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    Double Stroller Help

    Hi. I'm looking for a double stroller (tandem) that has good steering & will fit into my 2004 Hyundai Elantra trunk. Also, something under $300 and if possible, something that will hold a car seat (not as important). I just had baby #2 & my MIL had bought has the Quattro Duo, but it doesn't...
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    Update on my P3

    HI Everyone. I know I promised to post pics of my new P3, I still haven't gotten around to taking any, sorry. :( I have been busy accessorizing it. :) I ordered a Jolly Jumper and I may be getting a Skip Hop Dash in red for $35 (it will look really good with my black sable P3). I will try...
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    Attaching Snugride to my P3?

    I was just wondering if I needed anything special to attach my Graco Snugride to my Pliko P3 (I believe it's 2005). If so where can I get it for cheap? I'm only going to need it for my vacation, to and from. After that, my DD is back to her MA. TIA!!
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    Graco Snugride

    Hi. My DD is 1yo., 18 lbs and just now 29in. I have a MA that I is now in my car for her. I will be going away in a couple of weeks (flying) and think it would be easier to take my snugride w/me. Being that she is exactly at the 29in. mark, do you think this would be a safety issue or problem?
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    Got My P3!!!

    Hi Everyone!!! My MIL just came over with a P3 in Black Sable that she had purchased for $85...I LOVE IT!!! This is my first good stroller, I have a Graco and a Safety 1st(which we hate). I can't wait to go out and use it, it steers so smoothly!!! So far, I only have 2 questions, I may have more...
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    Advice Please

    I posted this on the Stroller board, but decided I should try here too. I'll be traveling with my 1 year old (today's her birthday!!!), next month. It will just be the 2 of us and I can't imagine lugging her carseat and her through the airport. I was wondering if those Sit N Stroll...
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    Need Advice Please

    I'll be traveling with my 1 year old (today's her birthday!!!), next month. It will just be the 2 of us and I can't imagine lugging her carseat and her through the airport. I was wondering if those Sit N Stroll carseat/strollers are any good. I read somewhere that they are FAA aproved. Any...
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    Pliko P3 ????

    Hi. My MIL just bought a Pliko P3 in Black Sable for me for $85!! I haven't seen it yet, but she said the only thing wrong with it is that it is really dirty. I was just wondering if anyone has any tips on cleaning the fabric, the lady she bought it from said to hand wash it with Woolite...
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    2005 Pliko P3

    I might be getting a 2005 Pliko P3 in Black Sable for $85. I was just wondering what the difference is between the 2005 P3s and the newer P3s. TIA.
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    Pliko Lite or P3?

    I'm trying to figure out which to get. I found a Lite in a consignment store for $150 it had a diaper bag and an accessory bag (not sure exactly which accessories, but I know there was a tray). My daughter is almost 1yr. and prob. just over 17 lbs. I want something that is going to last a...
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    Looking for extra carseat

    Hi. I just bought a marathon for my daughter, to put in my Elantra. I am now looking for a carseat to put in my husband's car and my mom's car. I am looking for something that is not too expensive, but is just as safe as the marathon. She will be in my car most of the time. Any suggestions?

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