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  1. stephie1012

    Sling and seats?

    My daughter will be having some major shoulder surgery at the end of the month. For the first week at least her arm will be in a sling and swathe. For the following 7 weeks her arm will be in a regular sling. What will be the safest way for her to ride in the car? She is booster trained for...
  2. stephie1012

    Target clearance

    Just a heads up my target had seats on clearance. The myride70 was $69, the newer complete air $140ish, I snagged a my size for $99. The entire baby section is being redone.
  3. stephie1012

    What to use on plane?

    In May, we are flying to disney. We are using all disney transportation. The baby will be riding in her snug ride on the plane, the 6 and 8yr olds will be using the plane seatbelt. My question is for the 3.5yr old. Should I use a car seat, cares harness or nothing? She's 41.5" and 43lbs right...
  4. stephie1012

    News Graco bans toxic flame retardants Graco has decided to stop using toxic flame retardants in their baby gear, wdyt?
  5. stephie1012

    easiest seat to use

    whats the easiest convertible seat to install? Im buying my nephew one for his bday. His mom plans to ERF. little man is 24lbs and 28" at 11months. they drive a newer Mercedes csomething. I remember the latch being buried. Britax have been the easiest for me, but how long will it last him with...
  6. stephie1012

    need 2 new seats

    So im buying my nephew a convertible seat. Hes 11months old, hes 23lbs and 29inches, average torso i guess. car is a 2010 mercedes c something or other. I know the anchors were burried when they installed his infant seat. What should i get him? His mom in on board with ERFing. And i need a new...
  7. stephie1012

    hardest seat to unbuckle?

    So whats the hardest seat to unbuckle? DS has been unbuckling his seat and getting out. It was just while stopped but he started while we are driving now. Nothing works we tried scare tactics, i tried to use the breaks so he falls, he just laughed at me and said do it again. He just turned 4 and...
  8. stephie1012

    bus questions

    i know being on the school bus is safe. im getting alot of grief about it from my family tho, mostly my little brother. Im having a hard time explaining why its safe. anyone want to help? i tried to explain compartmentalization (gah did i spell that right?). but he wants to know what happens in...
  9. stephie1012

    how much time

    does she have in this seat? It looks alot to me but i suck at this lol or do i need a better pic?
  10. stephie1012

    3 across help

    DH needs to take my van to NC this weekend (i decided to stay home). Im going to have his 02 blazer this weekend. What will work for 3 across? Kyleigh is 48lbs shes good in a booster, Cj is 40lbs and julia is 20lbs obviously RFing. Seats i have are regent, truefit (original one), scenera (35lbs...
  11. stephie1012

    stoller buckles?

    i need to get a double stroller, i want a bjcmd. But after renting one in March in Disney we figured out the clip was to easy for DS to get undone. He would undo the buckles and take off on us. Luckily i had our chicco capri stroller, he cant unbuckle that buckle. Can we use a different buckle...
  12. stephie1012

    belt getting caught

    so the shoulder belt gets caught up in the belt guide of the turbobooster in Dhs truck (92 chevy blazer). It doesnt ratchet back in properly. We got a probooster and the belt guide is perfect, doesnt get caught up at all...but the seat is super tippy in there. i have no clue why. any advice...
  13. stephie1012

    which convertible?

    So julia still has a good while before she outgrows her onboard 35. But im gonna be watching my nephew soon and i planned on putting him in it and getting jules a new seat. So what should i get? Julia is 51% for height and 50% for weight. My older 2 kids are tall and both hit 35lbs before...
  14. stephie1012

    Question Tf lock offs

    When installing with seatbelt do I lock the belt and use the lock offs? Or don't lock belt and just use the lock offs? Seat is ff in an 02 blazer.
  15. stephie1012

    yes another wwyd?!

    DD is about 47.5lbs now. Shes in a regent, i drive a hyundai entourage which defers to the seat manufacturer for latch, its 48lbs. She sits in the 3rd row. I cant get a good seatbelt install. I actually suck at all seatbelt installs. She also has a booster back there as well. She does amazing in...
  16. stephie1012

    Onboard35 vent

    I just spent about 20mins it 7f weather trying to get julias seat out of its base. It was completely stuck. Thank goodness my brother was home and was able to get it out. My hands are killing me. what the heck? Anyone have this happen? I posted about having to push each side into the base to get...
  17. stephie1012

    booster fit check please?!

    how does DD look in it? she was lifting her arms bc she had them in her lap...wdyt? She is 44.5inches and 45lbs, 5yrs old. Still booster training, she prefers her regent lol i cant blame her tho.
  18. stephie1012

    who needs Gymbo codes?

    I have 2 codes for 20% off..we got them yesterday when the kids saw santa. if anyone wants them PM me. They expire on Dec 24th.
  19. stephie1012

    turbo armrests

    So we bought DD a turbo today to start booster training (shes 45.8lbs and 44inches) What level do i need the arm rests at? (yes the screws are in lol) i put them on the shortest should i change that? What exactly does changing them do? Shes fits so good in it I have the head rest one click up...
  20. stephie1012

    narrow double jogger?

    dont have a huge amount to spend, but what is the narrowest double jogger? I was looking at this|B002QDMOGM&CPNG=baby&ci_src=14110944&ci_sku=B002QDMOGM&ref=tgt_adv_XSG10001 i need something to fit in...

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