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  1. SeattleRain

    Radian or True Fit

    I'm looking for the best deal I can find on a Radian R120 or a True Fit. Anyone have any leads?
  2. SeattleRain

    2001 Volvo S40 Car Seats: quirks? suggestions?

    We're in the process of buying a 2001 Volvo S40 that I actually haven't even seen yet. My parents found it in Oregon, and I'm in Washington, and I'm going down this weekend to take a look at it. It's what we've been looking for (cheap, used, high mileage but a new engine, air bags) so I'm pretty...
  3. SeattleRain

    Boulevard Headwings: Love or Hate

    I had decided to buy Daniel the Cowmoo MA but I'm having trouble finding it in stock anywhere in the price range I'm looking for! Just Kids Store is having a good deal and I could get a Cowmoo BLVD70 for the same price as I was going to pay for a MA70 somewhere else, but I'm unsure about the...
  4. SeattleRain

    Need a new seat: soft and cushy!

    My 18 month old needs a new car seat. We have one car that my husband I share, so I always need one seat in the car and one in the closet to use when I get rides with friends or rent cars. Currently, Daniel rides in a CCO in our car and he had been riding in a SS1 in other cars, but he just...
  5. SeattleRain

    Seattlites in Need of CCO

    I was just at the BRU/TRU in Southcenter and saw they had an in-box return of a Licorice Coccoro. DOM was 10/11 and said that it was from 3-30lbs. I couldn't find a price tag on it, so I'd guess it had just been returned. The website lists it at $189, but I find the stuff in the returns area is...
  6. SeattleRain

    ISO Perfect Lightweight Stroller

    I just sold my City Mini Single because it's really not exactly what I wanted. I already have an UppaBaby Vista that I use for long walks, etc. but I wanted a lightweight stroller for the car because the Vista literally takes up the entire trunk in my car. If I'm with another mom with a...
  7. SeattleRain

    Question US/Canadian Seats

    My SIL is in Canada and I live in Washington State. She's looking to get a convertible seat for her son and asked what I recommended in her price range. Being unfamiliar with Canadian carseats I looked at BRU-Canada/Walmart/Zellers/etc. and chose the Evenflo Triumph, True Fit, or Graco My Ride...
  8. SeattleRain

    Question KF30 Installation Problems in a Subaru

    I just spent the better part of the last 40 minutes trying to figure out a way to install my KF30 in the back of my 2009 Subaru Impreza. I have a CCO outboard on the passenger side and I want it to stay there since it's tethered and doesn't come out of my car since it's my son's main seat. My...
  9. SeattleRain

    Great travel seat that DOESNT require noodles

    We're a 1 car family, but my son and I often ride in friends' cars so we're in the position of installing carseats on the fly. At the moment, Daniel still fits in a Graco SS1 so I install that baseless, but he obviously won't fit in that forever and it's a far from perfect solution. I know the...
  10. SeattleRain

    Britax B-Safe Manual

    I'm helping a friend whose first baby came 3 weeks early install his Britax B-Safe (he had just taken it out of the box!), but I wanted to take a look at the manual first and I can't seem to find it online. Does anyone know where I can find it?
  11. SeattleRain

    Cat Urine on Carseats

    Yep, as the title suggests, my cat has peed on Daniel's (old) Chicco KF. I suspect that he might have peed on his SS1 as well, which is just great! I can't locate the manuals right now, does anyone know how I should deal with this problem? I have a front loading washer that has a handwash...
  12. SeattleRain

    Leasing a new, cheap car for a small family

    We're a 1 car family currently and have been for our whole marriage (we have a Subaru Impreza) but my husband is going back to school which will require a 2 hour round trip commute every day. We are broke and have no money towards a down payment (since we're paying for my husband's graduate...
  13. SeattleRain

    Shredded Harness Adjuster- Should I be Concerned

    Today I went to put Daniel in his seat and I noticed some shredding on his harness adjuster. I tried to take some pictures but I'm having trouble uploading at the moment. Should I be concerned about this? What should I do?
  14. SeattleRain

    Graco Travel System at Costco

    There was a Graco travel system at Costco here in Seattle for $199. It included a gray/black SN22 w/ front adjust and a regular style graco stroller. I was kind of surprised since I thought Costco only did Dorel stuff, but in any case, it did seem like quite the deal.
  15. SeattleRain

    Coccoro Styrafoam Crunch

    So today I was loading my unruly one year old into his Coccoro (which is only 3 months old) and I heard a "crunch" sound when I leaned on it. Once I had him strapped in, I peeled back the cover to look at the styrafoam (I actually don't know if that's the technical term for what that stuff is...
  16. SeattleRain

    Chicco Convertible

    Does anyone know anything about a Chicco Convertible? Is there any news on this front?
  17. SeattleRain

    Snugride 35

    How long does the average kid fit in this seat? I'm not talking about comfortably, like as if this would be a primary seat, but as a back up spare seat. We only have one car and I'm REALLY bad at installing carseats. Like it takes me a long time to get it right. The problem is that probably...
  18. SeattleRain

    Loosening and Tightening Harnesses Everytime

    I'm having a lot of carseat curiousity lately, so thanks for indulging me :) I am a person who has to loosen and tighten the harness literally every time I take my son out of his seat. This was the case in the KF30, and it's the case almost all the time with his new CCO. If I don't do this, I...
  19. SeattleRain

    Long Strap Covers on CCO

    I just installed my new CCO and I'm SO in love. It's really the perfect seat for us for our little man and he seems really cozy... and oh yeah, I can totally relax in the passenger seat now that I'm not eating dashboard like with the KF 30. The only think I'm having trouble with are the really...
  20. SeattleRain

    Alternate Angles for Keyfit 30

    I've heard people talk about installing their high-weight infant seats at more upright angles for older babies and am interested in doing this with my Keyfit 30, but I want to know if it's safe to install it this way because it hasn't been tested that way. Our time with the KF30 is coming to an...

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