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  1. rin2809

    Turbobooster vs. Turbobooster LX Safety Surround

    Hi Everyone! Hoping for a little advice as I am trying to make our next step seat purchase... I just traded in an old seat to Target today and am planning to use the coupon to outfit our youngest with a high back booster. He just started booster training in the last few months back and forth to...
  2. rin2809

    Bubblebum for Rideshare/Taxi

    I am hoping to get some opinions from this group on a dilemma I am having. We are headed to Disney in December. Our youngest son will be having his 4th Birthday while we are there. He is 41" and right at the 40lb mark right now. We have an early breakfast reservation at another resort before...
  3. rin2809

    Bubblebum or MiFold for travel?

    We have a couple of upcoming airplane trips with our kiddos, and were planning to carry on our Cosco Rise NBB for our oldest who will be 7. While talking with my mom, she said "It would be so nice if there was a booster that folded up small so you could put it in a bag." When I told her that...
  4. rin2809

    Low profile FF or Combination seat

    I am in need of some advice for Grandma's car. My mom drives a PT Cruiser convertible and between her (lack of) height and tiny back window, she is having a major visibility issue with her back window as my youngest grows. We currently have our spare Nautilus installed in her car, but with the...
  5. rin2809

    Combination Seat for Airplane

    We will be taking our kiddos on a plane for the first time in December: Nonstop from Minneapolis to Orlando on Delta (Main Cabin). We are renting a minivan for about 2 hours of driving on one of our 9 days in Florida, the rest will be on Disney Resort Property, so beyond keeping my little guy...
  6. rin2809

    Carry on Backless Booster

    Will be taking the kiddos on their first flight this year when we head to Disney World! It was no question for me that we are bringing my 3-year-old's Graco Atlas for the plane ride because I want him restrained. We will be taking the Disney transportation to our hotel, but since we will be...
  7. rin2809

    Accident Replacement: Graco Combination seats?

    Been out of the carseat loop for a good year, but hoping to get some expertise on some possible new seats... For the second time in under 2 years, my unoccupied seats were involved in a car accident. This time, it is our Evenflo ProComfort Triumph and our Evenflo ProComfort Right Fit booster...
  8. rin2809

    High Back booster Recommendations?

    I am hoping for some advice for a replacement HBB for my kiddo. We have an Evenflo Procomfort Right Fit at the moment that has retracting issues in both of our vehicles, so I need to update (it's driving me nuts!). Since we passed our nautilus down to little brother, I have been using the cheap...
  9. rin2809

    Booster advice... Evenflo Spectrum?

    Hi everyone! I am hoping to find someone who has had some hands on experience with the Evenflo Spectrum HBB, I haven't been able to find one in stores to really get a look at it. Does the belt glide smoothly through the upper belt path/loop of the high back booster? I am currently engaged in a...
  10. rin2809

    Trade-in Questions

    Please forgive me if this is a repeated question, but I want to be doubly sure that I am right about a couple of things. I now have two crashed car seats which have had their straps cut to render them unusable. We are actually set on other seats for the forseeable future, but would like to pass...
  11. rin2809

    Crashed Car Seat Covers?

    I apologize, I am flooding the feed with questions after my crash, but this one has me stumped. I am replacing my Cosco Apt 50 after being rear-ended (fits minor crash guidelines, unoccupied). Kinda bums me out cause the seat is only a couple of months old and I absolutely love it, but gotta...
  12. rin2809

    Accident Replacement: New Nautilus questions

    I was rear ended on my way home from work today and thankfully no one was hurt and neither of my kiddos were with me, but even though it meets the criteria of a minor accident my Argos 65 and Cosco Apt 50 both need to be replaced. Hoping that American Family (the other driver's insurance) will...
  13. rin2809

    Side by side installs?

    I am encountering a situation this week that we are hoping to fit 3 adults and 2 kiddos into my mom's outback. My mom, myself and my two kiddos are traveling out of town for a funeral, meeting my sister there, but hoping to only take one vehicle for local travel there. The boys will be riding...
  14. rin2809

    Road Trip! Which seat would you bring?

    I am doing a 9 hour roadtrip from Minneapolis to St. Louis with my kiddos for a funeral and I am debating which seats I should use. I am driving half of it alone in my 2006 Kia Spectra, then meeting up with my Mom and taking her 2013 Subaru Outback. This is the first trip that I am taking with...
  15. rin2809

    When do I move shoulder straps?

    I don't know if this is a common problem, but my 6 month old is giving me troubles when it comes to deciding to move his straps up. When I put him in his infant seat, his shoulders are above the top harness slots by about half an inch or more, but as he is in the seat for awhile, he slouches...
  16. rin2809

    Baseless install reassurance?

    So for the first time ever with either of my kids, I am going to have a situation where I need to install our Keyfit baseless. We are in a daycare crunch and a friend is watching our youngest for a few days, but she wants to be able to take him with her and her one-year-old so she isn't...
  17. rin2809

    Replacement Manuals?

    So, I just got a seat back from my MIL and the manual has somehow gone missing (not sure if I lost it or she did). Does anyone know if you can get replacement manuals from customer service so it can stay with the seat? It is a Guide 65 manufactured 5/2013.
  18. rin2809

    Extra Seat... To sell or not to sell?

    I suddenly have car seats coming out of my ears! Well not really, but I added to my arsonel quite a bit in the last few weeks and I am trying to determine what, if any, I would be able to sell to give us a little breathing room (and cash). My little guy is still in a Keyfit, but is getting...
  19. rin2809

    Car Seat Tech Classes

    Are CPST certificates nationally recognized? I hate that this is a factor, but classes around here have what I think is a super high local chapter fee ($150-175). I just can't justify over $200 total for a certification that I would be using for volunteering. So, I checked out classes where...
  20. rin2809

    Preschooler buckling themselves

    I am curious, how old were your preschoolers when they started being able to buckle their harness by themselves? My 3.5 year old is in an Argos and a Nautilus currently and he is able to do his chest clip and line up the buckle clips, but he doesn't have the strength to push them in yet. With...

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