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    Going on a trip, kid staying with family

    DH and I are going to Ireland for a week. My aunt is taking care of 2 of my girls. Tabitha-15 is taller then me so she is in the seatbelt. Abigail is 9 and while there are a few vehicles she passes the 5 step test, in most she does not. She may be visiting with my cousin from time to time and in...
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    Radian in a Sienna?

    Has anyone had any issues getting a good front facing install with the radian in a Toyota Sienna? I am considering investing in one when my daycare child outgrows the Scenera rear facing. I have a new one that goes to 40 pounds. I have my other kiddo in a Graco Nautilis and that seat is wide...
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    So excited!

    :) My 8 1/2 year old has asked to go back in her Regent! We stopped using it last year when I couldn't get a good install in my Saturn Outlook. We now have a Sienna which should be no issue. I asked her why and she said she missed a her soft seat for sleeping on trips. She doesn't sleep at all...
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    Toyota says carseat may go in middle

    I called Toyota and emailed Toyota about the middle seat, second row. Both said you may install a safety seat using the seat belt in that seat. The man on the phone Friday pushed using the LATCH feature in the 2nd and 3rd row but I explained I wasn't concerned about an install using LATCH versus...
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    Thought I had chosen a new van...

    Dh has decided we need a bigger vehicle for trips. I drive a 2009 Saturn Outlook. I love my outlook but with 3 adult size children and one average 8 year old most road trips are filled with arguments over space. :rolleyes: We drive a lot and I also do home daycare. I had the 11 Sienna as a...
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    Honda Odyssey(11) or Toyota Sienna(11)?

    I am faced with the fact that my 09 Outlook is becoming a nightmare. I have 30k miles on it and it is entering it's 3rd visit to the shop with a long list of issues. We have 4 children and traveled in the rental van-Sienna at Thanksgiving. It was a quiet, happy trip. We haven't had enough space...
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    GMC Acadia, Saturn Outlook, etc...

    If you own one you need to be aware there is a service bulletin dating back to 2007 that is still active on all of these vehicles. They need the timing chains replaced. I have 30k on my Outlook and it has been in and out of the shop since they replaces the timing chains(4 chains) 2 weeks ago...
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    3 across in a saturn outlook, gmc arcadia?

    I need to get three seats across the 3rd row seat of my Outlook one day next month. I am planning on 2 scenera's(1 rf, 1 ff) and one snugride. Has anyone tried this out?
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    Harmony Booster

    What is the opinion on the Harmony booster? DD is 7 almost 8. She is average height and weight(52lbs). Sits very well in a booster. We are taking the train to Disney from Raleigh in September. From the station we are taking a shuttle/car service to the resort. I would rather bring a booster for...
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    Would you be comfortable with this?

    First off, yes I have a Regent but it is a huge pia to get a good install short belt path in my 09 Outlook. Anyway we have moved her to the turbo booster full time. Forgot to add she is 7 years 4 months, 52 pounds and 48 inches tall. She sits very well, but it sits very upright even with the...
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    My MA has officially expired...

    Britax Marathon in blue, paw prints cover. Best carseat I have ever bought and easiest to install in anything and everything. I haven't destroyed the shell yet. DD is so sad that it can't be used anymore. She loves her puppy seat. She wants me to keep the cover, which is just fine with me. How...
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    LATCH limit for Saturn?

    I have an 09 Saturn Outlook and can not find a LATCH weight limit for the lower anchors. The service manager at the dealership has no idea. Thanks in advance!
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    Regent install help!

    09 Outlook with captains chairs. Post advisory Regent. Is it normal that only the recline bar and very top/headrest touch the seatback? Dh is uploading pictures for me. I did use an old receiving blanket between the recline bar and the leather seat. It is rock solid even with the seat reclined...
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    We bought an Outlook

    I searched and drove a bunch of other vehicles but always came back to the outlook, so we bought it. We got a great deal and it was cheaper payment wise then the used. 09 Saturn Outlook XR. Silver with black leather interior. 7 passenger seating. Right now I have Abigail in a turbo booster since...
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    Hyundai Veracruz?

    What is your opionion on this vehicle. I have narrowed my new car list down to this and one other. I need the third row seat. Is it safe?
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    Outlook didn't work for me...

    I was all ready to buy a Saturn Outlook with 8 passenger seating today. I wanted to be sure I could install Abigail's Regent before we went any further. I could not get a good install at all with the SBP :( It has solid, non-flexible buckle stalks. Oh Well! Back to the car shopping.
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    Mazda CX-9? I have questions.

    What do you like? What don't you like? Carseat installs? Access to the 3rd row?
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    Toyota 4 runner?

    I am starting to look at a new vehicle. I am done with the minivan mama thing. :) Does anyone have any experience with the 4 runner and carseats? I only have one still in a Regent. Everyone else is old/tall/heavy enough to have, as of this year grown out of booster seats.
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    Parents magazine, August 2008

    I'm sorry if this was already discussed but there is a small blurb about center being the safest and properly install carseat being important. But the picture is of a child with huge padded shoulder straps and no chest piece. Page 30:thumbsdown:
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    I got the regent!

    Now to put it together and install it. Can I remove the lower LATCH connectors since I am not using LATCH? Abigail is around 44-45 pounds so I am using short path with a lap and shoulder belt?! SOrry still reading the manual. Is the recline bar supposed to be loose or should it be pushed it a...

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