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  1. StillThankful

    Graco Nautilus Bethany for $126

    One of my favorite combination seats of all time: Graco Nautilus! It's only $126 at
  2. StillThankful


    I couldn't reply to the original threads regarding this because they were very old; therefore, I decided to post a new one. It took almost 3 years but I just ordered 2 BuckleBiters--not for DD1 but for DD2--LOL. Excited to get them!!:jive: DD1 is fine buckling her booster but DD2 has such a...
  3. StillThankful

    Spring Cleaning in the Winter Re: Car Seat Covers

    Thank you for asking! They came out good! Not perfect though. I should've have posted before and after pics but was too embarrassed to do so. :o The Cleaning Clay is a natural home product made in France called "H2O At Home." Their products are very expensive but I got it from my sister who is...
  4. StillThankful

    Spring Cleaning in the Winter Re: Car Seat Covers

    I'm in the mood to seat covers that is! lol. I was dilligent about doing it when DDs were younger but slacked off a lot. Picture this: naked seats--2 FR85s, 1TB Nbb, 1 TB Hbb, and a GN piled on my couch.:eek: Then a pile of seat covers on the floor in the kitchen. DH is not due...
  5. StillThankful

    35% off Britax on Amazon
  6. StillThankful

    $12 Dresses (Walmart)

    Just scored these from for DD1. If the size you want is not in stock, then you can just print the info out, purchase it at the store, and the cashier will override the regular retail price with this one. And I got this dress for both DD1 and DD2 for Easter: This one is...
  7. StillThankful

    Carter's Sale!

    $5 T-shirt Doorbuster sale + $6 shorts. Carter's Sale. I love Carters. Just wanted to share. I just got for DD2 these tops and two pairs of shorts:
  8. StillThankful

    Narrow Booster Choice (For a member of another forum)

    She gave me permission to post this: The mom has a 2014 Honda Odyssey. She has an 8 yo (52#) and 10 yo (62#) who are seated in 2 backless turboboosters (graco) and a 5 yo (35#) in an evenflo maestro across the back of her odyssey 3rd row. They *just fit. The girls sometimes have trouble...
  9. StillThankful

    NBD Deals (I Think)

    Hey ladies and gents, I haven't been on here in a while but wanted to share some NBD seats I saw up there today--Graco Size4me65 and Smartseat. Not sure if this news is old or not! lol BTW, Have a great Thanksgiving! Remember to give thanks in all times!
  10. StillThankful

    In Search Of D ring FFS?

    Anyone happen to have a D ring laying around? I just sold my Britax Advocate and realized that I didn't have it--I'm thinking it might be in my minivan that I sold to my mom. I will check there. But in the meantime, I'm trying to secure a Plan B. The purchasers will be rear facing their...
  11. StillThankful

    FB Post from Srollerqueen re: Baby Jogger City Mini
  12. StillThankful

    CSO remember when the GN Hit?

    Beautiful day, nothing to do, and came across this thread introducing the GN to us! It was a hit and still is. I honestly love this seat. I plan on keeping it until it expires.
  13. StillThankful

    2003/04 Sienna vs. 2004/05/06 Odyssey

    My mom is buying my beloved 1995 Honda Odyssey and I will be in the market later on this year to purchase something else. Until then, we are driving our 1994 Accord (which I still love :love: but DH is claiming it lol). I've researched these two vehicles and wanted to know your opinion on...
  14. StillThankful

    Toilet Paper Roll & Booster Question

    I'm usually a good researcher, but I'm feeling a little under the weather so I haven't given it my best to find the answer. DD1 is going to ride full time in a booster in my accord and I want to stiffen my floppy seat belt latch. I've read previously that you can stiffen the latch/buckle with...
  15. StillThankful

    Lost harness height when installing GN

    Is this normal? I uninstalled the GN to convert it to booster mode because DD1's shoulders were above the straps. I ended up placing it in my front room. Well, DD1 sits in it to put on her shoes this morning and I noticed she had about 1.5 inches left before she is even with the harness...
  16. StillThankful

    Frugal Chick: Baby Carrier for only $12 + free shipping on Amazon~ Retails for $95 Gaorui Cotton Baby Carrier Infant Comfort Backpack Buckle Sling Wrap Fashion Full Pad Adjustable Red -S: Baby
  17. StillThankful

    Flashback!! I had to do it :D

    Had to do it! :p This was before my time. I didn't start really getting into car seats until the end of 2006 and hadn't even heard of Britax at that point:) I remember reading that so many people used to like this cover...
  18. StillThankful

    My Child Matches the Car Seat Thread

    For smiles... Please share if you wish... Laughing at myself while posting this thinking that only here would a post be found. lol Was putting DD2 in the car and noticed that she matched the FR85 livia perfectly. Livia has black with white piping and fuchsia material. DD2's outfit has...
  19. StillThankful

    S/O Fixing rip in car seat

    Purchased seat from NBD for DD2. Obvious that the seat was never used but a cat must've climbed on it (hence the pet hair) and one of it's claws ripped the cover--3/4 inch). So, the original owners returned it. NBD offered a refund but I really wanted to keep the seat. Britax is supposed...
  20. StillThankful

    Issue Revisited: Incompatibility of GN in 94 Accord

    Revisiting this issue: Looking at the nautilus instructions on page 22, it seems that the locking clip must be 1/2" of the buckle tongue. If that is this case, the seat can't install properly in my 94 accord b/c...

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