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    Best deal on Monterey in red?

    Looking to buy a 2nd Monterey in red. I see a lot of sites have them for $149.99 with 20% off. Is there a better deal out there?
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    Any good deals out there for a Monterey?

    Looking for best price on a Monterey (preferably the red/black).
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    Lightweight stroller - First Years Ignite, or something else?

    I am looking for a lightweight, umbrella-type folding stroller to replace my Graco Ipo stroller. We've had the Ipo for only a year, and the strap that makes the seat sit upright won't tighten enough to make my 28 month old sit upright. He's always leaning back, or else compensating and leaning...
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    Harmony Literider belt guide?

    I just got my DD (7.5 yrs) a Literider for use in DH's Silverado crew cab. The rear center position doesn't have a headrest, so she is outboard on the passenger side. The lap belt fits very well, but the shoulder belt is very close to her neck. How do I use the attached "belt guide" (is that...
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    3rd Row T&C - TB, Maestro, TB?

    Hi~ My DD will be turning 6 in a couple of months (~43lbs., 45 inches), and I'd like to start booster-training. For most trips (in town and out-of-town) I'd like her to stay in a harness (currently GN), but I'd also like to be able to have a booster readily available (installed) for shorter...
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    Compare TFP and FN85

    Hi all, I sometimes get an itch to buy a new carseat. We do not NEED a new seat by any means, but I just have it in my head that I WANT a FN85 for DS. He is 26 months old, ~30 lbs., 36 inches tall (stocky and wide) and FFing in a TFP. (I realize he still would fit RFing, but we've gone FFing and...
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    Headrest question- LBB vs. HBB for lightweight 7 y/o

    Hi all, My DD is 7 y/o, about 48 lbs., and is 49 inches tall. She is currently in a Monterey HBB in my van and a HBTB in DH's crew cab truck. She sits outboard in the truck. She *sometimes* has trouble getting buckled in the truck because we have a 3 across situation. (Passenger to Driver: HBTB...
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    Where to buy TFP cover?

    We have a TFP and I would like to buy an extra cover for it. (Currently have the dark blue color - aurora maybe?) I've looked on the Learning Curve website but can't find where you would be able to order one. Anybody have any experience with that?
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    TF users- tips for tightening harness?

    Even with the TF's continous loop harness, at this time of year in Iowa, I must tighten/loosen the harness almost daily (if not more often) to deal with temperature/clothing changes. I had no trouble tightening the harness when DS was RFing by pulling the slack from the rear of the seat, but...
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    Where to put HBB in crew cab truck w/ side curtain airbags?

    Hi all, We just got a 2010 crew cab Chevy Silverado. From the window sticker I see that it has side curtain airbags (I think that's how it's stated) in the backseat. I don't know anything about how they work at all. Right now I have these seats across the back: TF (FFing), HBTB, GN. I put the...
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    Top tethers in '10 Silverado crew cab

    Manual says to use anchors of adjacent seat. So if I have two seats needing to be tethered, and both are outboard, is it okay to anchor both to the center position anchor? These are some funky loop-like things right at the top of the rear seat. I also have a carseat in the rear center position...
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    Monterey or Parkway SG? (or Probooster)

    After getting some information from Wendy (thanks, Wendy!), I've decided to go ahead and purchase a new dedicated booster for my 7 year old DD. Basically I have it narrowed down to these 3: Monterey, Parkway SG, or Probooster. I was all set to order the Monterey (pros: solid construction...
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    Dedicated booster with deep seat

    My DD is 7 y/o, weighs approx. 46 lbs. I don't know her exact height, but I'm not sure that's extremely important for this issue, other than she's all legs. Currently she's in an older Recaro YoungSport as a booster, but it doesn't support her legs well at all. The seat is going to expire in...
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    Tell me about the 2010 Silverado Crew Cab

    DH has settled on this truck for his new vehicle. I was not able to go to the dealer with him, but am wondering if anyone can tell me how carseat-friendly it is. We have 3 in seats: DS - 2 years old in True Fit, just started FFing DD1 - 7 years old in a YoungSport booster or HB TB DD2 - 5.5...
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    TB- "put the screws in" question

    DD1 rides in a HB TB sometimes, but we bought the thing a couple of years ago and it was used very intermittently until about 6 months ago. I keep reading "put the screws in," and "bet the screws aren't in," in reference to this seat. I am generally pretty by-the-book as far as assembly, etc...
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    Safer for a 12 y/o: 3rd row lapbelt or front seat?

    I'll be traveling with a friend's children plus my own in my '05 T&C. Children include: 12 y/o friend's DD - ~80 lbs., tall, uses seatbelt 8 y/o friend's DD - backless booster 6 y/o DD- uses either HB TB or Recaro Ysport booster 5 y/o DD - FF in GN harnessed 20 mo. old DS - RF in TF I'm...
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    Recaro YoungSport - how long would YOU use it?

    I've searched past threads to try to determine the expiration date of our two Recaro YoungSports. They both have DOM's of April 2005, which means they are now 5 years old. We are currently using one in booster mode for DD1 who is almost 7 (45 lbs., tall), and the other in harness mode...
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    Child in front seat, okay or not?

    We are in the process of moving across town. We are moving most of our possessions ourselves in the minivan, and then renting a truck for the furniture. Over the course of the next week, I will be making several trips between the two houses with a minivan loaded with boxes, etc. My DS (18 mos.)...
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    Quick help- TFP headrest removal

    I'm sure I'm missing something obvious here, but I can't figure out how to get the headrest off the TFP. We're not at home, no instruction book in seat (thx DH), and had a mess. Trying to get cover off, but its stuck by the headrest. Thanks!
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    If Grandpa MUST do the install in a Ford Explorer, WWYD?

    I posted here last week about my in-laws staying with my kids, and MIL's Ford Focus. So now to add another twist, FIL will only be coming on Friday afternoon to drive MIL & my kids 2.5 hours in his Explorer. She's going to drive our van while she's here. This means I will not be doing the...

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