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    No headrest restrictions on newer 40# AOE?

    When did this change? I'd never heard this and had only seen the 50# versions w/out the restriction. Did they change it across the board?
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    I want a stroller where I can see my baby...

    Anyone? I know Graco makes one in a travel system. I would prefer something that would make into a travel system but I have no idea about strollers.
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    Getting nauseous in the car

    Evan has been complaining lately about getting a sick feeling in the car, even for short trips from school to home which take like 3-5 mins. This is new for him so I have no idea what to do. I'm not shocked as I can't sit in the 3rd row (where he is) for very long either and I definitely can't...
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    Anyone seen this, it's the Freakanomics guy? What would you say in response to it?
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    Bokoo covers, can't find where they're approved for Chiccos

    I'm looking on the website and I can't find it and none of the old links from here work. Can someone help me?
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    Any reason to be a GN over a Maestro?

    I was thinking of getting Ilana a Maestro and giving her RNXT back to Olivia again. She's not even 40# and we don't plan on using either as a booster so is there a good reason to spend the extra $$$ on the GN?
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    What do you think this carseat law means?

    (2) one or more years of age but less than five years of age who weighs 20 pounds or more shall be properly secured in a child restraint device that meets or exceeds the standards of the United States Department of Transportation and is used in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions...
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    Do ProBoosters ever go on sale?

    Has anyone ever paid attention? I wish they had them locally. AJ's PWSG tends to lean and it drives me nuts so I'm thinking of getting him a different one.
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    Any interest in old style BV covers?

    I'm trying to figure out what I'm going to do about carseats and thought I'd see if anyone had any interest in a Shannon BV cover or a Park Avenue cover? I should have all the pieces, shoulder pads and crotch pad may need to be looked for further, lol. I was thinking $40 shipped for each? Or...
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    Need some pics

    Anyone have one I can snag for a presentation I'm giving. I don't have any good ones from when my kids were younger. Thanks! I could use a pic too of a big kid in a backless booster too.
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    Slides for carseat presentation

    How have others broken down their slides before? I was going to do short slides w/ a picture on each type (infant, rfing, ffing, etc). Shoud I then do seperate slides for rules that apply to all the seats (tightness of seatbelt or latch, no coats, etc) instead of putting them on each section...
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    This is a 40# seat right?

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    Chaperone travel system on sale

    The Britax site has the Chaperone travel system + extra base on sale for $339.98 + free shipping. That's $279 off I think.
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    2yo loosening Recaro harness?

    Anyone had this happen? I know w/ the Britax, they have a fix for that and we're going to see tomorrow if it works on the Recaro, but does anyone have a real fix from them? 2yo is rfing still, but has just realized they can loosen the harness and mom is worried she'll do it w/out her knowing.
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    Locking seatbelts in other countries?

    What about LATCH too or ISOFIX I guess? I'm not well traveled enough, at all w/ a child anyways, to know what is available in other parts of the world when travelling w/ carseats.
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    How common are locking seatbelts in other countries?

    Never mind I think I'm going to move this question
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    Comfort of built in boosters and purpose of armrests?

    Anyone care to comment. Does anyone have a child that's used a built in booster? How does your child think it compares to a regular booster, specifically a hbb? Do backless boosters only need armrests if they aren't built in? I thought I knew the reason for the armrests, but maybe I'm wrong...
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    HBB or NBB for trips to daycare

    The boys will need to get driven from school to the babysitter 1-2x a week this semester by someone, we're not sure who right now. It will not be DH or I though and not their babysitter. I will need to get them new boosters as I don't have enough, but I want cheap ones, not looking at getting a...
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    Let's see those MR65 pics!

    I know some of us just ordered one, or even if you don't have a new one, let's see them. :) I ordered one and then sold it to my friend April, who will then sell it to my friend Denise tomorrow. :p Here's Olivia and Ilana in it and then one of Olivia in the SS1 too. Olivia is just under the 3rd...
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    Best info on not using aftermarket covers?

    A local kids' boutique that I have on my FB page is going to start selling those hideous hot pink and whatever am carseat covers. I posted they were unsafe and she wants more info. Do we have any good links on why?

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