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  1. cdncasper

    2nd generation 2005 Montana

    How are they for safety? Installing carseats (Frontier CT and Sureride rear facing)? Also, how many top tethers?
  2. cdncasper

    odyssey vs venture vs sienna

    WWYD? 2004-2005 Chevy Venture with 150000-180000 kms Or 2003 Honda Odyssey with 227000 kms Or 2002 Toyota Sienna with 258000kms
  3. cdncasper

    Best older minivan

    We are looking at getting a minivan in the next month. We can't afford much so we are looking at 2003-2006 minivans, specifically dodge, Pontiac or Ford. We have a 4.5 year old in a Frontier CT and I have a lbb as an emergency seat. I have my nephews in my vehicle often, 1 is in a Scenera (FF)...
  4. cdncasper

    05-09 grand caravan vs 07/08 mazda5

    We have found out the flex is above our price range so looking at a grand caravan as a contendor to the mazda5 instead. I have only driven 2004 and older caravans so not sure about the newer ones. Looking at the stow n go options Need to fit a double stroller\ 2 kids everyday with up to 2 more...
  5. cdncasper

    07/08 mazda5 vs 09 Flex

    Which is the better van? 2 kids: Britax CT and a rear facing Marathon with possibility of an infant seat or a Scenera. Not sure which one I would prefer
  6. cdncasper

    trying to id a seat

    I was at wal-mart about a month ago and saw a really insteresting seat in the minivan beside me. It looked similar to the orbit infant seat but it was forward facing, was pink with polka dots and didn't have any english/spanish/french words on the side. Looked kinda like chinese/japanese...
  7. cdncasper

    Just saw this

    I was on (canadian) and noticed a new combination seat, is there any reviews on it?
  8. cdncasper

    3 across thread?????

    I can never find it, where is it again please
  9. cdncasper

    How well does a......

    Radian and a Marathon 65 puzzle together with both RF compared to how the Radian and original Marathon puzzle? It is way too cold right now to test it at toys r us but I might be able to pay for the Marathon 65 with it being on sale at toys r us right now.
  10. cdncasper

    Winnipeg Carseat Clinic

    This saturday Jan 8th from 9:30 to 1 at the MPI claim center on St. Mary's Rd (930 St. Mary's Rd, I believe). I will be there, anyone else?
  11. cdncasper

    2006 Odyssey EX

    What can you tell me about the 2006 Odyssey EX? I am hoping to trade in my Civic for this van and would like to know the good and bad about it. It is an 8 seater, approx 90,000KM and priced at $17,500.
  12. cdncasper

    Used van

    I am (hopefully) getting rid of my Civic in the next few months and getting a used van instead but I have no idea where to start. What I am looking for: --as many top tethers as possible (I am in canada) --2000-2006 --Up to $6000 --Captains chairs in 2nd row --Good in snowy, extreme cold...
  13. cdncasper

    Thumbs up to Graco service

    I have a 2007 Safeseat that has lost half the stickers on the seat and all but the DOM on the base so I emailed Graco and about a week later (including a holiday) I now have a new Snugride 32 shell and base that my Safeseat cover will go on. DOM on the seat is Dec 15, 2009. They want me to...
  14. cdncasper

    Canada FS: 03/08 Radian

    *prefer local only, winnipeg or area* Radian for sale Comes with granite cover (no harness covers) and champange cover (everything almost brand new). Brand new in plastic rear facing boot with tether. Rear faces to 30lbs, forward faces to 65lbs. Has Britax chest clip instead of Radian one...
  15. cdncasper

    Should I?

    I am thinking of selling one of my Radians to fund 2 Sceneras for my daycare kids. Kort's marathon will expire in January and if I get sceneras than I can keep them plus my other Radian rear facing which means my 2 yr old daycare boy could still rear face, I wouldn't have to switch from FF to...
  16. cdncasper

    Question What should I do?

    Ok 2 questions First one I have 3 boosters from when I was looking after my last family and I don't know if I should keep them, sell them or give them away. They are a HB Turbobooster, NB Turbobooster and a Clek Oto. Both Turbos have 3 yrs left and the Oto has 2 yrs left. I am doing a home...
  17. cdncasper

    Airplane travel

    Ok I have no experience with carseats in airports or on planes so need your help please. My friend is travelling in April or May from Winnipeg, MB to Thunder Bay, ON with her as of right now 7 1/2 month old (22lbs). It will be her, the baby and the great grandma (90 yrs old, partially blind)...
  18. cdncasper

    Airplane travel

    Ok I have no experience with carseats in airports or on planes so need your help please. My friend is travelling in April or May from Winnipeg, MB to Thunder Bay, ON with her as of right now 7 1/2 month old (22lbs). It will be her, the baby and the great grandma (90 yrs old, partially blind)...
  19. cdncasper

    What seat?

    Ok I just need to know an answer please. What is safest in the front seat of a car? Option A: FF harnessed seat, tethered to seatbelt right behind, airbag on Option B: Highback booster, locked seatbelt, airbag off Option C: Booster with no back, locked seatbelt, airbag off I have been...
  20. cdncasper

    Myride at wal-mart

    I was at wal-mart yesterday and saw the MyRide 65 there for (I think) $197.99 (definitly under $200). They only had the grey cover.

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