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  1. whiteyacht

    Which passenger van?

    We'd like to upgrade from our minivan, since we're maxed out on seating. With a budget of $20k (preferably lower), which 12 (give or take) passenger vans would you recommend? Obviously I want headrests in all seating positions and need most to be usable for car seat installation. For example, I...
  2. whiteyacht

    Question WWYD if no tether anchors?

    I might have to drive a borrowed van this weekend, one that is old enough to not have tether anchors. Two of my kids are RFing and one is boostered, but I also have one still harnessed FFing. He is newly five and I'm not comfortable putting him in a booster, especially because he's not yet...
  3. whiteyacht

    Question RF MyRide puzzle with HB Turbo?

    I'm going to be moving my six year old out of his Nauti in the next few months. The Turbo is a great price on Amazon for Black Friday, but will it fit next to the MR when RFing? For the record, the Nauti and MyRide do not puzzle well in my van, although when I searched on this topic I saw other...
  4. whiteyacht

    News Updated crash test results for dog harnesses

    Apologies if this was already posted, but I didn't see it when I did a search.
  5. whiteyacht

    Question Good price on RA?

    Thought I was getting a good deal on the classic Roundabout when walmart had them on sale. But it came and has a dom of last October. After taxes it was almost $130; still a good deal or should I return it?
  6. whiteyacht

    Question quick- 2010 equinox latch

    Can I install a nauti with latch in this vehicle? Not sure if the recent changes effect this model year. Eta, sorry, kid is 40 lbs Sent from my phone. Please excuse typos.
  7. whiteyacht

    The NEW new Graco buckle

    So I finally got around to reporting my buckle sticking issues to NHTSA. We actually had issues with the old style, wrote to Graco, were sent the new style, and just lived with that one sticking occasionally. But I finally made the report because I was paranoid that it would be stuck in an...
  8. whiteyacht

    Question Urine on harness

    Diaper failure on the way home from a beautiful spring evening at the lake. Manual says handwash cover (CA65) but spot clean straps. Can I rinse them out in plain tap water? They're soaked with pee! Sent from my phone. Please excuse typos.
  9. whiteyacht

    Question quick- front seat ok?

    Please help settle a discussion. Is it safe to install a rear-facing car seat on the front passenger seat if there is a switch to turn off that airbag? --- Sent from my phone. Please excuse typos.
  10. whiteyacht

    Sure Ride width?

    For those who have seen the new Sure Ride in person, have you measured the width? The pics on the blog make it look a little wider than the old Titan, but of course it's impossible to really tell that way. Just curious. :)
  11. whiteyacht

    What do you do after a crash?

    We were in an accident today. Nobody hurt, thank goodness! Our van was not drivable, and as we were unloading I mentioned to my husband that maybe my FIL (on the way to pick us up) could stop and grab a couple Sceneras at Walmart on his way. My husband refused, and we just used the seats the...
  12. whiteyacht

    2006 Ford Freestar

    Is the 06 Freestar a good family van? My only experience with Ford has been lemon after lemon, but it seems like maybe they've gotten better in recent years. What is the crash performance? How many tether locations? Do most car seats fit well in all positions? Anything you can tell me is...
  13. whiteyacht

    Question Nautilus headrest

    My 4 yo just turned FFing this weekend. I can't find any info in the manual about the ideal headrest position for the Nautilus when using the harness. The pictures on the seat say the belt guides should be even with the shoulders for use as a booster, so that is where I set them. But it almost...
  14. whiteyacht

    Side by side Evenflos?

    We have a '99 Plymouth Voyager with a center row bench. My almost 3-yo is RFing in his Triumph Advance & his 9 mo brother is RFing in an Alpha Omega Sport next to him. I hate the AO with a passion and have recently fallen in love with the updated Triumph. My husband and I have discussed...

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