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    Response from a kiddo who doesn't ride in a booster.

    I took DD2's friend with us recently. She's 7 and doesn't use a booster in her parents car. I was fully expecting her to say something about the "baby" seats and was figuring out how I was going to tactfully tell her she had to be in one. I had a Frontier in booster mode and a nbb. When I...
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    know anything about the 2001 Toyota Camry?

    The good, the bad, whatever you've got. Little kids won't be in it so car seat ease doesn't matter. My 16 year old would drive it.
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    How do you tell if a car has side airbags?

    We're looking at a car tomorrow. According to, side bags are optional for this year and model. Will it have a special decal or something? Or is there a website that can tell me from the vin? The side airbags would be a huge selling factor for me. I'm already :eek: about my 16...
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    Possibly ISO American Girl Doll and/or Bitty Baby/Twin

    DD just told me this is what she wants for her 3 weeks. It's the first she's ever mentioned AG and she's really more into animals than dolls. Soooo, paying the used price is easier to swallow than new.
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    2000 Dodge Dakota

    Single cab. The passenger airbag turns off with a key. What's the best set up for the very very rare times a kid/kids are in this truck? 5 or 7 yo. I have a highback booster, low back booster or FF Radian (only 5yo fits). The middle seat has lap belt so only the Radian can go there and it...
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    In Search Of SG clip for older Frontier

    shipping to 85027 Thanks!
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    Who have I been emailing with about cow moo ma cover?

    I'm having computer problems and can't figure out how to get into my email from this borrowed iPad. Please respond here or pm me. thanks!
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    Would you let your teenager drive this vehicle?

    Jeep Cherokee 4x4. The regular Cherokee, not the Grand Cherokee. About 1995 or whenever they started having front airbags. We're maybe thinking about getting one of these for DH to use for hunting and camping...instead of his Honda Civic. It would be convenient to have DD (16) drive it...
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    Check Interest-Classic Cowmoo MA prefer Phx area

    10/07 DOM so 2 years left. 33lb rf Cowmoo cover. Will include Onxy Decathalon cover included if you'd like. Both in great shape with all pads and huggs.
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    checking interest classic marathon-prefer Phoenix area

    10/07 dom so 2 years left. 33lb RF limit. Cowmoo cover with all pads & Onyx Decathalon cover. Covers in good shape. Would prefer to sell locally (Phoenix, AZ).
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    Lets say you had $2000 for a teenager's car...

    What would you buy? DD1's about to turn 16 and get her license:eek: I'd really like her to have a new car with a million airbags and bubble wrap the whole thing. But this what she has to work with. She'll be covering the car expenses. With the high insurance rates where we live there's no...
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    seat tops touching?

    I'll try to explain the best I can. I'd like to put a RF Radian in the third row behind a FF Frontier in the second row. The headrest is off the second row to accommodate the Frontier. The Radian top sits higher and is just about touching the back of the Frontier head rest. The child's head...
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    WWYD Especially for nannys/child care providers

    I'm trying to decide whether or not I should keep my daycare girl RF when she tops out her current seat. She's 2yrs 7 mos. 31lbs in a 33lb MA. I need to stick with the seats I already have. Quick version...would you keep her RF and make your own kids a little less safe or would you FF her so...
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    thinking ahead-low priced car for teenager

    My big kid is turning 16 over the summer. :eek: We're starting to think about types of cars for her. In a perfect world, she'd drive something almost new with awesome crash scores and a million airbags. In the real world, we're looking at spending about $3-5k. $3k is actually more doable, but...
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    Enable or dissuade me BJ Micro

    I'm 1/2 considering getting a BJ Micro. I don't really need one. I'm getting ready to sell a bunch of strollers and am feeling a bit sad because I won't need to buy anymore.:o I know that sounds silly-only you carseat/stroller gurus would understand. I could easily fund it with the many...
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    recommend seat with 40+ RF limit

    I'm fed up with our Radian and about ready to throw it in the street. Trying to install the pig by myself in 100 degree heat is driving me crazy. I'm giving thought to just getting a new seat to continue RF or maybe even going FF in the Radian. DD3 is 3yrs 4mo and 35lbs. 3 across isn't a...
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    DD rode FF for the first time

    Only you guys would understand how big of a deal this is for me. We took DD3 on an 8 hour trip this past weekend. We wound up with only 1 kid and 1 dog so we decided to drive DH's Civic coupe. This car was not bought with car seats in mind. DD3's RF Radian will only fit with the passenger...
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    need convertible seat recommendation

    SIL is starting to think about the next seat for my nephew. He's just 7 months old and in a Chicco infant seat. Avg to large size with a big noggin. I would like to see him rear-facing for a long time. An easy to deal with seat will stay rear facing longer than something difficult. I can't...
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    Britax Chaparone for $160 at Phoenix Target

    It's at the Target at Bell Rd and 7th St. I don't remember which pattern, but I can check if you need. They also had 2 bases. Looks like an internet return. All are in unopened looking boxes on an end cap near the diapers. Thought I'd post just in case someone local is looking for one.
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    Which of these options is better?

    Today is one of the vary vary rare days kids have to go in DH's car. DD is 3 years 3 months and 35lbs. 2010 Honda Civic coup. Choices: RF Radian. Install is just acceptable. Movement at belt path is acceptable, but not in rock solid like I'd prefer. The recline is full 45 degrees. It...

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