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  1. Niea

    Question Tapatalk?

    Any chance you could enable this in the forum software, Darren? Its free to do so. I browse these forums on mobile devices most of the time and Tapatalk would make it sooo much easier. Thanks!
  2. Niea

    Which seat would you use?

    I have waaaay too many seats to know what to do with. Help me out here! So DS is 17 mos and 22ish pounds. He's currently RFing in a 2005 Blvd in my car. The seat is fine and I don't really have any issues with it, except maybe that the headwings make it difficult for me to get DS in and out...
  3. Niea

    Booster recommendation

    I am totally new to the world of boosters! Please help a girl out. . . DD is 4y3m, 42lbs and 42 inches. She rides in a Nautilus, Frontier, and Regent on a regular basis and that's not going to change, but I would really feel comfortable with having a spare seat for her that grandma can use. I...
  4. Niea

    Any interest in an Decathlon Odyssey cover?

    I was in a car accident a few weeks ago and had to get my Decathlon replaced. I chose to get a True Fit, so now I've got a DC cover and no seat to go with it. It's the Odyssey pattern from 2005. The cover is in really good condition, though has some fading along the sides (darn NM sun!). It...
  5. Niea

    Question Another "do my seats need replacing?" thread

    I know these come up a lot, but I gotta ask anyway. :D I was in a collision a few hours ago coming home from work. I was driving on the freeway, but preparing to exit and since it's rush hour, I was slowing down. Well, the guy behind me obviously didn't get the memo and rear-ended me. I was...
  6. Niea

    For Sale New and EUC diaper covers, size S and NB

    Four NEW Swaddlebees ABC Wraps (outlet store) for sale, size Small $8 each, ppd Baby Blue Butter Seaspray Citrus Circles I bought them a week ago but I must have been in denial about my DSs size because they are too small for him. I should have bought them in Medium instead. I really like...
  7. Niea

    Just bought a Mac Twin Techno

    I just had to share. :love: I debated whether I even needed a double stroller, which I realized on our first big trip out of the house. . I DO! Then I had to decide whether I wanted a tandem or a side-by-side. . .after trying a bunch out at BRU I settled on the SBS. My BR didn't have any Mac...
  8. Niea

    carseat sighting at the mall

    OK, I just got back from the mall and just had to share what I saw. . . The scene: minivan parked in the lot In the 3rd row were two carseats installed. The first seat was a Husky/Regent. Yeah! Bonus points for extended harnessing and so great to see that seat since most people in my area...
  9. Niea

    Need info on tether retrofit

    My parents have a '92 GMC Suburban and I'd like to get it retrofitted with top tethers. Anyone care to look up the part number for me? Does anyone know what GMs pricing policy on this is (totally free, nominal charge, etc)? Oh, and what seating positions can be retrofitted? Both the second...
  10. Niea

    Need installation help for Regent and Boulevard in Explorer SporTrac

    I am so over our vehicle. Over all it's been fine, but it absolutely sucks for carseats. It's an '02 Explorer SporTrac, no LATCH. Center has no headrests or shoulderbelt, so up until this point (with only one child) it hasn't been too bad with the Boulevard. We got DD a Regent so we could...
  11. Niea

    Toddler and infant -- best configuration in car?

    So I'm sure some of you have seen that I just bought Regents for DD. And if you look at my siggie, you'll notice I am expecting a little boy any day now. :love: I'm using a Snugride for him. From a convenience standpoint, which seat should go where? Both seats will be outboard in the back (we...
  12. Niea

    When did cars start getting top anchors?

    Just curious, mainly ;) I ask because growing up, I rode in a 1979 Pontiac Bonneville. In fact, my parents barely sold the car last year. . .they were the original owners and kept it in decent shape the whole time! It was also what I drove in HS since my parents didn't care if I wrecked it...
  13. Niea

    At what height/weight/age would a kid not be dwarfed in a Regent?

    This is a follow up to my post the other day, about infant seats for the new babe. I realize this is down the road a bit, but I'm a planner by nature (darn that left-brain thing!) so I want to have an idea. If I pass DD's convertibles down to the new baby when he outgrows the infant seat...
  14. Niea

    Use my old Snugride or buy a SafeSeat?

    With baby #2 coming in a few months, I figured I better start really thinking about carseats. I still have the Snugride I used with DD. I need to double check, but I think the DOM is early 2005. So it won't be expired or anything. It is the 5pt model, but no EPS foam and 20lb limit. We took...
  15. Niea

    She had the right idea, but totally missed the boat

    I'm traveling for business this week and had to take a really early flight this morning. There was this mother with an infant, I'd say roughly 5-6mos old. She had an airplane seat for the baby and an infant seat, too. Except that she didn't install the infant seat at all! She had it forward...
  16. Niea

    What should I do with my Snugride?

    I have a Snugride I used with DD when she was a newborn -- DOM early 2005 (can't remember exact month, Jan or Feb I think). It's in pristine condition, never been in an accident, etc. It has a front adjuster, but no EPS foam. I hung on to it all this time because I thought I'd have another...
  17. Niea

    Impressed by preschool!

    My friend lives in a small rural town which offers free preschool to qualified kids. I think it's part of Head Start. Her son, who just turned 3, now goes to the Preschool for a few hours each week. The school sends a small school bus to her house to pick the boy up and then drops him back...
  18. Niea

    Stroller for walking trails?

    We'll be doing some camping this summer and are looking for a good stroller that will work on the trails. We're not serious hikers or terribly athletic, so we don't expect to need something extremely rugged. Just something that we can use for a few miles walking here and there, from the camp...
  19. Niea

    carseats in motorhomes

    My ILs have a motorhome and have asked us to take a trip with them sometime. The thing I'm most concerned about is how to transport DD. It's a smallish motorhome and I think that the only seats that have seatbelts are the side-facing ones. But I also know it's a no-no to install a carseat on...
  20. Niea

    Some cars are just not made for carseats!

    I just bought a Scenara as a backup seat for DD. My parents will keep it in case they need to pick her up from daycare, etc. Anyway, so I just had the pleasure of attempting to install it in one of their cars: a 1984 Mercedes wagon. Install was :eek: The belt buckle (male) is large and...

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