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  1. soygurl

    FS Graco E2F 3 in 1 Cover and MySize Cover

    SOLD - 1 EUC Graco Extend2Fit 3 in 1 cover (the lavender and gray one, not sure of the name) - 1 GUC Graco MySize cover (I think, it's black and a lime green). All parts included (infant inserts, harness covers). MMARO!
  2. soygurl

    Calling all car seat advocates!

    I am preparing for a car seat talk that I'll be giving to a group of nannies (I'm a nanny as well as being a CPST), and I would LOVE some help testing out a quiz I'm going to give! The answer key will now be shown directly after the quiz is submitted. TIA!
  3. soygurl

    MI: small car, 3-across, under $4000

    I'm going to need to upgrade from my '97, 2-door Hyundai Accent in the near future, and I'll be needing something that is three-across friendly. Any suggestions? I know my tiny budget will mean that I'm going to be shopping for something around 10 years old. Is there any hope? :o
  4. soygurl

    "Don't leave babies in seat more than necessary" Sources?

    Does anyone have any sources on why you shouldn't leave babies in the infant seat any more than necessary when outside of a vehicle? I know there can be a risk of head deformation, and the angle can be tough for very young infants. Plus the fall risk if the seat is on a high surface, and...
  5. soygurl

    In Search Of JuJuBe Packabe, Between, or other (specific prints)

    I just started a new nannying job, and I've decided I need my own diaper bag. Plus now I have a good excuse to get a JJB. :rolleyes: I'd prefer a Packabe or a Between, but would also consider a Be Right Back or Be Hip. Prints I totally drool over are Evening Vines and JuJuBerry Squares. I...
  6. soygurl

    Toddler chest clip issues/escaping

    A friend of mine has asked me for suggestions on helping her keep her almost 2yo DS buckled up. He's FF in a Radian, and he keeps pushing down the chest clip, and wiggling an arm under the straps. Harness is correctly tightened. I'm going to suggest distractions, discipline (though at his age...
  7. soygurl

    For Sale NWT Chicco Strada (in Fuego)

    Color is red and grey. DOM 12/2009, EXP 12/2015. Perfect condition. Has never been used, just sitting in my closet for months. Smoke and pet free home. New with tags still attached, but no box. Has a unique angle-adjustable cup holder, and adjustable head and side wings. Didn't bother with pics...
  8. soygurl

    Seattleites! Local car seat stores?

    Does anyone know of any stores in (or very near) Seattle that carry the TF? I'm helping a friend figure out which car seat she wants for her new baby, and we are planning on doing some in-store comparisons (and hopefully trying some out in her car) tomorrow. She is planning on using a...
  9. soygurl

    Tether anchor in '97 VW Golf?

    My LATCH manual is still in the mail, could someone look up tether anchor info for a '97 VW Golf? According to the vehicle manual is seems like it comes with one tether anchor, and that if you need more than one the dealer will install them. But I can't fine ANY, so maybe the manual is just...
  10. soygurl

    Help me figure out some seating options!

    My brother and SIL are expecting their third in a '93 Toyota Camry. My ODN is J is 7. He's in a NB Turbo (I think). He's 57 lbs, 51.5" tall with a torso 17" (is that a crazy short torso or am I hallucinating? He's *really* thin I know... ). L is 3.5 and in an Eddie Bauer combo (I wanna say the...
  11. soygurl

    I think I'm FINALLY going to get certified!

    Over three years I've been wanting to get certified, and I think I'm finally going to do it! There's never been a class near enough to where I live, or during a time I could get off work to travel to a class! But I just found a class in Reno, NV that's during the first week of Nov. It's a pretty...
  12. soygurl

    No RF tether for infants?

    I think I read something on here a while back about how most people think a RF tether is WORSE for infants, that not having one? Something about the tether increasing neck load? :confused: I'm probably going to be helping my friends install their new Frontier (hopefully), and get their BV...
  13. soygurl

    Has anyone fit a Frontier and RF BV side by side??

    So... I know it would be different in different vehicles, but has anyone managed to fit a RF Boulevard right next to a Frontier? I'm thinking it probably wouldn't work, but I haven't had a chance to try it yet. I'm going to try and help a friend install her new Frontier (she hasn't been able to...
  14. soygurl

    Boulevard issues...

    Hey, so my friend FINALLY let me help her turn her DD RF again (she turned her a 10 months! :( She's 21 months now... better late than never right? :rolleyes:), and while I was reinstalling the BV I noticed that the strap velcro didn't line up with the velcro on the cover. I know this had been a...
  15. soygurl

    How would a newborn fit the the Triumph Advance?

    I'm trying to to find a seat that would be most cost effective for long term use for a family with a VERY small budget. They're thinking of skipping the infant seat and using a convertible from the start. The Radian is probably out of their budget, and the Triumph Advance may be too but at least...
  16. soygurl

    ERF and carsick? What do they do in Sweden?

    I was on another board promoting ERF and came across one lady who was extremely car sick as a young child and said that she would never have wanted to ride anywhere backwards and wouldn't want to do that to her kids. That got me thinking, what do people in Sweden do if they have a kid who gets...
  17. soygurl

    Pro-booster link?

    I'm looking for a link to a page I had saved about a little boy who died because he wasn't in a booster seat. Anyone have it? My computer hasn't been working for a while and I can't find the link anymore. Thanks!
  18. soygurl

    "Poof" that car seats are helpful? HELP!

    "Proof" that car seats are helpful? HELP! Ok... I've got some fool online who is adament that car seats really don't do anything. Obviouly he's totally wrong, but I can't convince him unless I provide some studdies. Preferably ones from (his words) a peer reviewed journal. I don't generaly deal...
  19. soygurl

    Will a Radian fit outboard in a Blazer? Help asap!

    Hi, I have a friend who desperatly needs to know if a Radian will instal ok outboard in a '95 Chevy Blazer. Anyone know? Or have a guess? Or know of another really narrow seat? (She's going to try to do a EZ-ON harness for the middle if chevy will approve, but still needs to fit three kids...
  20. soygurl

    Radian in a Blazer??? Narowest Booster? Help!

    Does anyone know if a Radian will instal well in a Blazer? Also, what is the narrowest booster? I was thinking it's the Fisher Price Safe Voyage booster... is that right? It was based on the Britax Star Riser/Comfy right? I'm trying to help a friend online... Thanks! ETA: She's not sure if the...

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