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  1. mburks26

    Rodi AP booster

    . Does anyone know i what the measurement in the Rodi Ap base the bottom that sits on the seat is and how tall from top to bottom with the headrest all the way up is. I know about the head rest require meant too I just came across the Rodifix it may work for my issues in my Civic since the...
  2. mburks26

    compass b570 pathway

    Did they stop making the compass boosters B570
  3. mburks26

    Is my seat no longer good Onboard 35

    My lovely husband put the seat on top of some boxes and it fell yesterday He says its just fine Im not sure The first pic is what broke the 2nd and 3rd is where that piece belongs
  4. mburks26

    Graco Nautilus parts

    will a cover on an old Graco Nautilus 2008 model fit on a New one 2013 or 2014 model? What about the Harness. I know the 2008 will exprie dec 31 of this yr but its only in case dd decides to throw up again in the car and until i can get antother set of harness straps to keep on hand
  5. mburks26

    2 inches from top of seat?

    I measured dd2 like post 7 with the dvd case and got 2 inch from her head to the top of her seat. This was uninstalled. I have at least an inch right before she outgrows the seat?
  6. mburks26

    My Ride 65?

    is this easy to install at the proper recline with no towels or pool noodles? Will this get most kids to age 3 rf? Its about time for a back up dh took the truck with dd2 headwise for a day and well i was stuck here couldn't go any where. She has hit the limits on her infant seat the onboard...
  7. mburks26

    Question Graco Mysize 70

    When do we know when to move the headrest/straps up? We have had this since May when dd was 8 months and haven't had any issues with seat. I just cant tell when to move up since its different then other seats I am used to.
  8. mburks26

    For Sale Snugride and Booster

    Need to sell ASAP so make office is price is too high Prefer local Pick up Any Pics can be sent I have the following Rear adjust Snug ride 22 with 2 covers one neutral one girl canopy included only used as back up for 2 years Made 2011 expires Dec 31, 2017. I do not have the user book...
  9. mburks26

    Headwise 70 Strap covers

    are they a must or optional for rearfacing
  10. mburks26

    Target Code 10% Baby online order

    I got a target code on txt message this am MAYAAYW3TWTBBY9 10% off online baby order excludes clearance and baby care now thru 6/15/2013 I entered it for the Headwise along with using retailmenot link Target: Save $5 Off $50 Sitewide + but before i could check out my internet went down it took...
  11. mburks26

    headwize 70 few questions

    does it have the 80% rule or no over hang I couldnt find it the infant insert it just says must be used if the shoulders are not at or above the bottom slots when can we not use the infant insert
  12. mburks26

    Time left in infant seat

    How long do u think we have left onboard 35 here dd2 is 8 months not sure on overall height or weight she was 18lbs and 27 inches at 6 months I so suck at trying to measure for one inch yes this is in the front but only to get big sis off the bus which is just down our driveway and into my...
  13. mburks26

    RA55 or CA

    What would last longer rf only according to the limits the CA has 40lb and 40inch height limit and the RA 55 has 40lb and 46 inch limit so to me that would be RA55 Im only looking at rf length at this time I so want a Fr 90 for ff DH likes the CA but I really need a seat with lock offs...
  14. mburks26

    Differnces in the CAS?

    What is the differences between the CA, CA LX and the CA SE? what is the top harness height. I saw on the car seat blog thing it was 18 but the measurements show 17? and I went to Safety first website and they now have CA listed at 70lb? I read somewhere that they now have the dual line thing...
  15. mburks26

    Measurements Please

    I need the base (the part that seats on the seat) measurements front and back length and width on the following. I have 12 inch seats and need to see if any of these will fit. I don't have a store that carries these to try them out by me Roundabout 55 Nextfit Complete Air 65
  16. mburks26

    Seats rearfacing that will rf to 3 at least

    Will the Avenue get most kids to age 3 and 35lbs rear facing and is it easy to install does it have a small footprint if not are there any cheep ones that will I want to go with rear facing to at least 3 and 35 then I want another GN for Forward facing (plan for now anyway) dd2 is 19 lbs...
  17. mburks26

    rf and ff heigh limits

    I have been trying to decide on seats for DD2 for a while now and when DD1 was harnessed the limits were less then 1inch of shell above the head for rf and for ff shoulders couldnt be over the top slots. I now see all most all seats have height limits now. Im confused. If the child is at the...
  18. mburks26

    onboard 35 install more upright issues

    first do we have to have it more up right install depending on the weight the level states 4 to 10 in the green and 11-35 in the orange. My DD2 was born at 9 lbs and hit the 11 mark way before she had good head control so I just left it the install in the newborn angle Now shes 6 and half...
  19. mburks26

    This has been outgrown by height right

    DD2 6 month 18.4 lbs 27 inches tall this is a Snugride 22 just confirming its outgrown right. Normally dont use this seat, its for back up only . Yes its installed on the front seat but we were just waiting for sis to get off the bus didnt leave our driveway We didnt drive anywhere with it...
  20. mburks26

    Question Dealomite

    Is this still a good site to use they have the seat I want but it looks like nothing has been updated on there site and I tried to emailed them and never heard back and the last time I emailed them about a yr ago they answered really quickly

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