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  1. safeinthecar

    Graco clones.

    Anyone have a handy graph? Trying to decide between one of them and a Symphony for DNe because I am sooo DONE with the Radian.
  2. safeinthecar

    Snugli version of the Symphony is cute! : Evenflo Snugli All In One Geo Stripe Convertible Car Seat : Baby
  3. safeinthecar

    Please answer and share this survey regarding transitioning from rear-facing to forward-facing car seats.

    My sister is doing a research paper for college. Especially share it out to non-car seat savvy folks so she has an wide array of view points. Thanks ;)
  4. safeinthecar

    getting logged out between every post

    Kindle fire version 7.5.1 Seriously. Had to relogin between typing and posting this.
  5. safeinthecar

    Anybody want me to pick them up a MacClaren Twin Triumph

    35$ plus shipping? I don't know what the color is called but it's a pretty brown. Small amount of gunk on one canopy that I'm pretty sure will wipe off. Seat pads and harness look great. Normal amount of wear on wheels for what you would see in a stroller used for a year or less. The push feels...
  6. safeinthecar

    Anybody willing to get measurements for me?

    I'm specifically looking for harness length from the top slot to buckle and then to where the hip strap enters the shell.. The Triumph that's my fall back seat for casted kids is going to expire fairly soon and will need to be replaced. One of the things that make it work is the super long...
  7. safeinthecar

    Radian Safe Stop problem.

    7/12 manufacture. The channel for the splitter plate is too small. It went on with a bit of wiggling, but taking it off again was next to impossible. The hook on the splitter plate kept puncturing the webbing and tearing the stitching. I finally resorted to using a pair of needlenose pliers to...
  8. safeinthecar

    Possibly ISO Ipad

    MIL is increasingly bed bound and I'm considering an iPad for her for her birthday in June to help alleviate boredom. Not sure how much I can spend at the moment or if I can get any other family to go in on it, but need pricing to even get started. 3G not needed. Camera function would probably...
  9. safeinthecar

    Any Bay Area folks interested in a pink monkey Oobr?

    If so PM me and I can tell you where I saw 1 NWT no box for $155. I am not selling it, just passing on the location of a non baby store I saw it at while out shopping with my kids. I don't know the name of the store, only where it is and posting it would give a little too much info about me.
  10. safeinthecar

    ISO Ipod

    DD2 got DS's wet and she needs to replace it, so I told her I'd ask here.
  11. safeinthecar

    Change to forum title edit feature

    The software has been updated to allow title self editing for a longer period of time. In the past, you could only edit a post for about 48 hours. The new parameters will allow editing for approximately a month.
  12. safeinthecar

    ISO SafeSeat1 Snugride32/35 harness and adjuster strap.

    My sister has a SS1 that was supposed to be a backup for my nephew but the harness mildewed in storage.
  13. safeinthecar

    Checking interest and asking pricing advice-Boy Scout uniform pieces.

    My son is quitting scouts to try out Civil Air Patrol, so I'm trying to fund a new uniform by selling off some of the Scout stuff. If there is interest I'll pull the pieces out I have for a full inventory of what we cab sell and what I want to donate back to his troop. For sure I know we have...
  14. safeinthecar

    Pet harness available at Petsmart?

    The webbing between the D-rings is where you thread the belt. This harness is STRONG. It's one of the only tie outs my dog hasn't been able to break when she lunges. This dog has been know to break leather horse lead lines, so that is saying something.
  15. safeinthecar

    Best deal ?

    for a MA70 or BLVD70 in Crimson, Cavalier, or Silver Birch (or any other soft cover that's NOT cowmoo) Thanks. If it could be combined with the Wayfair Green B-Ready for an awesome discount on both, that would be even more great.
  16. safeinthecar

    Peg convertible

    Phone is about to die and I wanted to get these up. Will come back and edit in descriptions in a few. Peg lowest harness slot in relation to doll. Seatbelt through first slot in rfing belt path. Middle of rfing belt path to show that it is open and to show easy way to thread belt...
  17. safeinthecar

    ISO Crittertrail accessories and parts.

    Had to switch DS's hamsters to a dwarf cage because one was able to get out of the big (24x36) cage. Trying to give them as much real estate as they are accustomed to through connecting parts.
  18. safeinthecar

    Official Wayfair ISO and FS list.

    Seeing as how the Wayfair thread has so many posts about people buying seats to sell, it seems like a dedicated thread here is in order to help put buyers and sellers together without completely taking over the swap forum.
  19. safeinthecar

    Pic request.

    I'M looking for a comparison shots between a RA55 and a MA/BLVD/ADV70. Ideally, pics of the same child in both at about the same. Bonus points if the kiddo is wide shouldered. I'll only share them with my sister and BIL.
  20. safeinthecar

    lack of division between posts when using "new post" feature

    Since yesterday (that I noticed) some pairs of posts do not have a line to divide them.

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