't help that the wings won't stay closed, but it's a pretty wide seat anyhow (she's a skinny minny...52lbs at 7 yrs old...
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    Anyone have a 2008 or newer Tacoma?

    I'm looking at the 2008+ double cab Tacomas, and need some input... Love it? Hate it? How is the back seat for installs? I need to put two boosters and a XTSL (rf for now) back there... Talk me into or out of it;)
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    For Sale or Trade True Fit and Marathon covers

    I need to sell these, so feel free to make an offer! Prices do not include shipping, as shipping from here varies so much place to place, sorry :o Misty Morning TF cover, EUC (it was our spare, mostly lived in the closet), full set, all pads etc accounted for :) $30 SOLD I'll try take a...
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    Decluttering! OBV Fitteds, AI2, covers, snappis, rainsuit, Roxy dress...pic heavy

    OBV fitteds (made by me) size lrg (aprx 15-30 lbs), snap in soaker (flame one is an AI2) some have cross over snaps, some don't, but I can add them if you want them $10 each for fitted, $12 for AI2 can make a deal if you take them all! small amount of fading on the sea turtles one...
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    Cahecking Interest....OBV Fitteds?

    I've got a few of DS's OBV fitteds that I'm thinking of getting rid of, as we've mostly switched over to pockets. Have a few PUL covers as well...any interest?
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    Vent Grrrr...New GN has a broken buckle tong, and TF harness is fraying :(

    Apparently this isn't my day for carseats :( I'd noticed that the harness on DS's TF is really starting to fray :( ), so I hauled it out for a closer look. There's small chunks of the harness, not just a few threads fuzzing off, and the webbing has lightened where it folds though the...
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    For Sale Sand dollar ma cover, euc

    I need to sell this, so open to offers! Excellent condition, elastic is fine. Asking $65 shipped :)
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    In Search Of ISO Mariposa GN cover

    I'm looking for a Mariposa cover set for DDs GN, if anyone has one they'd like to part with :) Don't need the infant pillow/inserty thingy ;) Can PP or possibly trade Sanddollar MA cover or Misty Morning TF cover
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    Bum Genius 3.0 at Kamsnaps for $15.95

    Kamsnaps has one each of the BG 3.0 colors for sale, along with 100 snaps, for $15.95, if anyone is needing/wanting some...
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    GN Cover at Zellers?

    I asked a friend to run to Zellers to pick up a GN while they are on sale, and she called to say it was the tan cover. I could have sworn I saw a pic in someone's siggy of one they got there, and it's grey:confused: Is there more than one cover option at Zellers?
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    Mariposa GN available at!

    I don't know if this has been posted yet, but apparently the Mariposa GN is now on It's nice to have an option besides TRU to get one!
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    EZ On and Monteray?

    Does anyone know if the EZ On will work with the Monteray? Anyone here use them together? Child is 6yo, 46 lbs, and low-tone. Also, if it does work, any ideas on the cheapest place to buy one? Thanks!
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    Do I NEED 4WD?

    I need to replace my deathtrap of a van before it falls apart out here, so am planning to use some of my divorce settlement to buy a truck this coming summer (crossing my fingers that everything can be sorted out by then!). I'm looking seriously at the GMC/Chevrolet Sierra/Silverado crew cabs...

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