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    Mr. Potato head Santa-.99 after coupon Target

    Target has Santa Mr. Potato Head for $5.99...... print a $5 coupon here and get it for 99 cents. Target has the Mr. Potato Head Santa Spud for $5.99 Use the $5.00/1 Mr. Potato Head Spud Buds Coupon [] = $0.99 after Coupon...
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    What diaper service to use?

    My friend is really struggling right now and she will have a 15 month old and a newborn come end of December early january. I want to buy her diapers for awhile if I can. Does anyone know a disposable diaper service that I can buy and have sent to her house? The cheapest one possible? She uses...
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    My almost 7 year old outgrew the FPSV booster! :-(

    I knew it was going to happen, but I thought we had another year. No, he just had a huge growth spurt(I think all torso :rolleyes:). He must of done it this past week. I put him in the FPSV last week and he had room to grow, put him in it today and he was just at outgrowing it. He might have 2...
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    For Sale For Sale-Bubble Gum Camo Clek Olli Cover(NIP)

    SOLD! Thank you! New in package Bubble Gum Camo Clek Olli Cover.... Asking 15.00 shipped OBO
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    For Sale Radian65-DOM(2/08) Trade or Sell

    Radian65-DOM(2/08) For sale! I decided to sell this seat only! I really need money for Christmas instead with Dh's job unsteady(construction). I have enough seats right now and no need for Logan to go into a booster at all right now.
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    Price Check Madison Regent Cover or Seat

    My friend has a Madison Regent(I think 07 or 08) trying to sell. No luck so far around here. How much to price a madison Regent for(07 or 08) or even just the cover? She bought a booster for her almost 7 year old now and doesn't need this seat. She paid full price for this seat back then...
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    Britax Parkway SG-69.99 at Hip Monkey

    WHAT A DEAL!!!!! I am so buying one! Use code 30off *YAY! I just ordered can't wait for it to get here! :-) Free shipping too. I know could probally of been cheaper, but I like to support hip monkey when I can. Cancelled! Hello, Thanks for your recent order with
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    WWYD? Logan is creeping up to 40 pounds...

    My inlaws have the Evenflo Chase for their car or we install one of our seats in there to use. MIL just retired and plans on taking Logan once a week(or once every other week) for the day. She can not keep it installed in her car and I do not have time to install a seat for her every time(as I...
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    Accident Question....

    My best friends mom was in a car accident yesterday. She was hit at less than 10 MPH, but her whole bumper needs replacing(she drives a ford escape). The baby was not in the carseat at the time. Does the seat need replacing. I know for sure the seat was not a britax. I am guessing it is the...
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    Cheapest place for uptown, Avenue, ect..?

    I need a cheap, but nice carseat for daycare. This would mainly be for either a 12 month old or 17 month old. Both super short torso's. I have a safeseat, but my cousin is borrowing it and I am all for her using it as long as she can so she will keep her almost 1 year old rearfacing. I do not...
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    Why must the Apex be used with a headrest?

    Someone on my home daycare board wants to know. They are trying to figure out carseats and has an Apex and wants to use it in a truck with no high seatback or headrest. I forget why it needs one. Thanks.
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    When did your child outgrow the Evenflo chase?

    Logan is 4 years 8 months, 38 pounds, 42 inches. This was Logan in the chase today. I think he is going to outgrow it by weight before height. He did just have a huge growth spurt(he takes forever to gain weight). Excuse his crazy hair and weird look! He was not happy about pics (Yes, I have...
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    Where to buy cheap pack n play?

    I have looked on my local craigslist and other site and freecycle. They are either old, recalled or too expensive. I need one by Wednesday...any ideas? (getting new daycare kiddo). I would love to spend less than 40.00(lol, probally not going to happen though). Cheapest I found is 49.00! I have...
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    How does this fit?

    Sorry it is from my cell phone. I didn't get the lap belt fit, but gosh the lap belt fits ALOT better than even his parkway or turbooster. He is in a Clek Olli. How does the shoulder belt fit like this? I can move the seatbelt up or down it is in the middle. My kid is growing like a weed!!! He...
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    In search of Radian-does not have to RF to 40 pounds

    *FOUND ONE*In search of Radian-does not have to RF to 40 pounds I need another radian. It does not have to be the ones that RF to 40 pounds. Any color is fine. Let me know your price and a picture. :-) Thanks.
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    Target carries Siggs now! On sale this week!

    Target has siggs now. They were on the end cap by the work out section. They had the large ones, small ones(kids and adults). They also carried the bottle brush, and dissolvable tabs to clean them with. They are on sale this week too. I believe the smaller ones are 16.xx
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    Enfamil-5.00 off coupon printable

    I printed 2 per computer. :-) Hope it helps someone. It says it is for Enfamil Premium Lipil. I don't know if you could use it on other types of enfamil.
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    Bus question....3 in a seat.

    Michael started school this week and I noticed they are sitting 3 to a seat. He has him(6 1/2 year old), a small third grader(smaller than him), and an average size 4th grader in one seat. Michael says it is smooshed. He said there is a seatbelt, but they can't use it due to 3 in a row. Is...
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    Oh Nautilus and FPSVD oh how I love thee....

    I just wanted to profess my love for the nautilus. I just installed my nautilus for Logan and installed it in 45 seconds(yes, I timed myself :o ) . Rock solid installation. :love: I installed my FPSVD in 1 minute Rearfacing for my 16 month old daycare girl :thumbsup: I am glad I don't even have...
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    Apex 65 at Walmart!

    They were just setting up the display when I was there and the girl didn't know what the price was going to be. It is black and velvety(Oh so pretty and soft). I am hoping this is going to be cheap so I can use it as a harnessed seat for inlaws since Logan is approaching 40 pounds. Edited to...

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