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  1. sunnymw

    ISO: Parkway

    Prefer black or red. SG or SGL. Shipping to 31763 or meet within reasonable distance.
  2. sunnymw

    ISO: girls size 10-11 shoes

    Show me what ya got :) Tennis shoes mostly. Maybe comfy boots. Nothing with a heel.
  3. sunnymw

    OnBoard35/Eddie Bauer Surefit questions

    I have a check this afternoon and Dorel is just awesome about letting you read manuals online (NOT). So... Baseless install: does the shoulder belt lay flat against seat or go back through the guides? Noodles/towels allowed if needed for more reclined install? Any other oddities I need to...
  4. sunnymw

    Cosco Scenera - FF or RF?

    Scenera RF on a plane.
  5. sunnymw

    Longest lasting, with lockoff

    Longest lasting rear-facing seat AND longest lasting FF seat, with lockoff. GO! Family is moving overseas for a job (Quatar). Kids are.... 1-2yo and 4-5yo (to the best of my recollection). Will be issued an unknown type of company vehicle so may not have locking belts?
  6. sunnymw

    iPhone 5 16GB and Samsung Galaxy s4

    These WERE on Sprint. We are in dispute about contract terms (they couldn't provide service where I worked which is where I am, they threatened to terminate my contract, they gave me X number of days before termination, and then they terminated the data portion of my contract in the middle of...
  7. sunnymw

    New Graco turbo prints?

    I saw these by accident on Are they...
  8. sunnymw

    Amp / vivo / SG?

    Any or all of these allow overhang? TIA
  9. sunnymw

    Recaro Performance Sport, Clek Foonf (trade for HBBs/Diono)

    I loooooooooove this seat. LOVE IT. But trading this is easier than trading a car, and am thinking I would like something with a little less width. I bought this new in Oct/Nov 2013 and I recall it being a good DOM. I can get the exact DOM though. Great condition. We don't take my car as much...
  10. sunnymw

    Free for shipping: misc parts

    I Have Truefit cup holders (tan and black) Unknown cup holder Nautilus pad set (gray... Of course) Radian pad set (light gray) Some misc evenflo head pads An unknown body cushion with matching unknown head pillow Truefit cappuccino body pillow Uptown shoulder straps Pic coming...
  11. sunnymw

    For Sale or Trade Girls 3T & 4T, girl/boy shoes

    4T Summer, $35ppd for all 4T summer dresses $15ppd for all 4T Slightly Cooler Summer :p $30ppd for all 3T. Hard to see but it's 7 pants. $35ppd for all Shoes. Far right: vibrams FF size jr30. $15 each. Fila camo size 12 $3. Middle row: size 8. $15 for all. Left row: size 7-7.5. Flip...
  12. sunnymw

    German seats?

    It'll be next year before we go again and I'm thinking I'd like a different strategy this time (ie, I don't want to haul 3 heavy seats on a plane). So, just curious overall, what are the best seats over there for each stage? Is there a forward facing harnessed seat that holds a higher weight...
  13. sunnymw

    Expiration date/DOM on Graco Nautilus??

    Here is mine. Numbers on back and sticker on bottom. The numbers on back say 09 6 0 6 The DOM on the sticker says 2009 06 26 The seat is 6 years and the backless booster is 9 years.
  14. sunnymw

    I need a HBB

    And I need it to puzzle with a FF Myride. And I need it to either be super shallow OR allow overhang. (Or, hey, both is cool too) :cool:
  15. sunnymw

    I need a form! :)

    Our goal as police officers, believe it or not, is education and voluntary compliance. :cool: In a show of good faith in that goal I'd like a form I can give out whenever I cite someone for child restraint violation (for the record, it's looked down upon to cite for "minor" misuse--ie, if I...
  16. sunnymw

    I need a recommendation...

    1. HWH 2. For 2.5yo who is 36lbs 3. Center seat of 2003 Dodge Durango (the "20" of a 40/20/40 split, very narrow) 4. LOOOOOOONG buckle stalk. 5. Lap belt only, no top tether The Maestro fits, I'm looking for what will work there after the weight limit is exceeded on that seat.
  17. sunnymw

    Foonf lockoffs breaking?

    One of my lock offs broke on my foonf today! The top piece broke off completely in my hand! I seem to remember there being a thread about that issue awhile back but my search function is not cooperating :/ Halp! It's in the rental, a 2013 Chevy Cruz.
  18. sunnymw

    Joovy toy car seat

    I was looking at this for Korah... but... good grief, wouldn't it just be cheaper to buy the real thing?! :eek: :duck:
  19. sunnymw

    Install check?

    2004 honda accord. Recaro performance sport, ride safer travel vest 2, clek foonf Leaving it like this in the car means jake just has to slip into the vest, buckle the buckle and seat belt, and slip under one clip instead of 3. It also keeps the dang belt from getting stuck under the...
  20. sunnymw

    Question Combination seat?

    Are there any combination seats that will fit skinny kids well in booster mode? Are any of them latch able? Sent from my phone using fat fingers on a tiny keyboard.

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