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  1. rosey2007

    Vintage Britax

    That is awesome!!!
  2. rosey2007

    2003 Ford Explorer booster placement

    I was in an accident yesterday and both booster seats were in the rig, so I cannot use them anymore. The only seat I could afford was a Harmony no back booster seat for my five year old. Anyways, I was wondering if I could get some suggestions on where my kids should sit. I was thinking of...
  3. rosey2007

    Chico kidfit

    I just bought this seat for my youngest son, and was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on this seat?
  4. rosey2007

    I'm in the market again for a newer car

    I am currently able to purchase a safer van or suv. I just purchased an 03 hyunai accent and like the car but it's really small and doesn't have side airbags. The cars that I'm currently going to look at are a 2005 kia serento, 2006 Chevy hhr, 2011 hhr, and a 2006 kia sedona. I only have 2 kids...
  5. rosey2007

    99 chevy cavalier

    I Just bought a 99 Chevy Cavalier and wanted to have them install a top tether anchor. Anyways, I contacted a Chevy dealership and theytold me that I would have to pay for the installation kit and labor to have it done. Is this true? I thought they would instal one for free.
  6. rosey2007

    1998-2003 dodge caravan

    Does anyone one here have one and do you like it. My budget has just dropped and I noticed these were in my price range. I currently own a 95 dodge caravan and it is starting to have some issues. I also want something with head rests.
  7. rosey2007

    please help me with new to me car purchase.

    I have a rather low budget of 5000 dollars for a new rig. Today I found a 2006 KIA Sedona for $4400.00. It has 165000 miles on it. Would this be a good buy?
  8. rosey2007

    Question 2006 Kia sedona

    Never mind lol.
  9. rosey2007

    Question Got a TFP question

    I want to forward face the TFP but I don't have a top anchor in my 97 SUV. Is it safe to forward face this seat until I can get a top tether anchor installed in my SUV?
  10. rosey2007

    Okay I feel kind of dumb

    I guess that I have never seen a Evenflo Chase up close until today. I couldn't figure out why the Tether harness was on the regular harness (if that makes any sense lol). Are these seats any easier to tighten?
  11. rosey2007

    07 and older Dodge Caravan owners please

    Im going to do whatever possible to buy a 06 or newer Sedona, but if that doesn't pan out I would like a back up plan. I test drove an 05 and a 07 Dodge Caravan and thought they were pretty nice. Would this be a good second choice if my first one doesn't pan out?
  12. rosey2007

    Another Sedona thread

    I am in the market for a new to me car or van and have around a 9000 limit. I was wondering what the reliability of a 2006 Sedona would be and what you like and dislike about the Sedona.
  13. rosey2007

    I need some help with car purchase

    Im looking to buy a new car(well new to me lol). I have 2 kids one rear facing in a TFP and the other in a GN in booster mode. I need to have a car that has AC, runs decent and has 4wd, awd or traction control. The ones that I am seriously thinking about a Subaru Wagon, Ford Exployer, Kia...
  14. rosey2007

    True Fit and small car

    I drive a 2003 Kia Spectra and I'm looking to buy a True Fit. If the True Fit doesn't work is there another seat that will keep my 2 year old long torsed son rear facing?
  15. rosey2007

    So sad my kiddo outgrew his Tribute rear facing.

    What do I do now? My son is 27 months old and 27 pounds. I would love to continue rear facing but what seat can I buy that's less then 100.00? I'm really not fond of cosco car seats, so if I could get something else I would perfer it.
  16. rosey2007

    Im not sure what to do.

    I injured my neck at work and the doctor put me on lifting restrictions of 5 to 10 pounds. My problem is my ds#2 is only 25 months old and 26 pounds. I want to keep him rear facing but I don't want to injure myself more by lifting him in his seat. My kiddo cannot get into his seat without my...
  17. rosey2007

    Another Radian question?

    How much more room would my son get out Radian vs the Trumiph 65?
  18. rosey2007

    Question wwyd?

    My 22 month ds is outgrowing his tribute rear facing. The Tribute is in grandmas car and grandma just doesn't get the straps tight enough. I have shown her many times over the past five years how to do the straps on different seats.She just will not do it anyway. As much as I hate to do this I...
  19. rosey2007

    I have a new car seat love

    I just bought a Evenflo Triumph Advance and all I can say is wow lol!!! This seat by far is one of my favorites. It was a breeze to install and I love the way the straps adjust. I also have a Tribute which was nice but no were near the Triumph.
  20. rosey2007

    I cant believe what I did

    I actually bought an Evenflo Tribute and I like it. I didnt ever think that I would buy an Evenflo car seat. I returned the Scenera that I bought for it. With no foam in the Scenera and no side impact air bags in my car I didnt feel comfortable using the Scenera.

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