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  1. Meg

    New toddler size 4 Stride Rite sandals These are brand new and Scarlett never got a chance to wear them. $20 PPD
  2. Meg

    New blue Keens sz 12

    $25 PPD Back when they had the great Amazon Keens sale, I bought a size 12 and 13 because I didn't know what size my son would need this summer. Well, he needs the 13, so I have a brand new pair of size 12 Keens. Just looking to get back what I paid for them, so $25PPD.
  3. Meg

    Flips diaper covers

    10 for $50 4 for $24 2 for $15 All in great condition. I'm pretty sure I've got some more covers hiding out somewhere, so I will add those when I find them.
  4. Meg

    Size 3 infant girl shoes (Robeez, SR, Pedipeds)

    Stride Rite SRT SM Gellar Boot $20 shipped NEW Size: Infant 3 M Stride Rite SRT SM Gellar Boot (Infant/Toddler): Shoes Stride Rite Kids' SRT SM Cozy Crystal $20 shipped NEW Size: Infant 3 M...
  5. Meg

    New size 3 girl Stride Rite shoes and boys Dawgs

    I bought a bunch of shoes for the kids off Zulily last month and I failed in the sizing department. :o I have two super cute pair of Stride Rite boots in size 3...
  6. Meg

    Newborn Babylegs (boy or girl) SOLD

    3 for $10 shipped. 6 for $18 shipped. All in great condition and the blue ones were only worn once or twice. Pics coming*
  7. Meg

    For Sale 3 NEW bumGenius Elementals (girl colors)

    Zinnia, blossom, and bubble bumGenius Elementals with snaps for $54.00 PPD I bought 3 bumGenius Elementals during the seconds sale they just had, but I've changed my mind and decided to just to stick to covers and PFs. So these are all new, unprepped, and never used. The total for the three...
  8. Meg

    In Search Of ISO: Marathon/RA 50 cover

    I'm looking for a MA cover in VG or better condition to put on my RA 50. I like the older covers, although, I'm not sure if there are anymore around in great shape. Maybe Heather, Trellis, Barnum, Strawberry, Sand Dollar, Dragonfly, or Lilac? If you have a cover, I'd love pics and a price...
  9. Meg

    For Sale New JJ Cole Myla Diaper Bag

    $55 shipped for Boysenberry Fleur Myla bag. It was used about 4 times, so it's in absolutely perfect condition. I'm just not much of a diaper bag person, so it just ends up sitting in Scarlett's room not getting any use. I can take pics if you want them, but it's in EUC with no marks, scuffs...
  10. Meg

    New NB AIOs, covers, etc + (onesies, carriers, sleepsacks, more)

    NEW Newborn Grovia, Thirsties +(onesies, carriers, shoes, BundleMe, more) (Pics below) I redoing my newborn stash before my little one even gets here(:o), so everything on this NB list is brand new, unwashed, unprepped, etc. 6- newborn BumGenius $12 each PPD (All SOLD) 2- newborn Grovia AIO...
  11. Meg

    Kidkraft Pink Vintage Kitchen: $17 +shipping! Shipping is $40 something, but the whole thing is still under $60 shipped.. so awesome deal!!!:D (This will go fast, I'm sure.)
  12. Meg

    4 pack of Aden and Anais blankets for $22 has a 4 pack of Aden and Anais swaddling blankets for just $22 shipped! You also get a free book thrown in too. :) It's on sale for $25 and then use the code 'Member15' for an additional 15% off. Link I love these blankets and I'm not sure I've ever seen them for cheaper than this!
  13. Meg

    For Sale New Frontier 85 Red Rock cover- $45

    I have a brand new FR85 Red Rock cover set for sale. I would like $45 shipped. My new FR85 is supposed to be delivered today with the Red Rock cover, so I can take a pic of the cover then if you'd like.
  14. Meg

    Balance bike for a small 5 year old?

    My son's 5th birthday is next month and he wants a balance bike. I can't find any places around here to try them out, so I'm going to have to order one online. I've narrowed it down to either a Strider, Kazam, or a Mini Glider. Since my son is already 5, it seems like he might already be...
  15. Meg

    Question about SCM and FSOT access

    I just wanted to clarify for myself what was the number of posts, rep points, and years of membership needed to access SCM and sell things in FSOT/swap.. I thought it was either 300 posts, 150 reps, and 1 yr or 150 posts, 50 reps, and 2 years.. is that correct? I know at one point there was a...
  16. Meg

    In Need of Swingset Advice

    We just bought a house and will be moving in July. We're trying to do the research now and plan our purchases, but I'm so conflicted over which swing set to buy once we move in. My little guys are still pretty young, almost 5 years old and 16 months old, so we don't know if we should get a...
  17. Meg

    (Outdoors Cover) True Fit- Only $80!

    On Dealomite, the True Fit has fallen into the "Day 5- 40% off" category. You can get one for just $80.40. :thumbsup: Here's the link:
  18. Meg 50% off total. Scam?!

    Has anyone heard of I read on another site that if you spend over $200 you get 50% off your entire order using the code '2011'. So, I tried it out and put stuff in my cart and sure enough it was 50% off when I entered the code. So what gives?! Is this even a real online store? I...
  19. Meg

    7m and 4y in RA55, RN, and CA (pics)

    I just bought a RA55 for my youngest, so I took some pics of both kids in all our convertible seats to compare how much room they have to grow. Also, I took some pics of the recline on the new Britax seats since a lot of people seem to be having issues with it: Just pull and it easily...
  20. Meg

    Vent My first car seat check experience today

    (I hope this is the correct folder for this.) I was excited to go to my first car seat check this morning, but it ended up being anything other than helpful. My reason for going to the check was due to my Radian having a tilt, so I wanted to address that and make sure it was OK. Police...

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