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  1. musicmaj

    Ds at 4y4m still fits in a

    ff scenera with one inch to spare in the harness. I am shocked. Boy, our scenera has definitely been worth the money for this child. Extended rfing, ff until booster age. DS is 4, 33lbs, and about 38 inches tall. He is a peanut, but also has a shorter than average torso.
  2. musicmaj

    What is the deal with the ff britax convertibles?

    I haven't really been on here much lately. I have read a little bit about crash test videos and britax seats and am a bit concerned. My youngest is now 4 and 33lbs. He has a fpsv and I need to use this seat for him ff in his father's vehicle. He will be switched to a booster at 40lbs for...
  3. musicmaj

    Question Someone with a latchbook, can you look up for me?

    I need the tether anchor part # for a 1999 buick century. I also need to know the anchor weight limit. There is currently no anchor at all. I am trying to figure out the best set up for my three kids in this car. I currently don't have a car at all and my father is giving me this one.:love:
  4. musicmaj

    parkway 3 across question

    Which tends to fit better in a three across, the old parkway or the new sg? Right now dd's old parkway is on the highest setting and it barely fits in the car due to hitting the side of the ceiling. Would the new parkway fit better, or would I be having the same problem? I hear it is taller...
  5. musicmaj

    booster seat question for techs

    What do you have parents do if they have a vehicle without headrests and the child has outgrown highback boosters by torso height (or the highback can not be adjusted tall enough because the headrest hits ceiling or inside of the car), but does not pass the five step test? Would you have them...
  6. musicmaj

    light plastic foot stool

    My older kids (8.5 and 7 years old, 54-55lbs) sit in parkways in my van right now. I loved how they fit until recently. Last weekend I was looking at older dd and she looked to be slumping due to the seat depth. She is a skinny girl and can still fit nicely width wise in the seat. Ds is a...
  7. musicmaj

    Question Do you think this is worth it?

    R is 3.5 years old, just about 30lbs, 13-13.5 inch torso. He has about 1.5 inch left in a scenera. The cargo in Grandma's truck is going to expire so needs to be replaced. Extended harnessing is not really necessary as He won't be 40lbs until after 5 years old and this is a seldom used spare...
  8. musicmaj

    I ordered the USAA carseat brochure

    I ordered 100 of them. I gave some to my mother for her daycare parents and the rest are going to the families of the preschool where I teach music. I can not believe the misuse/nonuse that I see there. It is ridiculous. I think the next thing to do is organize a seat check. I have no...
  9. musicmaj

    We are getting our van on friday!

    2000 sienna. I ordered the latch kits to put in this weekend. There is an anchor bolt available behind the second row driver's side, and both outboard third row seats. The kids are dd 8.5, 54lbs in a confidence booster that is almost outgrown with the back. ds1 is 7 and 55lbs in a fpsvb with...
  10. musicmaj

    In Search Of size large ride safer vest

    I can not take the three across in the corolla anymore. Buckling the boosters is killing my hand. I really want to put one of the older kids in the middle with a rstv.
  11. musicmaj

    Lapbelt and rstv for over 60lbs

    Has anyone here used the rstv for a lapbelt only position for an over 60lb child? I realize that you have to order a second tether strap from the manufacturer. What I am wondering is if I can sit the child in the center and tether to two outboard tether hooks. There is no way to tether right...
  12. musicmaj

    How come I can not make a decision??!!

    We can buy our friend's 2000 (I thought it was 2001 but I was wrong) sienna from them. It has about 115,000 miles on it. It is an le model with bucket seats, two sets of latch and 4 tethers. Our friend has been driving it for a year with little problem other than the catalytic converter needs...
  13. musicmaj

    Question 01 sienna tether anchors

    I am not sure if I put this in the right forum, so please move if necessary. We are seriously considering purchasing our friend's 2001 sienna for a really good price. I am going to go look at the van in a day or two. I have searched this site and it seems like the van has two full sets of...
  14. musicmaj

    sk monterey ?

    Is the monterey really taller than the parkway? If my dd has outgrown her evenflo confidence booster in the van we are going to buy than I will probably want to buy another high back for her. She is on the second to top setting on her parkway so the booster has to be tall. I am considering...
  15. musicmaj

    Which van? Poll

    It turns out that we will have $6000 to use towards a minivan bought through a friend of ours at auction. I am having very hard time choosing make and model. I have been looking at reliability ratings through and I know that the hondas and toyotas are supposed to be more...
  16. musicmaj

    Buying a used minivan

    It looks like we will be buying a used minivan in a couple of weeks. We are going to pay cash and will only have about $3500-$4000 to spend. Our friend's father will more than likely be getting the vehicle from auction and selling it to us for his cost. I don't know what models and years to...
  17. musicmaj

    I want to send my brother erf info...

    They turned my 13 month old niece around ff. My brother does not take advice very well, so whatever I send needs to be concise, true with statistics, and to the point. I didn't bother them about erf my nephew because he had a safeseat 2 and they wouldn't have bought a new seat to rearface him...
  18. musicmaj

    Question Evenflo chase

    Will the chase get the majority of kids to 40lbs in the harness? My mom who is a daycare provider has a cargo that will expire in dec. and she needs a harness booster to replace it. She doesn't want to spend much money on it so I was going to suggest the chase unless I can find another cargo...
  19. musicmaj

    Question When should I turn him?

    I can't believe my little guy is finally at the point where I am asking this question. He just turned three last month. I put him on our analog scale (I say this because I can't see fractions of a lb). He was wearing jeans, t-shirt, dry diaper, and hadn't eaten for about an hour. He was not...
  20. musicmaj

    2000 toyota sienna

    Does anyone have one of these vans? If so, do you like it. We are still looking to replace our 2004 ody with something less expensive. (it is still being leased) We may be able to get a 2000 sienna for an excellent price through a dealer friend of ours. I don't know much about it except...

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