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  1. monstah

    Any interest? Motorcycle gear

    I took the motorcycle safety class as a Father's Day gift for DH but really haaaated it so everything was worn for only two days. I passed the class easily but no joy was had. :p Not my thing. I have a textile motorcycle jacket, size Medium. It's black & has armor in the shoulders, elbows, back...
  2. monstah

    For Sale New R120

    EDIT: Not for sale anymore. Maybe another time.
  3. monstah

    Lap belt too low?

    Loading up the groceries today I noticed DS's lap belt looks ridiculously low. It's only on his thighs and doesn't even touch his hips. WDYT? (ETA: This is a topside. The shoulder belt is supposed to go over the armrest.)
  4. monstah

    Clek Oobr Zoom Julius LOCAL

    I tried DD1 out in big brothers Oobr and she hates it. Any interest? I'm in western CT on the NY border. It has stains on it and was in a car with someone smoking but it's been in the attic for many months since then. We also have two dogs. Really, any offer will be considered.
  5. monstah

    Target booster sale lately?

    I think I've decided on a Turbo with safety surround for DD1. Does anyone know if they had been on sale at Target recently or if a sale might be coming up soon?
  6. monstah

    Sienna experience?

    To make a long story short, my DH has to install seats for our kids in a Sienna - brand new, I hear the captains chairs are like recliners! I will be hundreds of miles away and won't be able to look over the manual, etc. ***Do the seats need to be reclined a certain number of clicks or anything...
  7. monstah

    I need a wallet / wristlet!

    But I'm not sure exactly what I'm looking for. Something cool. :p My previous favorites were a tan leather wristlet from Coach and a black Harvey's wristlet. Bonus points if it fits in my back pocket but that's not necessary. Do you have something for sale? Pics & price?
  8. monstah

    Something's wacky

    I'm on my iPad and the app is coming up off center with blank black space filling up one side and/or script running off the screen. I just had to turn to portrait mode to see the advanced button to attach the pictures because it was off screen. Oops, looks like no pictures. The advanced button...
  9. monstah

    Cosco Top Side question

    Does any other LBB position the shoulder belt as close, or closer to the neck, than the Top Side? DS is getting too tall for the Oobr and the shoulder belt is too low on his shoulder without the belt guide even in the low profile LiteRider. Any other suggestions are more than welcome! Does...
  10. monstah

    Hurry! Extra 50% off Aero

    50EXTRA will get you an extra 50% off clearance at Aeropostale and PS. Long sleeve shirts for 4 bucks. :thumbsup: Spending $100 (after discount) will give you free shipping. It's selling out fast though. :p
  11. monstah

    Question Looking for those new RN harness pads

    Does anyone have a pair of those new style Radian harness pads that they're willing to give away? I don't want to pay more than a couple bucks above shipping since I'm more curious than anything else. :p (I can use them with a FF RN120?)
  12. monstah

    In Search Of ISO size 6 or 7 girls snowpants & coat

    Title says all! ISO size 6 or 7 girls snowpants & coat.
  13. monstah

    For Sale Radian RF boot BNIP

    Brand new in package. RF boot for the Radian, never used. Make an offer, I don't need it. :)
  14. monstah

    For Sale EMS womans boots

    I got these years ago but rarely wore them. Once I got pregnant, my feet doubled in size :p so they're too small. I got them from EMS when I needed to replace my snow boots before a snowstorm hit. I do remember they're designed for hiking because they have a metal plate in the sole. But they...
  15. monstah

    Good price or ripped off?

    I'm curious what the stroller I just bought off of CL is worth. I think I paid a fair price but I dunno. :p I gave her $40 for it. It's OLD > 2000-01 BOB sport utility single jogging stroller. It's in surprisingly good shape considering its age. Everything works, no missing parts. The tires...
  16. monstah

    Zoom Julius Oobr - for sale CT/NY/NH local

    Have an Oobr that won't work in my DH's car so it's just sitting in a closet. Might as well see if there's any local interest. I live in western CT (Fairfield county) by the NY border and will meet halfway up to an hours drive. We are also spending a week in NH so if you're up there, we can...
  17. monstah

    Ford Freestyle surging update

    Thanks to the link morlando27 posted in a previous thread, my brother cleaned the throttle body head and now my Freestyle doesn't surge! :D Here's the OP It was a free fix and only took 20 minutes, tops!
  18. monstah

    Test drive for a few days??

    How does that work? With three kids in car seats, I'm trying to find our next vehicle and I *think* I'm convinced it's a Pilot. I was 100% SURE the Freestyle (our current) was perfect for us and planned on driving it into the ground. But it's not. It's too small and I'm done with it. I don't...
  19. monstah

    News Stiffer penalty for unrestrained dogs than people. "In New Jersey, under state law, NJSPCA officers can stop a driver they believe is improperly transporting an animal. Tickets range from $250 - $1,000 per offense, and a driver can face a disorderly...
  20. monstah

    Debating DS's seating position again...

    My DS is 6.8 years old, 65 pounds and more than 50", I just can't remember his exact height. I have two options for him, both have their own pros and cons. Do we know what is *safer* considering both of the following options fit him very well and he stays in position? 1. (Current seat) Third...

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