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    Free RA50 covers

    Any interest in RA50/MA65 covers? I have two I no longer need.
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    I made a really stupid mistake and didn't check top tether locations when I bought an '09 Sienna this past spring. I wanted to keep my two FF harnessed seats in the third row but in the Sienna the top tether anchors are middle and passenger. I cannot put my harnessed kids next to each other. So...
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    Looks like I get new seats.....

    I was stopped on a freeway for construction and the car behind me stopped but the car behind him did not. So the impact of the car behind me being hit caused him to hit me. It was a quite a bump, my neck is sore. I could drive home but the light indicating the hatch was open was on and it dinged...
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    '05 Odyssey

    My Kia Sedona has issues. We're thinking of replacing it. I found an '05 Odyssey today that's got a good looking Carfax. Its being detailed and has to go through the service dept check then I can test drive it. Anything I should know/be on the lookout for? Thanks!!!!
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    Uh oh!!!

    She unbuckled the chest clip and got her arms out while I was driving. Sent from my SM-S820L using Tapatalk
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    My tiny girls

    DD1 is 5, 30# not sure about height. DD2 is 4 next week, 30# not sure on height but about an inch and a half shorter than her sister. Sent from my SM-S820L using Tapatalk
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    At a loss

    I have no clue what to do about DH's car. I need a convertible for both my DDs to share (almost 4 and 5, both about 30# not sure about height but small). I have tried sooooo many seats in there ('03 accord) and the only thing I can get installed right is a recaro, and I think that's because of...
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    Buick rendezvous?

    We've been either wanting a 3rd car or to replace DH's accord. Found an '03 rendezvous locally that is in excellent condition. Anyone have experience with it? Sent from my XT1064 using Tapatalk
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    Tallest seat with no headrest?

    I need a new seat for DD1 (5). She bangs her head in her seat all the time and its driving me up the wall. I'm at buy buy baby playing with a seats and everything has a headrest that will make noise. The only ones I can think of are the myride & the sureride. Any others I'm missing?
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    Graco tranzitions

    Anybody play with one yet? I need a new seat for 4, almost 5 year old DD1 in DH's car. She's currently in a recaro convertible and DH has decided he doesn't like it. So hey, he wants me to get a new seat, I have no problem with that!!
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    Evenflo platinum evolve?

    Anybody seen & played with this yet? I'm at BRU and I took some pictures of my 4 year old DD1. The headwings are crazy huge and very narrow.
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    4 year old keeps loosening her harness

    Argh. My um, "willful" 4 year old keeps loosening her harness. She rides in a Britax RA50. I'm not having much luck with punishment or rewards, that kind of thing. She's a very difficult child. I just don't know what to do anymore. I've tried sticker charts, rewards, going somewhere fun and...
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    I'm looking for a RSTV 2 in a size small.
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    3 across puzzling question

    I really need to get 3 across in DHs Honda Accord. My van broke down and we had no choice but to transport our kids unsafely. My 45# 7 year old was center with just the seatbelt, my 28# 4 year old was in a high back turbobooster, and my 3 year old was FF harnessed in a Headwise (that was okay...
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    Graco Headwise in Honda Accord

    Forward facing. Rear facing isn't a problem at all. But I just tried forward facing and OMG, what a pain. Couldn't get it tight with the seatbelt, not even close. Even with twisting the belt stalk. So I did it with LATCH and finally got it. Then I couldn't really get the top tether tight. It...
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    3 across help

    I've searched the 3 across thread but there are lots of new seats out since most of the posts. DH has an '03 Accord. I really would like 3 seats in his car because lately I've been having to reinstall seats all the time. Kids stats are: DS2 7 years old, about 45#, not sure how tall, fairly...
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    I hate head slump

    I thought with the Graco Headwise that FF head slump wouldn't be an issue. It is :(. DD1 sleeps terrible in it, snores like crazy and wakes up and cries and shifts around, falls back asleep, repeat 5 min later. When she keeps her head up she sleeps fine in it, but that's rare. I need her to...
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    I turned my 4 year old FF

    And I'm feeling so guilty about it. She turned 4 in Dec and is 28lbs, not sure how tall but shorter than average. We are on the go all the time now, in and out of my van and I got so sick of having to take snowy, icky wet boots on and off. She's very um, high strung and she'd climb in her seat...
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    Question for a friend

    A neighbor just messaged me on facebook asking me a question. Her daycare lady has her own boys in those captains chairs that can face backward, thinking that it is as good as rearfacing? I'm not sure what seats they are in.
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    Um, wow. (Michigan's new carseat law)

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