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    Lightweight spare seat & gate checking

    I am wanting to get my daughter a spare car seat to have on hand for when something happens to her normal seat. We are also flying in December so I would like something lightweight and cheaper so if it gets damaged it's not a huge deal. I am NOT buying her a seat on the plane as she will not...
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    Question Safety First Grow and Go vs Evenflo Sureride??

    My daughters dad needs a convertible seat for his car for her and we are looking at these two. He is taking my word on extended rear facing and keeping her in a harness as long as possible so I want him to get one that will last since he's not going to be happy about buying another one. Which of...
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    Question Harness pads on Diono Rainier

    Are they required for rear facing?? I can't find anywhere in the manual that talks about them but on the actual pad it says "use for children under 65 lbs". My daughter is 6 months and they are SO bulky on her and I feel like I cant get her straps tight enough with them on. I took them off just...
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    Question New seat for 4 mo. Next fit, Boulevard CT, Rainer?

    I'm thinking about moving my almost 4.5 month old daughter into a convertible car seat because although she's only around 12.5 pounds the combo of her and the infant seat is just getting too heavy for me to carry. I have always been a huge fan of the Diono Radian for ERF and used one for...
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    Question Britax B-Safe for preemie

    Had my daughter at only 35 weeks 3 days and she was only 4 lbs 13.6 oz and 17". She was completely healthy though and went hone right away. In the B-Safe she is on the 2nd harness slot but my problem is on the furthest in crotch buckle there is still a good amount of space between her and the...
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    Convertible car seat for 1 month old?

    Which convertible car seats fit babies the best? Baby is 1.5 months old and about 13-14 pounds. Mainly concerned about the lowest harness slot being low enough for him to fit.
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    Infant car seat that fits in 2013 Ford Fusion

    Anybody have a 2013 Ford Fusion and know of a good infant car seat that fits in it? My mom bought a Britax Chaperone so when my baby is born if she ever has him/her with her we don't have to switch car seats back and forth. Problem is it seems way to inclined for a newborn plus I am really not...
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    Infant in MA 70

    I know this is a tuff question since every child is different but at what point does an infant fit in a MA 70? The little boy I would use it for is 4 months old.
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    Question Buy Radian now or wait for new models?!

    I have the 1 yo boy I'm a nanny for in a RF Britax Marathon 70 and at first he hated it since he has been FF in his parents cars since he turned 1 five months ago. He is doing better when in the car seat which is often since we are out and about a lot but his legs are still so cramped and to be...
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    16 month old hating rear facing!! HELP!!

    I just started my new nannying job and I am rear facing the 16 month old in a Britax Marathon 70 but he hates it! He has been forward facing in his parents cars since he was 1 so he isn't used to it. I am at a loss of what to do since all the other kids I have put rear facing while they have...
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    WWYD, move seats 3x/week or new seat with no re-thread harness??

    I just got a new nannying job that is FT and the kids are 16 months and 3. My plan is to put the 3 yo in the FR 90 outboard behind passenger and the 16 mo RF in a Radian outboard behind the driver BUT I have another family that I have recently started doing daycare pick up for 2-3x/week and I...
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    New car seats for twins- what to get!?

    I will be purchasing new car seats for a very close family member's twins for an early Christmas gift. The girls are still in their Keyfit 30's now and are just about to outgrow them. They will be 20 months old on the 28th of this month. I am waiting to hear back on their weight and height but I...
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    Narrowest infant car seat in feet area..??

    What infant car seat is the narrowest in the feet area? Narrower than a Chicco Keyfit 30. I need to do a 3 across and my set up makes total sense for me and just barely works but I'd like it to work a little easier than it does. My set up is: 8 mt old in Keyfit behind driver, 2.5 yr old FF...
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    Car seat for 2 yo RF???

    I feel so dumb right now because a couple of weeks ago I sold most of my spare car seats because I really never used them and wanted the extra $$. Well I need spares for next Monday with the 2 and 4 year old kids I'm a nanny for. I have Nautilus for the 4 yo to use but nothing for the 2 yo! Here...
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    Frontier 80 recline

    Is the recline on the Frontier 80 required when in harness mode?
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    Britax belly pad on a Radian?? Safe or no?

    The 3 yo I'm a nanny for constantly sits on the crotch buckle in his Radian thus making me struggle to dig it out from underneath him every time I buckle him into the seat! The Radian belly pad has fallen off so many times so I just don't even bother to put it on anymore. Is it safe or even...
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    Narrowest infant seat?

    Come next July I will need to do a 3 across with a newborn so which infant seat would work? Then 4.5 yo will be in FR90 outboard behind passenger, then almost 3.5 yo will be in RF (maybe FF by then) Radian outboard behind driver and I was going to put the infant seat in the middle. Will the...
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    Evenflo Chase DLX!?

    I'm looking for a cheaper and lightweight seat for when the 4 yo I'm a nanny for has to ride in the front seat and saw this at Walmart. It fit her WONDERFULLY only to come to find out it only has a 40 pound weight limit in harness mode! What was Evenflo thinking when they did that!? I love this...
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    What seat to switch between FF and RF that fits next to FR90???

    My nannying schedule come August is going to get a little crazy and everyday I will have a different combo of kids making me need to switch one seat from rear facing to forward facing. I am going to do my normal 3 across of RF Radian, FF FR90, RF Radian but when I have the 2, 3, and 4 year olds...
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    3 across with Frontier 90..???

    Come August my nannying schedule is changing dramatically as are my families thus making me need to move seats around. Does anyone think I will be able to fit two Radians next to each other RF with angle adjusters next to a Frontier 90 that is behind the passenger? I was BARELY able to fit two...

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